Half your life has passed. Let nature take its course.
Half your life has passed. Let nature take its course.
Cherish it when you meet it, and don't linger for too long when the show is over.

time is too thin, fingers too wide, unwittingly, half of life has passed.

along the way, I have seen great winds and waves and experienced joys and sorrows.

it takes a lot of experience to understand that everything in the world comes and goes at its own time.

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

the best way to live a person's life is to let nature take its course.

Let nature take its course and look down on gains and losses

Lu Yao said: "Life is always like this, and people can't be satisfied everywhere."

people always wander between gain and loss all their lives.

it's not easy to get some, and who wants to lose another.

most of the time, we live hard because we worry too much about gain and loss.

teacher Dazeng said well: "since ancient times, everything is hard to come true, good is also it, Lai is also with it."

Life is already very difficult, don't always mess with yourself, and don't put too much pressure on yourself.

what you already have, be satisfied, and let go of what is lost.

manpower is sometimes exhausted, and no matter how you fight and ask for it, you can't beat providence.

Don't cling to the past, and don't always expect too much.

in the face of all kinds of circumstances, all we can do is to do our best and listen to our destiny.

Destiny is like a magician who always likes to joke with others.

what you strive for is not necessarily a blessing, and what you regret to lose is not necessarily a disaster.

is always obsessed with the trivialities of the moment, how can one see the scenery elsewhere?

it is better to let nature take its course, take a look at the light, laugh at the gains and losses, and move forward chic.

when you learn to look at everything with a normal mind, you will gradually find that

everything backfired, followed by unexpected surprises.

all losses will come back to you in another way.

Let nature take its course, gather and disperse along with fate

Chen Baiqiang sings in the song:

"there is no rest between cold and warm, and how many autumn we look back. I searched everywhere but lost it, but I didn't look forward to it, but I was in hand. "

not every seed can sprout, not every stream can enter the sea.

the same is true of life. Not every relationship has a beginning and an end.

many people have agreed to accompany you to the end, but they will still leave in a hurry.

as it says in the 12th floor:

"predestined people meet each other with painstaking efforts; unpredestined heads are different from each other, and they also take pains to do so

heart. "

the origin dies, the affection is deep and shallow, and there is providence in the middle of nowhere.

people, ah, those who are predestined will meet, but those who are not predestined will not come.

the person who should leave, no matter how humbly you ask to stay, he will eventually go.

obsessed too much, man becomes the monkey who has to fish for the moon in the water.

even if you give everything, it will be nothing in the end.

Don't blame yourself for trying to maintain an unworthy relationship, and don't cry for those who are far away.

instead of struggling with it, it is better to let nature take its course and let the past crush into mud and drift away with the wind.

there are thousands of passers-by in this life, and each person's coming and going has his own meaning.

cherish it when you meet it, and don't linger too long when the show is over.

looking back for ten or eight years, all the convergence and separation is nothing but a cloud and smoke.

Let nature take its course, let things go

have read a sentence:

"Man, what are you proud of if you don't bring death with you? What are you frustrated about?

the proper attitude is to let nature take its course, to be as free as a cloud, and as free and easy as water. "

A happy life depends half on striving and half on following.

after half a lifetime, what we need more than go all out is an indifference that is at ease with the situation.

Let nature take its course, not to concede defeat in life, but to make peace with oneself.

in this world, no one's life is plain sailing, perfect without regrets.

instead of worrying about it all day long and frowning, you might as well let yourself go and take it easy.

We accept whatever fate has given us, no matter what is good or bad.

Don't compete with it, and don't always mess with yourself.

A person's life is a process, and what he asks for is nothing but freedom.

give life a leisurely, but also a peace of mind, should put down to let go, should enjoy to enjoy.

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Don't grieve for the past, nor worry about the future.

live calmly every day of the moment, and time will give you the best arrangement.

likes a Zen phrase very much:

"in the world, gathering is fate, and dispersion is fate; high is walking, and low is walking. There is no need to worry when you are looking for a leisure place. "

people, it is an accident to come into this world, but it is inevitable to leave.

all love and hate separation, right and wrong gains and losses, in the end, there is no trace of water.

if you can let it go, you will be a happy person in the world.

the rest of life is short, may you not insist, do not entangle, there is wind to listen to the wind, there is rain to see rain.

with the mindset of letting nature take its course, live an easy life and meet yourself who is at ease with your heart.

good news, I believe there is always a voice that warms you.