Half vulgar, half Zen, half fond, half deaf, half dumb, half confused.
Half vulgar, half Zen, half fond, half deaf, half dumb, half confused.
The word "half" comes into life, and the willow is full of flowers.

in front of Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, there is such a couplet:

how can you have more success in life?

everything is only half satisfactory.

just 14 words, I do not know how many people wake up in their dreams, especially the word "half", which makes people feel more meaningful.

"half" is not a kind of helplessness that can not be obtained, but a kind of happiness that goes with the circumstances.

half-vulgar, half-meditation, half-fate, half-deaf, half-dumb, half-confused.

A hundred years of life, passed away in a hurry, suddenly look back, I do not know how many ups and downs, are hidden in this "half" word.


Cha Weiren, a poet of the Qing Dynasty, said in the Poems of Lianpo:

"calligraphy, painting, piano, chess, poetry, hops, every piece of it at that time. Now seven things have changed, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea. "

everyone wants to be away from vulgarity and to be calm and elegant, but when you are away from the world, you find that loneliness is so terrible!

as soon as we enter the world, we are all vulgar people, and it is better to be accompanied by fireworks than to be narcissistic.

A freshman at Peking University saw an old man at the registration office and said to him, "Sir, please take care of my luggage and I'll go through the admission formalities."

after speaking, the classmate left and didn't come back until more than an hour later, and the old man waited for him at the registration office for an hour.

at the opening ceremony the next day, when the student saw the old man sitting on the rostrum, he was completely stunned. upon inquiry, he knew that the old man was the famous Ji Xianlin.

this is a generation of master, literati style, but vulgar like a neighbor uncle, no airs and arrogance, this is Ji Xianlin.

Ji Xianlin has been studying in Germany for ten years, but he doesn't have any "foreign flavor".

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after returning to China, he will always be dressed in a Mao suit, three meals a day, light meals, inconspicuous at all.

later, Ji Xianlin was crowned as "master of Sinology", "academic master" and "national treasure", but he took the initiative to resign these three titles many times.

he said:

"as soon as I pick three laurels, I will be free.

the foam has been washed off, revealing the true face, and everyone is happy. "

in fact, "tacky" is never a derogatory term.

walking around the grocery store, cutting down the price of vegetables, chatting, and making a table of porridge and small dishes may seem tacky, but it is this vulgarity that makes our lives insipid.

the flowers are light and elegant, and the tea is light into fragrance, which also makes our life real and natural.

White clouds and green dogs in the world, suddenly looking back, you will find that only when one learns to live in a vulgar way can one live a good life.


the Buddhist sutra says, "Zen, meditation."

stillness is not only the wisdom of meditation, but also the law of life on which we live.

We are used to being busy in the noisy city, but serenity is much more extravagant to us.

in fact, every place where the Tathagata is settled is Zen. No matter where you are, there is peace and clearness in your heart.

on a hot dog day, du Xunhe, a poet of the late Tang Dynasty, went to the temple to visit Gokong.

when I came to the courtyard of Master Wukong, I saw the door closed. Du Xunhe looked through the window and found that the Zen master was sitting in the room meditating in the clothes of a monk.

there are no tall green pine trees or cool bamboo shade around the Zen master's house. It is hard to think about it on such a hot day when the room is not ventilated.

however, the Zen master sat as firm as a rock and remained motionless.

when du Xunhe saw this scene, he could not help feeling: why should Zen be in a refreshing and quiet landscape? as long as you have no delusions and thoughts in your mind, where is it not a cool world?

as soon as he had an inspiration, he wrote a poem:

three-volt closed door with a patchwork, and no pine and bamboo shaded porch. Peace and meditation do not need mountains and rivers, put out the fire in the heart to cool off.

Zhou Guoping said:

"in a quiet position, to see the hustle and bustle of the world. To watch the boundless world behind the hustle and bustle is perhaps the most suitable way to live my temperament. "

Rivers with deep water are often quiet, and so are people.

in the face of the noise and temptation of the outside world, we should not escape, but learn to hold life in our hands, keep quiet, stay outside the door, and stay quiet in our hearts.

all things are complacent, and life is quiet and far away.

in this way, when the mind is calm, the world will be quiet.


there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

"the road of the world is boundless, and if you want to be perfect, then everything will rise up, and you will be at peace with the situation, and you will not be able to enter."

Life has a long way to go, and if you want to be perfect, you will fall into the shackles of worrying about nothing.

if you can do whatever you want, life will be a bit more leisurely and enjoyable.

Mr. Xia Xianzun, a famous educator, once visited Master Hongyi.

when Xia Mengzun saw that Master Hong Yi ate only one course of pickles, he asked, "Don't you think this pickle is too salty?"

Master Hongyi said, "salty tastes salty, and it's good."

after dinner, Xia Mengzun saw that Master Hongyi only drank plain boiled water and asked, "would you like to add some tea?" Is it possible to drink only boiled water every day? "

Master Hongyi said, "although plain boiled water is plain, it also has a light taste."

it is this inconspicuous "fate" that has made Master Hongyi's beautiful life.

the true wise man, "without thinking, doing nothing, is silent and motionless, and therefore understands the world."

they are poor and leisurely, and they know how to live a lifetime of wind and fate.

following fate is not only a state of mind, but also a state of life.

this is not that we have no pursuit of life, but that we have learned the truth that we should respond when things come and do not stay in the past.

if you are predestined to live, you have no chance to go, and a breeze sends floating clouds.

the rest of my life is very expensive, do not insist, do not cling to, everything is at ease with fate.


people live in the world without gossip.

in the face of this, turning a deaf ear is the best choice.

Qian Zhongshu once wrote in A Prejudice:

"it makes sense that thinkers should be deaf.

because you are not deaf, you must hear your voice, and your voice is lively, so it is very difficult to keep your head calm and your mind will not be fair, so you can only replace prejudice. "

that's what he said and what he did.

in the 1980s, Qian Zhongshu became more and more popular, but he continued to live a quiet life and refused to be interviewed by all reporters.

Qian Zhongshu's behavior has aroused the dissatisfaction of many people, who have accused him of being "arrogant and arrogant."

but Qian Zhongshu did not take these words to heart, but quietly devoted himself to learning.

his wife Yang Jiang said:

"he never lists himself as a master, he just wants to learn in peace of mind and keep a low profile."

regardless of whether the outside world is judging him or praising him, Qian Zhongshu has always maintained an unmoved posture, doing his own knowledge calmly and living his own life, thus giving rise to the masterpiece of Tube Cone Weaving, which combines ancient and modern learning and the combination of China and the West.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "there is no answer, and you turn a deaf ear to your words."

praise doesn't make you brilliant, nor does slander make you worthless.

is not judged by yourself, while discredit is heard by others.

never let other people's words influence your own life.


Hemingway said: "it takes a person two years to learn to speak, but a lifetime to learn to shut up."

speaking is an instinct given to us by nature, and how to speak is the embodiment of everyone's self-cultivation.

Note: misfortune comes out of the mouth. If you say more, you will lose. The more you say, the less you will get.

he Ruobi was originally a famous general of the Sui Dynasty, but he came to a miserable end for talking nonsense.

he Ruobi's father, he Dun, was dissatisfied with the unfair reward of the court, so he complained and was forced to commit suicide by the powerful minister Yu Wen.

before his death, Horton said to his son, "I die with my tongue, you must think about it."

he even pierced he Ruobi's tongue with an awl to warn him to speak carefully.

later, he Ruobi did meritorious service in the war, and was sealed as a pillar country and worshipped the great general.

status and power made he Ruobi forget his father's teachings for a moment, and he became extravagant, arrogant and rude, thus offending many people.

Sui Wendi turned a blind eye when he remembered that he had done great service, but he Ruobi not only did not know the restraint at all, but continued to speak openly, and finally angered the emperor and went to prison to die.

the Analects of Confucius says: "A gentleman is slow in words and sensitive in deeds."

it is an immutable truth that gossiping regardless of people's faults, sitting still often thinking about their own mistakes, saying less is expensive, and talking too much leads to trouble.

Heaven and earth are speechless, and all things are born by themselves.

the depth of the water is silent, and a man is steady. Only by being cautious in words and deeds can we be light.



Laozi said, "the common people are obvious, but I am all alone."

the rarest thing in life is not insight into the world, but learning to be confused.

is the so-called "rare confusion", as is the case with Grandma Liu in A Dream of Red Mansions.

Grandma Liu's family was poor, and she went to Jia's mansion many times to make a living.

she was lucky enough to talk to Mother Jia. In order to amuse her, Wang Xifeng took the mandarin duck to play a trick on Grandma Liu and regarded her as a clown for everyone to laugh.

how could Grandma Liu not know that she was making fun of herself, but she was a person who knew how to pretend to be "confused".

she happily accompanied everyone to make a scene, not only acting with Wang Xifeng and Yuanyang, but also laughing at herself and saying:

"Lao Liu, Lao Liu, who eats as much as a cow, does not look up after eating an old sow."

with that, he stared his eyes wide and puffed out his cheeks, and looked at all the people laughing.

Grandma Liu knows that big families may not see the melons, fruits and vegetables she brings, but she can also be regarded as a reward for providing them with some fun.

Grandma Liu used her "confusion" to entertain everyone and comfort herself, which can be called killing two birds with one stone.

it is rare for the world not to be confused, but it is true that I am confused.

Don't try too hard, don't be too clear, if you do everything too much, the opportunity will come to an end as soon as possible.

in the end, you will find that the confusion after the wind and rain is the top wisdom we have been looking for-great wisdom as if foolish.

Li Mi-an, a native of the Qing Dynasty, said in his "half-word Song" that life is "half of heaven and earth, half of the world."

in one's life, half grows and half grows old.

this is not only the law of nature, but also a guide to life.

there has been no perfection in life since ancient times. When you understand the word "half", you will be able to manage perfectly in the imperfect life.The self.

the word "half" comes into life.

I wish you more satisfaction in your life, half fireworks and half happiness.