Half fireworks for a living, half poetic for love
Half fireworks for a living, half poetic for love
Live a serious life and there will be a day to come.

Life is half poetic, half fireworks, holding fireworks to make a living, poetic to make love.

I have always felt that poetry is from afar. After experiencing the fireworks of the world, I found that oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea can also become a poem.

A flower and a leaf, a plant and a tree, a meal and a vegetable, one day and one night, there is scenery in my heart, and there are thousands of rivers and mountains everywhere.

the essence of life, poetic to seek love

after watching the flowers, I understand that the real luxury is to return to the truth of life, and life should be calm and poetic.

Heidegger said:

"people live quietly, even if they listen to the wind quietly, they can feel the poetic beauty."

Poetry comes from the understanding and grasp of life, especially the inner calmness and calmness.

Life, vegetation and autumn, the road of life, need a clear, poetic life, in order to find their own real value.

return to yourself and find the initial emotion to heaven and earth.

the Sahara desert is supposed to be full of yellow sand, backward and barren, but in Sanmao's writing, everything becomes lovely and moving.

it seems that even the lonely desert is gentle, all because Sanmao has a poetic seed and a lovely soul in her heart, and everything in the world becomes poetic in her eyes.

there is love in my heart, and every plant and tree is poetic.

fall in love with heaven and earth, everything in the world is poetry, spring flowers, autumn moon, summer, winter snow, can also become poems.

fall in love with the years, earthly fireworks are poems, delicious food, growing flowers, drinking tea, white heads, can also become poems.

when we choose to live poetically, we can explore the initial awe of life.

poet Zong baihua said:

"not everyone has to be a poet in life, but the poetry in everyone's heart is indispensable."

enjoy the mountains and enjoy the ancient pines.

choose to live poetically, brush all the worldly dust, quiet and troubled, looking for the beauty hidden in the beauty of the stars.

the essence of life, holding fireworks to make a living

behind the poetic life, we need a bowl of earthly fireworks.

some people say that the fireworks in the world are very vulgar, because they are full of insipid firewood, rice, oil and salt, as well as busy figures around the week.

Haruki Murakami said:

"when you treat the seemingly boring little things in life with a serious and interesting attitude, you will reap a small but certain share of happiness and feel that life is wonderful."

Life is never achieved overnight, and we need to take everything in life seriously.

take every fireworks seriously and feel every day with your heart.

wake up in the morning, let the sun fall on the windowsill, breeze your face, dress up to the mirror, and give yourself the best mood of the day.

tidy up your home, make your favorite food, raise your favorite flowers, tease your children in the sun, make tea and read, savor life, and keep a vegetarian heart.

keep a simple and happy life in the bustling and noisy world. If it is soaked in the fireworks of the world, everything can become a poem.

the light and thin tea smoke is a poem, and cooking soup around the stove can also become a poem.

poetic life requires us to constantly exercise self-discipline, learn over time, and gradually make life the way we want it to be.

fireworks are the background, romantic feelings are interest

the essence of life is the manipulation behind human fireworks, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea.

the essence of life is calm and calm poetic feelings, piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops.

Human fireworks are the background, and romantic feelings are fun. Life is half fireworks, half poetic, making a living and making love.

poetic is more of a kind of insight, a kind of body smell, which is closely connected with the real me, and put it into practice, it is a bowl of simple human fireworks.

when he was young, Lin Yutang would wander from country to country with his wife, and would still go to the library to borrow a pile of books. Two people would watch a lamp to read at night. Lin Yutang said:

orange bridesmaid dresses brings out your beauty, elegance of silhouette as well as the unique sense of style. This selection will save so much of your precious time.

"as long as there is a garden in the house, a house in the garden, a courtyard in the house, trees in the courtyard, the sky on the trees, and the moon in the sky, it will not be too fast!"

We should not only make down-to-earth efforts, but also have the poetic sense of looking up at the stars.

take every sunrise and sunset seriously, and carefully realize that every flower blossoms and falls. The background of life is always warmth and hope. Only by keeping a simple heart can you feel the true meaning of life.

live a serious life, believe that the future can be expected, and come as promised.

your future is bright and gentle.