Guo Jingjing is pregnant again? After reading Huo Qigang's Weibo, I finally understand why she dares to live so much.
Guo Jingjing is pregnant again? After reading Huo Qigang's Weibo, I finally understand why she dares to live so much.
May every parent be a role model for their children.

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November 8, 2012.

Guo Jingjing got married.

she smiled at Huo Qigang in her white wedding dress.

"Jing Gang Love" has come to a successful end.

now, Guo Jingjing has been married into a wealthy family for nine years, and the halo of "diving queen" is fading day by day.

is replaced by a good wife and mother, a rich wife.

A few days ago, Guo Jingjing was photographed enjoying an art exhibition with Huo Qigang.

wearing a red broken flower dress, leaning on her husband's shoulder, it is very sweet.

under the dress, the abdomen bulges slightly, netizens tease:

"are you pregnant with your fourth child?"

Yes, so far, Guo Jingjing has been a mother of three children, but the "parenting concept" is very unique.

she is so different from other wealthy families that she will not spoil her children too much because she is worth hundreds of billions.

the way she educates her children is "rustic and ruthless".

many people are amazed: she is rich and rich, how can raising children be so low-key, organized and approachable?

there is only one reason, because that's who she is.

Guo Jingjing has the family background of a wealthy family, but not the arrogance of a wealthy family.

she is humble and low-key.

what is given to the child is, of course, simple and introspective love.

most of the children from wealthy families are well-off.

but Guo Jingjing's approach is completely different.

instead of being rich, she let her children endure hardships.

Huo Qigang posted a picture of taking his children to the fields and planting rice seedlings on Weibo.

in the photo, the family of three rolled up their trouser legs, bent down and stuck in the paddy field in the strong sun.

work seriously, planting seedlings one by one.

after planting the seedlings, my hands and legs were covered with mud.

then cook a simple farmhouse meal in the broken shed.

under this kind of education, children naturally experience the meaning of work, and they also know that one vegetable and one meal is hard to come by and is worth cherishing.

Guo Jingjing also often organizes some small family activities for children to participate in housework.

for example, Huo Qi just shared the "car wash for Dad".

Children earn snacks or pocket money by washing their father's car.

they also often take their children to cook and cook together.

whether it tastes good or not is not the point.

the point is to participate and share together from beginning to end.

when father and son work together to finish a dish, there is a sense of achievement hidden in the smile.

on Mother's Day in May this year, Huo Qigang made a cake with three children to give his mother a little surprise.

the three children prepare tools, eggs and milk.

the son poured the mixed eggs into the basin, and the two little sisters were there to help all the way.

during the production, the three children teased and played with each other.

the big cake was finally delivered to my mother.

"Happy Mother's Day to Mom."

the happiness on Guo Jingjing's face can't be stopped.

because of their love for their children, many parents are not willing to let them do more work, nor do they let them experience hard work.

but it is easy for a child to become a greenhouse flower.

fragile, delicate, low frustrated, weak will.

you know, work will not tire the child, but can help the child find happiness.

educator Rousseau said:

"the cultivation of children with both physical and mental health must be done in manual work."

Children can exercise their bodies and improve their hands-on ability in manual work, and they can also find a sense of self-identity that "I can do it" and "I can do it".

they will be stronger.

be more enthusiastic about life.

also believes that he has the ability to solve problems on his own.

the child's physical strength and mind have been invisibly nourished.

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because of Guo Jingjing's education, several children are "barbaric" and noble, frank and strong, and grow up very well.

in addition to allowing children to participate in work, Guo Jingjing will also let them participate in public welfare.

psychologist Adler believes: "Children are born with social interests, which are beneficial to their feelings."

she knows this very well.

when her child was young, she took her child to public welfare activities.

for example, two years ago, she took her son to a remote mountain area to visit the "Hailian Clinic" project supported by the Fok Ying Tung Foundation.

is to hope that the Huo family's spirit of philanthropy and helping others can be passed on from generation to generation.

in this process, the child follows all the way.

he visited the office conditions of the mountain village clinic and learned the hard work of the mountain doctors.

also went to greet the doctor and express his respect for the doctor.

through this kind of activity, children will really understand that giving is more blessed than giving.

he will see the wider world.

also understands the significance of donation and support.

then, Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing took their children and went back to Guo Jingjing's hometown to do gratitude activities.

the family returned to Guo Jingjing's alma mater.

express your gratitude to all the people who have helped you before.

in this atmosphere, children know how to repay kindness and always be grateful.Heart.

they also took their children to the subway station to raise money for the women's federation bazaar.

the family dresses very simply, but smiles all over their faces.

the child was not used to it at first and was too shy to raise money in the face of strangers.

but with the encouragement of Guo Jingjing and his wife, the child realized that it was not shameful to raise money for charity.

gradually let go of courage.

he handed out things to his little sister.

take the initiative to chat with children by the side of the road.

, the family of three attended the United Nations Children's Charity run-up event.

the costume is also extremely simple and simple.

there is no bodyguard around me.

when you run in the crowd, you feel no different from ordinary people.

but children will gradually learn that there are rich and poor people in this society.

there are people who have no worries about food and clothing, and there are also people with mixed sufferings.

they all need love and help.

he will also know that when he is unknown, he will focus on himself, and if he is rich, he will help the world at the same time.

he will strive to make himself powerful, valuable, helpful, needed, and become a person who can bring positive energy to society.

in this way, once the sense of self-worth germinates, personality and function will develop healthier and more comprehensively.

in addition to cultivating children's vision and personality, Guo Jingjing pays more attention to children's learning.

she will not allow her children to act recklessly just because she is a wealthy family.

her father-in-law said that she was too strict with her children.

for example, when the child is doing his homework, Grandpa comes to play with his grandson.

Guo Jingjing will strictly require her children to finish their homework before they can play.

Grandpa also complained:

if you want to see your grandson, you have to make an appointment.

but Guo Jingjing also refused to compromise.

she believes that children should focus and exercise self-discipline.

her rule is to establish a sense of time and plan your actions instead of doing whatever you want.

strict education may make children feel bound.

but once the habit of self-discipline is formed, children will benefit for life.

she is gentle and strict.

she is a good wife and a "tiger mother".

is a rich wife and a "stingy madman".

the clothes and toys she buys for her children never pursue luxury brands.

she teaches her children not to be vain, not to compare with others, and to keep thrift and self-discipline.

the only generous time is to find a sky-high price kindergarten for children.

because the teachers, teaching and vision here are not the same as other kindergartens.

on weekends, the husband and wife do not take their children to eat or drink and play around.

but with Huo Qigang, accompany the children to libraries and museums.

go to the concert.

look at the exhibition.