Guizhou's filial son went to college and gave up 550000 of his annual salary to return to the countryside. He became like this 13 years later.
Guizhou's filial son went to college and gave up 550000 of his annual salary to return to the countryside. He became like this 13 years later.
He walked in the dark, but became the light of others.



recently, Liu Xiuxiang, who "carried Mad Niang to school" 13 years ago, has been on the hot search again.

many people wonder what happened to the dutiful little boy.

he lost his father at the age of 4 and his mother was insane; his brothers and sisters ran away from home one after another and never came back.

since the age of 10, Liu Xiuxiang has been making a living while taking care of her mother who can't take care of herself, while still studying hard.

is the boy who grew up in such a family environment, he changed his destiny step by step by reading.

after Liu Xiuxiang graduated from university, some enterprises offered an annual salary as high as 550000, but he refused.

he chose to return to his hometown to become a teacher. A reporter went to interview him and asked him: did you regret turning down the annual salary of 550000 yuan?

Liu Xiuxiang said:

"No regrets, but more firm, because ideological poverty is more terrible than economic poverty."

when Liu Xiuxiang was born, the family was very happy, including his parents who loved him, as well as his brothers and sisters.

although the family is poor, they can at least have enough to eat, will not be hungry and will not be bullied.

however, four years later, his father's death completely plunged Liu Xiuxiang's life into an abyss.

after my father left, my mother was so stimulated that she suffered from intermittent mental illness and could not even take care of herself.

the burden of the family fell on their brothers and sisters, but they held on for several years, but they couldn't make it any longer, and they left home one after another. at that time, Liu Xiuxiang thought they would come back.

when my mother is upset, she can't eat, likes to throw things, and throws stones at the tiles on the house.

people in the village don't like him as a "crazy mother", so sometimes when he comes home from school, other children throw stones and cow dung at him and smash him, laughing and hurling abuse throughout his childhood.

at this time, my mother would stand up and shout loudly that everyone could not understand what she was saying and laughed that she was "crazy".

but Liu Xiuxiang knows that the mother is protecting him and subconsciously does not want others to hurt her child.

his childhood was lonely and bitter. He never resented his mother. He said:

"although she can't raise me like other mothers, she gave me a home. I have a home, and I care about it."

Liu Xiuxiang didn't plan to go to school at first, because he didn't have the money to pay for his tuition. When the teacher knew about his family's situation, he paid for his tuition, so he didn't drop out of school.

he gets up early every day to help his mother get dressed, wash her face, cook, and then go to school.

after graduating from primary school, he is going to study in junior high school in the city, but there is still a mother in the family who is completely unable to take care of herself. Liu Xiuxiang decided to take his mother to the county with him.

people around him advised him to leave his mother at home. He had never seen anyone go to school with a mother, and he was still a "crazy mother".

but precisely because he is a "crazy mother", he is more determined that he can't leave his mother behind.

before leaving, Liu Xiuxiang took his mother to his father's grave. He knelt down and swore:

"Dad, I took my mother out, I will cure my mother's illness, I will give her a warm home. If I go out and don't look like a man, I'll never come back. "

after surviving junior high school, Liu Xiuxiang continued to take his mother to high school.

there are two shifts a day, the day shift is 10 hours, and the night shift is 8 hours. Everyone works in shifts, but in order to earn more, he works both the day shift and the night shift, and basically does not rest at the end of the day.

once, because he dozed off, he fell off a viaduct of more than 100 meters. Fortunately, there was a safety net below, and Liu Xiuxiang saved his life.

earned the tuition, what about the money for renting a house?

he ran all over the streets and finally found the cheapest house.

it was a small house for raising livestock in Grandpa's house, surrounded by ventilation, but Liu Xiuxiang could only afford to rent it.

he covered the perimeter of the house with a woven bag and lived in it with his mother, even if he had a home.

in addition to attending classes, Liu Xiuxiang usually goes out to earn living expenses, work as coolies and pick up garbage, and is busy until very late to go home.

for others, life is life, but his life is to live.

after the third year of high school, the double pressure of college entrance examination and life made him ill. He had no money to buy medicine, so he had to lie in bed, no one could take care of him, and his mother was still waiting for him to take care of him.

his mother said to him, "I'm hungry." Liu Hsiu-hsiang stood up and found the only bowl of cabbage left for his mother at home, but he accidentally fell to the ground because of his dizziness.

he put the spilled cabbage back into the bowl, washed it with clean water, and brought it to his mother again. The hungry mother wolfed down and laughed like a child.

Liu Hsiu-hsiang was suddenly upset that he did not take good care of his mother. He hoped that these days would be over soon.

however, fate does not always favor the suffering. When the college entrance examination was released, Liu Xiuxiang failed.

the first time he had the idea of committing suicide, he didn't understand why he worked so hard and God was still so unfair. He will never againI'm not gonna make it.

he tried to save himself by reading something beautiful from the book, but it all seemed sad until he saw this sentence in his diary:

"when you complain that you have no shoes, you look back and find that other people have no feet."

Liu Xiuxiang was instantly touched by this sentence. He thought, compared with orphans, at least he has a mother, and he is happy.

so he decided to live a good life. He went to the bath center to wipe other people's backs to make money. 5 yuan at a time. After doing it for more than 50 days, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

he doesn't want to wipe other people's backs all his life, he wants to change his life, and the only way is to read.

Liu Xiuxiang went to the headmaster. He said he wanted to repeat his studies, but because of his mediocre grades and financial difficulties, the school refused to accept him at first.

the moment he was admitted to college, he hugged his mother and cried for joy. He felt that his life had finally come out.

but not long after he was happy, Liu Xiuxiang found that there was a bigger problem waiting for him. The college tuition and fees cost 3000 yuan, but he only had 60 yuan all over his body, which was not even enough for the journey.

at that time, many newspapers reported his story and wanted to subsidize him to go to school, but Liu Xiuxiang refused.

he said: "A person's life should not make people feel sympathetic or pitiful, but should be amiable, admirable and respectable."

after collecting the fare on his own, he carried his mother all the way by car from Guizhou to Shandong to go to university.

when he was in college, he worked several jobs to support himself and his mother, and the rest of the money he donated to several sisters he knew when picking up garbage could not afford to go to school.

after graduating from university, an enterprise in Beijing offered him an annual salary of 550000 to work there.

Liu Xiuxiang refused again, saying that he did not want others to sympathize with him because he was a "filial son" and how much money he gave him, but hoped to rely on his strength to find a good job.

he does not need that sympathy, nor does he want his suffering story to become the capital of being asked for.

as an old Chinese saying goes, "if you are healthy in heaven, the gentleman will strive for self-improvement; in the terrain Kun, the gentleman will carry things with virtue."

Liu Xiuxiang finally chose to return to his hometown to become a teacher. He wanted those poor children like him to study hard and get out of the mountains.

Liu Hsiu-hsiang paid out of his own pocket for those who could not afford to go to school. When a school invited him to give a lecture, he said that he was free of charge, but only needed to subsidize my two students to study.

in order to let these children know the importance of going to school, Liu Xiuxiang rode a motorcycle and tied a stereo to it.

wherever he goes, he summons everyone and shows them inspirational stories about his college entrance examination to make them realize that reading is useful.

he also often takes those children to "visit" his former residence.

A small thatched hut is very shabby and dark, so it's not too much to say it's a bullpen.

but he does not want to win sympathy, but hopes to inspire them to study hard.

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Liu Xiuxiang told the children again and again with his own experience that reading can really change fate.

Huang Tian lives up to the people with good intentions. More and more children come to school and work hard to get into college.

eight years ago, only 70 people went to college in their area every year, compared with 1270 last year.

it is gratifying that many college students finally return to their hometown to do construction, because Liu Xiuxiang often says to them:

"study hard to get out of the mountain, not to escape the mountain, but to better return to the mountain and feed it back."

now that Liu Xiuxiang has become the vice principal of Wangmo County Experimental High School, he can influence more and more students.

I think that with such a good headmaster, more and more poor children will study hard and change their lives like him.

Liu Xiuxiang's mother is also in good shape. He and his wife take care of her and let her enjoy her twilight years.

when someone asks Liu Xiuxiang who he is most grateful for, he will still say:

"it's my mother who gave birth to me, stayed with me all the time, and gave me spiritual strength."

for a long time, Liu Xiuxiang's story has inspired many people. He is the filial son of "carrying a mad mother to college". He is also a man who is self-reliant and upright, and a good teacher who teaches and educates people and changes the fate of thousands of children.


, let more people see his story!