Gorgeous Zhang Ziyi, married into a billionaire family: why on earth is she?
Gorgeous Zhang Ziyi, married into a billionaire family: why on earth is she?
Time will give back to you what you want.

"Sister through the Wind and waves 2", has everyone seen it?

in the screams of the waves, the sisters took off their halo and braved the wind and waves again with the attitude of "newcomers".

seeing the shining debut of the goddesses, who can not help shouting:

"Ye Qing Hui!"

among them, what surprises me most is Hu Jing, the white moonlight goddess in my heart.

unexpectedly, she is so versatile when her acting skills explode.


on the public performance stage of Lang Jie 2, Hu Jing's performance really caught my eyes every time.

the first public performance stage "disdain for perfection" changed its gentle and moving style, and it was full of energy singing and dancing.

the second public performance stage "do everything" challenges Weiya parkour with valiant movements.

the third public performance stage "backlight" performs a slow song, which is immortal and elegant.

the fourth public performance stage "Lady Land" seeks self-breakthrough and burst out sweet and cool charm.

although she has made her debut for 23 years, the years seem to favor her, leaving no trace on her, but give her a unique charm.

Hu Jing on the stage, full of aura, countless fans,

and outside the program, her life is even more legendary.

Hu Jing, who was born in Yunnan, has an outstanding appearance since she was a child, and her eyebrows reveal a bit of classical flavor, and she is often praised by people that "this little girl has grown up and is a good girl to be a star."

words, so in the young Hu Jing heart, took root and sprouted.

at the age of 11, Hu Jing, with a dream, boarded the train to Beijing alone.

however, the process of chasing dreams is not easy.

the teacher's strictness, the pain of opening muscles, the torment of weight, and the confusion of being alone in a foreign land almost made her give up dancing. Fortunately, the stubborn and strong she carried it a little bit.

in 1996, 18-year-old Hu Jing took the entrance examination of the Central Academy of Drama by chance and was surprised by her colorful rosy peacock dance.

in those watery smiling eyes, there was seven percent pure and one-third delicate. Even Liu Ye admitted that in his eyes, Hu Jing was the most beautiful girl in his class.

but Hu Jing, who is classical and intelligent, is not proud of being pretty.

when she was in college, Hu Jing won all the three good students, the first prize, the third prize, and the professional single prize.

in 1998, Hu Jing ushered in her first work, Love in the Internet Age, but it was a bit of a pity that the play did not stir up a lot of splash.

at this time, Zhang Ziyi, Liu Ye, Qin Hailu and Mei Ting have become movie stars in the same period. By comparison, Hu Jing is rather lukewarm.

then, in Daming Palace ci, she played on the same stage with Zhou Xun.

even if she only played a supporting role and had only a few lines, she still devoted herself to figuring out the role, constantly honing her acting skills, and showing the girl's dexterity and ice and snow incisively and vividly.

even with only one shot, she has to be 100% perfect.

such a talented and hard-working girl is destined to usher in her own spring.

in 2003, Hu Jing finally became popular with the role of Su Mo in the TV series "the Secret History of Xiaozhuang".

her interpretation of the intelligent, lovely, warm-hearted little maid touches the hearts of the audience with frowns and smiles, and is still regarded as a classic.

later, Hu Jing successively filmed widely acclaimed TV dramas such as "the female General of Yang Men", "the Pearl of the Empress of the Qing Dynasty" and "the Secret History of Kangxi".

not only won the title of "the first Beauty in Ancient costume",


and Liu Tao and Wang Yan of the same period, also known as the "four Little Flowers of Entertainment Circle



however, just as her acting career was booming, Hu Jing suddenly "pulled out".

because she is getting married!

others only said that she had a good fortune to marry into a wealthy family, but in Hu Jing's heart, the luckiest thing was that she married love as she wished!

in 2005, at a dinner organized by director er Dongsheng, Hu Jing met Zhu Zhaoxiang, a handsome and elegant Malaysian tycoon.

talented scholars and beauties fell in love at first sight and quickly established a romantic relationship.

in this romantic love that everyone envies, Hu Jing does not lose herself.

this independent, sober girl was even ready to break up in her heart.

because she knows very well that there is a deep gap between their distance and identity.

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but Hu Jing still chooses to follow her heart and love bravely.

later, she confessed on "very quiet distance":

"when I meet someone who is attracted to me, I want to fall in love. I don't have any hope for the future of love, because I think it's good to cherish today, regardless of what happens tomorrow."

Fortunately, fate has lived up to her sincerity and sincerity. Zhu Zhaoxiang is indeed a beloved person worthy of trust.

during the love affair, Hu Jing tossed and turnedHengdian set, filming for several months, there is no time to find Zhu Zhaoxiang.

Zhu Zhaoxiang doesn't mind either. He always takes time out of his busy work to fly to the crew to see her, so often that his friends think he has moved to China.

even though Zhu Zhaoxiang knew that filming was hard and tired, he never persuaded Hu Jing to give up filming.

because he knows very well that this is the career that Hu Jing loves, he respects and supports her life choice.

and in Hu Jing's heart, this understanding is far more precious and moving than the wealth of ten billion yuan.

in this way, Zhu Zhaoxiang persisted for three years, defused Hu Jing's anxiety with action and moved her heart with details.

in 2008, Zhu Zhaoxiang wrote a romantic and dream wedding for Hu Jing in Malaysia. Hu Jing also became the first Chinese artist to be sealed with Nadine.

Hu Jing, who was pregnant and gave birth to a child, did not forget her original intention to act well and be a good actress.

she chose

keep a low profile and return to your career as an actor.

unlike many actresses in the circle who choose to contribute their own money and play the brightest heroine, Hu Jing continues to hone her acting skills conscientiously.

in 2016, she returned to public view by virtue of "in the name of the people".

won the best female match of Magnolia in one fell swoop


in the play, Hu Jing plays two roles, playing the role of sisters with very different personalities.

Gao Xiaoqin is exquisite in all aspects, elegant and capable, and Gao Xiaofeng's simple tenderness, cowardice and kindness are all very vivid.

some people say that Hu Jing is really lucky, but

I want to say that if you observe carefully, you will find that she has been working hard to silently support her share of "good luck"!

after all, she really has no choice in her acting skills, and she is not at all out of breath with the old actors.


Hu Jing, who has a bumper harvest in love and career, is already what others call a "winner in life", but she is still living the happy life of ordinary people calmly.

like to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables and chat with familiar vendors:

often go to the fly restaurant on the street to taste authentic food:

it cost only 500 yuan to buy costumes from the Internet.

whenever, Hu Jing always maintains that purity and simplicity, even if she encounters more questions, she never argues.

she gave everything time,

has also used its strength to prove how attractive a "person who is not defined" can be.

now Hu Jing is very contented and happy.

after walking through the first half of my life, I can still keep my original heart, greet the new scenery with the best posture, and make every "role" on the way of life wonderful.

dare to give the best answer with practical action, announcing to everyone: if you want to live up to this life, jump out of the shackles of the world and live into the light of freedom and fearlessness.

, I hope everyone, like Hu Jing, can ride the wind and waves with efforts and strength, and make the rest of life more and more smooth!

Please believe that time will give back to you what you want.