Good Marriage: talk about money, talk about money, talk about money
Good Marriage: talk about money, talk about money, talk about money
A good marriage has never been a single choice.




someone in Zhihu once asked, "what are the reasons you didn't understand until you got married?"

one of the most popular responses is: "Don't believe that people are affectionate and have enough to drink. Most of the reality is that we poor couples feel sadder about everything. The economic base not only determines the superstructure, but also concerns the degree of family harmony."

when I was young, I always felt that marriage was sacred and talking about money hurt feelings.

can be romantic again, but also one day, it will be attributed to the insipid firewood, rice, oil and salt.

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in the adult world, nothing can bypass the word "money".

talking about money generously is the greatest responsibility for marriage, and couples who can talk about money can better accompany each other for the rest of their lives.

Marriage that doesn't talk about money is vulnerable at all

listen to a person called

@ leaves

have talked about her personal experience.

No wedding, no honeymoon, two people huddled in a rented house of 20 square meters.

because of the financial situation of the family, on the third day of marriage, the leaf went out to work.

five years later, they finally saved up enough money to make a down payment on a small house.

leaves suddenly found out that they were pregnant, and the money they saved could only choose between the child and the house.

under the persuasion of her husband, Leaf finally gave up the child.

but my mother-in-law suddenly fell ill again, and the doctor said she needed an immediate operation, so the purchase of a house was shelved again.

writer Sanmao once said, "Love is not easy to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) if it cannot be implemented in real life such as dressing, eating, counting money and sleeping."

the leaf once thought that it was "affectionate and full to drink", but ignored the necessity of money in marriage.

temporary poverty does not matter, the terrible two people who entered the marriage said nothing about money.

I'm afraid that talking about money will tarnish the beauty of marriage and let feelings fall apart.

but husband and wife are one, and they have to go through decades of wind and rain hand in hand.

car loans, sick accidents, and countless things in marriage all have something to do with money.

A really strong relationship will not break up just because you talk about money, but it will make two people cherish each other more.

talking about money is by no means worshipping money, but the determination of both husband and wife to enter the marriage with the greatest sincerity and to withstand the wind and rain together in the future.

money is tacky, but it is the strongest strength of marriage

once saw a documentary called "Life of sudden Wealth", which tells the true story of an old couple.

Al and Benes have been married for 53 years, and they have run an antique shop since they got married.

but the business of antique shops is quite deserted, and when they cannot make ends meet, they often quarrel over a small amount of money.

Bernice always complains about her husband's stinginess and incompetence, and Al is fed up with his wife's hot temper.

one year, the business of the antique shop was so poor that it was about to close down, and the quarrel between the two became more and more intense.

No, but fate ushered in a U-turn.

they unexpectedly won a bonus of $250000, and the two quickly settled their debts and got the antique shop business back on track.

since they no longer have to work hard for a living, they have more time to care about each other's feelings and manage their marriage.

Al began to gentlemanly open the car door for his wife, and Benes learned to gently thank her husband.

the two people will go to work in the antique shop hand in hand and have a drink in their own courtyard from time to time, and the relationship will gradually become intimate.

think of a sentence: "the world is in a panic, but it is just a few taels of broken silver that can solve all kinds of melancholy in this world."

money seems tacky, but it is the greatest strength in marriage and can solve many problems in life.

money is like an iron that can iron out many wrinkles in life.

it relieves the rest in front of you, so that you don't have to watch the cracks get bigger and bigger, but there's nothing you can do about it.

can also make each other love each other and have more time and spare power to manage marriage and relationship.

with that few taels of broken silver, you can better protect your lover from the wind and rain, give your parents a comfort in their old age, and prop up a world for their children.

talking about money is the greatest decency in marriage

emotion expert Tu Lei said: "money is not the only criterion for testing true love, but it can measure the depth of affection between them."

how many intimate relationships do you have? when you don't talk about money, you spend a full moon. When you talk about money, you want to tear your face apart.

you can get married and live a life. nothing is not linked to money. only when you can talk about money openly can you be happy in marriage.

writer Tang Xiaozeng shared an experience.

because she had been idle at home for several years to have children, she proposed that she should manage the family's financial situation.

it is up to her to make her own decisions on everything from important expenses to baby's milk powder diapers.

although she did not make any money in those years, she has enough sense of security and has never suffered any grievances in her marriage.

now, she is also busy with her work and takes care of the money with her husband.

they take the time every year to do financial arrangement and planning, sort out the whereabouts of every sum of money, control unreasonable expenses, and take care of the needs of everyone in the family.

because they put the money on the table from the beginning, the two of them never blushed because of the money.

Adult marriage has never been more than love itself, it also contains the material foundation.

if you want to be happy for a long time, you need not only emotional maintenance, but also a consensus on money.

I like what Ray Sen said very much:

at any time, the openness about the concept of money between husband and wife can not only let you understand each other's values of money, but also judge whether the other person is willing to give to you or not, and make a reference for your future marital happiness index.

talking about money is not a haggling, but a clear understanding of reality and a rational plan for the future.

talking about money is the greatest dignity between husband and wife, which can make the family more cohesive and make the marriage go further.

good marriage: you can talk about both money and love

Jane Austen wrote in Pride and Prejudice: "A marriage that only talks about money is absurd, but a marriage that doesn't talk about money is stupid."

A marriage with material things may not be able to reap happiness, but a marriage without material things is bound to be impossible.

with the escort of material basis, many problems can be watered down; without material, details will be infinitely magnified.

A good marriage has never been a single choice.

it is half poetic and half the smell of fireworks of life. It can talk about both money and love.

May you and I both meet the right person, give you the hottest true feelings, take the initiative to talk about money with you, get married with you with the greatest sincerity, and join hands with you for the rest of your life.

good news, I believe there is always a voice that warms you.