Good luck, good luck, not as good as a good state of mind.
Good luck, good luck, not as good as a good state of mind.
Having a good state of mind is the cure for everything.

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have read such a sentence:

"your state of mind is your blessing."

how a person lives depends to a large extent on his state of mind.

people with a bad mentality, no matter how capable they are, are very difficult to live a good life.

the key to the quality of life has always been ourselves.

good luck and good luck are not as good as your state of mind.

brave people regard adversity as the best lesson in life

in psychology, there is an effect called Festinger's law.

that is, 10% of life is made up of what happens to you, while the other 90% is determined by how you react to what happens.

that is to say, what kind of state of mind you have, what kind of life you have.

2019 is probably the last year that Li Bin, founder of Xilai Motor, wants to recall.

that year, he lost more than 10 billion yuan, the money on the account could not last more than a month, the stock price fell to the red line of delisting, and he was also known as the "worst man".

but Li Bin did not give up because of this and has been actively looking for ways to break the situation.

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fortunately, fate has never been unkind to everyone who strives to make progress. With his insistence, he has found an endorsement of 7 billion yuan in investment.

this company, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, began to have down-to-earth development opportunities and ushered in one good news after another.

A year later, Xilai's share price and market capitalization increased dozens of times, handing over a financial report that exceeded the expectations of the industry.

later, Li Bin said in an interview: "Weilai has been successfully transferred from ICU to the general ward, and now it is ready to walk around on the ground."

A seemingly simple and easy joke experiences despair that we can't imagine.

but it is precisely this mentality of regarding adversity as experience that Li Bin was able to lead Wei to fight a beautiful turnaround.

there are always eight or nine out of ten bad things in life.

We have no control over what happens in life, but it is certain that if we choose a negative attitude, the war of life is doomed to failure.

it is common to have ups and downs in life, and maintaining a good state of mind is a person's greatest capital.

as Giggs said: "attitude determines success or failure, whether the situation is good or bad, hold a positive attitude, do not let frustration replace enthusiasm."

learn to adjust your state of mind, cultivate yourself in adversity, and polish your soul in precipitation.

only by practicing virtue in prosperity and mindfulness in adversity can we finally win the battle of life.

Happy people are grateful for everything they have

psychologist Alfred Adler once said:

"our troubles and pains are not because of the things themselves, but because of the ideas we add to them."

most of the time, we feel that we have bad luck, not because there is something wrong with our life, but because there is something wrong with the way we look at things.

Cai Lan told a short story about his trip in the program.

while traveling in Spain, he met an old man who was fishing.

he looked closer and saw that the fish caught were very small, so he advised the old man that the fish were huge a little farther away.

as a result, the old man replied, "Sir, I caught breakfast."

this sentence enlightened Cai Lan.

so what exactly is happiness?

Happiness is not wealth or fame, but from your attitude towards life.

the same thing, people with a good mindset know how to be content, face it with a positive attitude, and be grateful for the gifts of life.

and those who are greedy in their hearts, take too much and are not satisfied, fail to see the hope and beauty around them, and live in pain forever.

Hu Jiushao, a native of Jinxi in the Ming Dynasty, came from a poor family. He worked as a teacher in a private school and cultivated a few mu of thin fields at home, barely providing enough food and clothing.

but at dusk every day, Hu Jiushao would go to the door to burn incense and thank God for giving him another day of happiness.

his wife laughed at him: "We eat three meals a day full of vegetable porridge. What is this called Qingfu?"

Hu Jiushao replied like this:

"We are fortunate to live in a peaceful and prosperous age without war. There is no fear of hunger and cold when the family is reunited. No one in the family is sick, and no one is in prison. Isn't it a blessing to be able to live so safely? "

it is said that phase is born from the heart, and the environment is created by the heart.

to live a lifetime, is not to live a state of mind.

Wealth and status are important, but sometimes you need to bear more pressure to have too much, and it's hard to be happy.

those who are really happy do not have more, but ask for less and know how to be contented.

Life may be good or bad, but happy is a day, unhappy is also a day, why not choose a good state of mind.

an inch of heart width and a foot of road width is the best shortcut to happiness.

Smart people grasp everything in life by choosing colors

in fact, the farther you go in your life, the more things you have to carry.

but with too much burden, it is inevitable that the pace is heavy and become a stumbling block to oneself.

We often say, "those who are willing are tired, but those who are unconcerned do not care."

sometimesAdhere to what should be persisted, discard what should be discarded, and the heart is clean before you can make the right choice.

have read such a story.

in the past, two mountain climbers always made an appointment to climb together and conquered snow-capped mountains, large and small.

once, they heard that very few people had successfully reached the top of a snowy mountain, and the two men decided to challenge again.

everything went well at first, seeing that it was less than 100 meters from the peak, but the weather began to change at this time.

the snow continues to thicken, and the strong wind makes the two people lose their way. The peak is close at hand, but it seems out of reach.

A thinks that safety is important, as long as you preserve your strength and believe in yourself, you can still start again in the future.

and B is about to reach the top, and now he is unwilling to go back. Although there is still a next time, he has no sense of achievement.

there was an argument between the two men, and no one could convince each other. Finally, A turned and retreated, and B moved on.

but just when B was only the last step from the summit, the strong wind swallowed him up in an avalanche.

at the foot of the mountain, everyone was grateful for An and lamented that he was blessed by fate, but A just shook his head and said nothing.

but the so-called luck is actually a trade-off.

the same is true of life, there are choices everywhere, sometimes further into the abyss, a step back is a pity.

but the more you care about something, the easier it is to lose something.

you should know that you can't have both a fish and a bear's paw. Owning and losing are always equal.

the only thing you can do is to adjust your mindset and make your heart a little easier so that you can find what you really want and live thoroughly and freely.

Zhou Guoping said: "No matter how short life is, we should live with laughter, enjoy ourselves with laughter, and suffer with laughter. This is not a life in vain."

so how to maintain a good state of mind?

in fact, to take apart the "state of mind" is to have a bigger heart.

when you have a big heart, things will be small, and the difficulties will pass.

when you have a big heart, your anger will go smoothly, and you won't be tired.

if you have a bigger heart, you will have less trouble and life will be rich.

there is no insurmountable hurdle in life. Having a good state of mind is the cure for everything.

, may you also keep a good state of mind and have a good life.