For those who have these three habits when eating, most of them have bad character and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.
For those who have these three habits when eating, most of them have bad character and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.
Dinner between people, eating is rice, but watching is love.

Chen Xiaoqing, director of China on the Tip of the tongue, once said:

"the greatest flavor in the world is often brewed between people, and the most delicious thing in the world is always people."

eating can not be avoided in both life and work.

if you look closely, you will find that eating seems like a small thing, but in fact, you can see all kinds of people.

the most authentic character and upbringing of a person are often hidden in the change of cups on the dining table.

therefore, no matter how good the relationship is, it is the best policy to stay away from people who have these three behaviors at dinner.

people who eat and drink and take advantage

there is a saying in the Book of Rites:

it is impolite to come but not to come; it is not polite to come but not to go.

treat to dinner, pay attention to reciprocity.

if you take all the advantages, you will only lose the hearts and minds of the people and dilute your feelings.

I don't know if there is such a person around you. People are easy to get along with, but they are greedy for petty bargains, never buy orders, and are good at calculating.

it's like the story of Duan Jiabao and Xiao Bing in the TV series "Twenty No doubts".

on the way to chasing stars, Duan Jiabao met Xiao Bing, who was also chasing stars. The two talked to each other very happily, hit it off very much, and became "good friends".

Duan Jiabao has a good family and always treats his friends generously. He not only gives Xiao Bing an expensive welcome gift, but also often invites her to dinner and gives her all kinds of gifts.

unexpectedly, Xiao Bing felt that Duan Jiabao had a lot of money. On the surface, he had a heart to heart with her, talking and laughing, but treated her as a cash machine behind her.

Xiao Bing invites Duan Jiabao to dinner and sing from time to time. Duan Jiabao pays for every party and justifiably asks Duan Jiabao to buy concert tickets.

what's more, on one occasion, Xiao Bing greeted a large number of friends to KTV, making them eat and drink as if they were buying their own treats. In fact, she wanted to be generous at the expense of others and take advantage of Duan Jiabao.

there was a vote on Weibo: would you like to be friends with people who like to take advantage?

the result is that 99% of people are "unwilling".

Love to take advantage does not seem to be a big mistake, but it reflects their inner poverty.

in their eyes, friends are only tools for making profits, and their own interests always come first.

once you lose the meaning you can make use of, he will walk away and turn his face.

you have to understand that no one owes anyone in this world.

in the face of those who love to take advantage, fall out when you should, stay away from it, and don't waste your heart in vain.

not everyone deserves to be honest with you, and not all relationships need to be maintained with energy.

hide your sincerity and kindness and leave them to those who care about you, so that the scenery ahead will be lively and warm.

people who can't control their mouths and love to gossip

May Day this year, I will go back to my hometown to attend the wedding of my high school classmates.

happened to have a table with Ye and Lin Lin, some old classmates I haven't seen for a long time, and had a few pleasantries. At first, I felt quite cordial.

during the dinner, the bride and groom came to make a toast, but heard the teasing between Ye and Lin Lin:

"how lucky you are! My husband is so rich that he can be a rich wife at home. "

"what's the use of girls like us working hard? No matter how good the job is, it's not as good as your marriage! "

in front of a table of people in front of the bride sour words, so that the originally lively table atmosphere embarrassed.

the bride can only smile. After a polite toast, she loses and leaves.

what makes people speechless is that Ye and Lin Lin seem to open the chatterbox and talk about their former classmates and friends.

"well, do you know? I heard that Xiaowen did well after graduation and got promoted. "

"with all her abilities, can she be promoted? I'm afraid I didn't go through the back door. "

"you see, the Tong Tong at the next table, I heard that blind dates turned yellow some time ago. They are still so picky at the age of 29, and they don't look in the mirror to see what they look like. After waiting for 30, no one wants it."

"look haughty and cold, as if we don't deserve to sit with her."

originally a happy atmosphere together, by the two of them made a mess, deskmates are not in the mood to eat, a meal like a lump in the throat.

later, they were never called again at dinner.

the atmosphere at the table in a short time is so unpleasant that no one can stand it if you do it a few more times.

as the saying goes: the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

on the dinner table, the most important thing is to have a good time and chat comfortably.

share the lucky and happy things with others, so that the original bad mood can be cured.

however, there are always some people who can't control their mouths and like to use other people's private lives as after-dinner conversation.

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the original good dinner, disturbed by people who can't control their mouths, has become a place of right and wrong, which is boring.

if you go on like this, you will only bother and worry, affect your mood and wash away happiness.

the most sincere feelings are often hidden in porridge and rice, words and deeds.

from now on, eat with gentle people, chat with measured people, and stay away from those who love to gossip, so that you can live a refreshing and happy life.

people who eat ugly and have no upbringing

knowSomeone almost asked: what kind of behavior will make you feel that the other person is very ill-bred?

there is a highly liked answer:

at the dinner table, people who don't eat, ignore others, and only want to enjoy themselves.

when writer Chi Li first started to write a book, she attended a pen meeting.

seeing that his favorite writer was also at the scene, he went up to him with delight, asked him for his autograph, and expressed his reverence.

in a twinkling of an eye, when it was time for dinner, a party was arranged to eat. Chi Li wanted to have more contact with the writer, so she sat at a table with him.

unexpectedly, the feeling of worship was dissuaded by his eating appearance.

when ordering, he didn't ask others what he liked, but ordered a few dishes by himself with the menu.

after each dish was served, he was the first to stretch out his chopsticks and clamped them into his own bowl, which soon piled up into a hill.

during the meal, he also talked loudly while eating, and the leftovers of the food flew everywhere, regardless of other people's feelings.

as a result, after eating and drinking, there is still more than half of the unfinished food in the bowl.

eating like this, Chi Li lost his appetite and lost his affection for him after the whole meal.

I believe that if you meet such a person at the dinner table, everyone will hate it very much.

as the saying goes, "the food can be seen by the character, and the table by the three values."

the dining table is like a mirror of the soul. Your attitude towards food, the behavior of your companions and the etiquette on the table reveal a person's upbringing and virtue all the time.

even if eating is like this, how can we talk about how to deal with things in the future?

as Carnegie wrote in the weakness of Human Nature:

"people who think only for themselves are hopeless. They are uneducated people, no matter what kind of education they have."

to eat with people, but also to interact with people, your every move reflects the other person's status in your heart.

eat properly, consider the feelings of others, the other person will also feel your intentions and attitude.

on the contrary, eat hungrily, order food to let yourself play, impose your preferences on others, the other person will not feel your respect and understanding, naturally stay away, do not want to interact.

so treat to dinner, remember to stay away from selfish, ill-bred people, and share a delicious meal with decent people, food is more meaningful.

likes a sentence very much:

"the heavy life, the curiosity of life, and the joys and sorrows of all things in the world are lightly hidden in a cup of tea, a meal and a vegetable."

Dinner between people, eating is rice, but watching is love.

if you eat with the wrong person, it will not only consume your feelings, but also cause trouble.

people's hearts are true or false, open your eyes and you will find that there are many people eating together, but few can eat together.

the journey of life is already crowded, so there is no need to invite everyone into your life.

try to subtract from your moments and travel light to find that everything is lovely and worthy of the world.

, the rest of my life is long, when the weather is fine, make an appointment with real friends to enjoy delicious food!