For those who are "cool by nature", please make a deep acquaintance for a lifetime.
For those who are "cool by nature", please make a deep acquaintance for a lifetime.
May you have the cool and thin nature to live out your own strength and the ability to warm others with steaming heat.

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two days ago, a topic appeared on the hot list of Weibo:

# was called cold-blooded by roommates #


the reason is that the blogger's roommate said coldly that a neighbor she knew had died. The blogger didn't know what to say, so he replied faintly:

"Oh, it's so sudden."

unexpectedly, however, he was complained by his roommate, "Why are you so cold-blooded? there is no reaction at all."... "

the blogger froze and couldn't help asking, is it really cold-blooded that he doesn't have too much relief?

below, some netizens replied: "other people's neighbors are only fake if they really show sadness. since they can't empathize, it's better not to say anything about their condolences."

to tell you the truth, I was lost in thought when I saw this topic.

in this world, it snows for everyone, and everyone has his own obscurity and cleanness.

it is not easy to live your own life, how can you have the energy to disturb other people's lives?

there are some things that don't break through, but they seem to be affected.

if you ask me, it's good to be responsible for your own life and be a cool person.

most comfortable social status:

contact me if you have anything to do, and have your own business

Zhang Jiajia wrote in "there is a Commissary in Yunbian"

"A comfortable relationship between people is that they can not speak all the time, or at any time."

in the past, I always felt that a good relationship needed to meet at dusk, and a chivalrous man with two ribs had to be brave.

later, life became busier and busier, only to find that everyone had a place to deal with chicken feathers.

perhaps, after getting through their respective lives, the two people will meet again as if they had just had afternoon tea together yesterday, and it is also a rare friendship.

some time ago, my college roommate went on a business trip to the city where I worked. Because he was not in the same district, he drove over for more than an hour to see me.

the moment I received his Wechat, I was a little surprised and surprised, you know, we had the strongest relationship when we were at school, but we haven't been in touch since graduation.

We had dinner together, recalled a lot of school memories, and talked about our respective changes in the past two years.

I feel that there are too few opportunities for two people to meet and get in touch with each other after graduation.

the deepest friendship among adults is never tied to each other and inseparable, but is not often mentioned and never forgotten.

do you remember the experience of Gao Xiaosong and Pu Shu?

when Gao Xiaosong fell into a difficult time in his life, his life was strapped, so he thought of borrowing money from Pu Shu.

Pu Shu, who has always been quiet and seldom contacted actively, only replied with the word Gao Xiaosong: account number.

it wasn't long before Gao Xiaosong received a transfer of 150000 yuan, which helped him through that difficult time.

I think this is probably the so-called bosom friend.

contact me if you have anything to do, and go your own way.

No one will put pressure on each other, no one will complain about each other, there is no pretentious greeting, but each other feels very comfortable.

because we all know that true friends are not on the lips, but in the hearts, no matter how little the connection is, the feelings will never go away.

the most comfortable emotion:

Seven points for a lover is enough, leaving three points to love yourself

I believe that most people have such a feeling that when they love someone too much, they will unconsciously become very humble.

you care about his emotions and will figure out the meaning of his every sentence. As long as you have anything to do with him, you can touch your heart at any time.

it is right to love someone so carefully, but if this relationship, this person, you need to spend a lot of energy to please, it is not destined to accompany you to the final fate.

A really good relationship never needs to please deliberately. It is comfortable to let nature take its course when you fall in love while keeping your own nature.

like Liu Ruoying for many years, fans describe her as "the cinnabar mole of everyone who has been frustrated".

in reality, Liu Ruoying has always been self-contained, rich and fulfilling, especially her love and marriage.

in her book I dare to be alone in your arms, she described her married life with Mr. Zhong:

husband and wife go out together, go to different cinemas and watch different movies.

two people go home together, one to the left and the other to the right after entering the house.

the two people have their own bedroom and study, and share a kitchen and dining room.

they look more like a roommate than a couple.

some people question that she has no relationship with her husband.

Desiring to be the Belle of the ball with top quality yet low priced dusty rose bridesmaid dresses? We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.

but as Liu Ruoying said, marriage is not two people becoming one person, but two "one person" living together.

their love is indeed not vigorous enough, it is more of a subtle companionship and silent companionship.

but it is this mutually attractive and independent love that keeps them in love after nine years of marriage.

see a sentence on the Internet: being moderately selfish is the most correct way of life.

this sentence is also true in feelings.

No matter how much we love someoneCan not lose themselves for the sake of love, too humble love will make each other more do not know how to cherish.

A long-term relationship should be two people dancing in the wind, not only not interfering with each other, but also being in harmony with each other.

I hope you will always remember: seven percent love others, leave a trace of reason; three love yourself, keep one side of the promised land.

at any time, if you maintain an independent personality and life, your relationship will go further.

the most comfortable life:

live a good life at your own pace

have you ever had such an experience:

in the dormitory, everyone is talking about new clothes and big-name cosmetics. You are said to be a loner without participation.

after work, several colleagues invite each other to have a good meal and sing for fun. You are said to be unable to play without participation.

later, you pushed social activities large and small, refused all kinds of temptations, and were said to be pretending to be arrogant.


all this, is it true that uncooperative behavior is really unsociable?

I don't think so.

as Mr. Lu Xun once said, "Beasts always walk alone, cattle and sheep flock together."

A person is unwilling to spend time and energy on things that don't make sense to them because they have more important things to do.

in the 1960s, there was an educated youth in Beidahuang who was very different.

he memorizes words when others play cards, gets up early to read English when others sleep in, and spends any spare time reading books.

at that time, many people did not like him and thought that he pretended to be deep and arrogant, and even the leaders came to talk to him.

he didn't listen, but he still became the unsociable and unsociable self.

after resuming the college entrance examination, the young man was admitted to Beijing second Foreign Studies University with his own ability and became a 25-year-old "advanced" college student.

later, with his excellent foreign language proficiency and writing style, he entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and held successive important positions.

he was then Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

there are not a few people like Minister Wang Yi who are labeled as "unsociable" and "indifferent" because they are immersed in their own world.

but you know, everyone has so little time and energy, and the more you leave to others, the less you leave to yourself.

people pay attention to fate, chat with each other for a while, do not talk if you can't.

if you have to squeeze your head into a circle that does not belong to you, you will only be on pins and needles, such as thorns.

there are many things in the world, and people come and go. It is more appropriate to forget each other than to help each other.

it is never a thing to be spurned by a cold nature. On the contrary, it is a great irony to blindly pander to others and lose yourself.

from now on, may you be cool and live out your strength, and also have the ability to steaming hot to warm others.

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