For the rest of your life, please find someone with the same frequency as you.
For the rest of your life, please find someone with the same frequency as you.
May you meet someone with the same frequency as you for the rest of your life.

A few days ago, some readers left a message in the background: "Why are once such good friends so estranged now?"

I replied: "because the frequency and pace of each other are no longer the same."

Beethoven once said: "the basis of friendship lies in the greatest similarity between the hearts and souls of two people."

feelings between people begin with empathy and end with differences, and many relationships are estranged because of different frequencies.

when the pace is no longer the same and the frequency is no longer the same, separation becomes inevitable.

different frequencies are destined to be different passers-by

I used to think that once friends get to know each other, it is a lifetime.

it was only later that I found out that life could not be like that at first sight.

Life is always easy to meet, but difficult to get along with, and many people break up on foot.

there are no conflicts or quarrels, but on an ordinary day, you suddenly find that the distance between you is getting farther and farther.

maybe one likes to socialize, one likes to be alone, or one likes to play games and one likes to travel.

I remember that someone once said that when friends get separated slowly, they usually go through three hurdles.

the first stage, at the university level.

after the college entrance examination, people go to different cities and choose different majors, and there are less and less topics to talk to each other.

the second stage, in the work level.

some people choose stability and comfort, others choose dreams and distance, different circles, different goals, so that the gap between each other is widening.

the third stage, in the marriage level.

you have your family, I have my life, and we have become unimportant people in each other's lives.

think about it, do we not cherish and care about each other enough? No.

most of the time, the separation of two people is just because they are on different paths at the crossroads of fate.

as the writer Su Mei said in detail:

"once two good friends without guessing, the truth is still there, but there is already a river in the middle. The river is too wide, and it is filled with the ups and downs of life, which can no longer be crossed. "

Flying birds and fish go different ways, and the mountains and rivers have not met since then.

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even if it is cobbled together in everything, it is just a consumption of the feelings of the past.

keeping a distance and blessing each other is the greatest respect for a lost friendship.

the most comfortable relationship is co-frequency resonance

my colleague once told me that every time she finished reading and had new thoughts and insights, she couldn't wait to share it with her friends.

because a friend can read between the lines, give her support and encouragement, and some of her opinions can also bring her different perspectives and inspiration.

she says she especially enjoys the feeling of being understood and resonating with others.

Zhou Guoping has a good saying:

"if you feel extra relaxed and feel real lessons in being relaxed, I'm sure you must have met your own kind, even if you are in a very different career."

when you are with someone who understands you, you don't have to explain too much, because if you are like-minded, you will be able to connect with each other.

Jin Yong mentioned the friendship between him and Cai Lan in an article.

every time they get together, they have a very happy time.

or travel around the world together to experience different hotels, scenery and delicacies;

either read a good book together, talk about the past and the present, and exchange opinions and views with each other.

in the past, when he was in good health, the two used to drink and talk together. later, he had a heart attack and could not drink any more. He still liked to sit next to Cai Lan at banquets.

there are always endless topics between them, and they often whisper unpleasant things at banquets and take pleasure in them.

Reading, wine tasting, traveling. These common interests and hobbies have created this excellent friendship that the world likes to talk about.

the Book of changes says: "one voice corresponds to each other, and we ask for it in the same phase."

the same sound can resonate, the same smell can merge with each other, and people with the same frequency can never get tired of being together for a long time.

the most important thing for people to get along with each other is mutual understanding and understanding.

you know my every move, I know your words and deeds, so you are my bosom friend.

on the way of life, friends are easy to get, but bosom friends are hard to find. When you meet, remember to cherish it.

people with the same frequency can always meet

there was such an experiment.

A room is filled with tuning forks of different sizes. If you vibrate one of the tuning forks, the other tuning fork with the same vibration frequency will be triggered.

later this phenomenon was extended to a theory:

A person's thoughts and emotions also have a certain frequency, and will attract those around him who are closest to his frequency.

Li Bai and he Zhizhang met because of their similar interests and temperament.

at that time, Li Bai had just come to Chang'an, and the two had never had any intersection before.

but he Zhizhang has read Li Bai's poems and speaks highly of his talent.

Li Bai also heard of he Zhizhang's reputation and was impressed by each other's character.

so before long, the two could not help but meet at the restaurant to discuss poetry and drink.

Li Bai immediately summoned the waiter to prepare the four treasures of the study, and then wrote the article "the difficulty of Shu Road", which has been praised so far.

he Zhizhang reads and sings, sighs and appreciates.

Li Bai, 40, and he Zhizhang, 80, talked more and more speculatively, and the more they drank, the more they enjoyed themselves.

both of them are fond of poetry, generous and good at drinking, and the same hobbies and temperament make them attract each other and are curious and interested in each other.

even if the age difference is 40 years, we still know each other at first sight and love each other.

the Law of attraction says: "what kind of person you are, what kind of people and energy you will attract."

birds of a feather flock together, people are divided into groups, you will meet someone, in fact, it has long been destined.

people with different frequencies will eventually be separated even if they get along day and night.

and people of the same frequency will eventually get together, even if they are thousands of miles apart;

I quite agree with this sentence:

"Life is too long, how tired it should be if you can't live with someone with the same frequency, and how sorry it is if you can't live with someone with the same frequency."

being with people of the same frequency is comfortable and refreshing.

being with people of different frequencies, the air is full of embarrassment, and staying for an extra second is torture.

May you meet someone with the same frequency as you for the rest of your life. Ta understands your hesitation, your insincerity, and your joys and sorrows.