For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, and people should be in tune.
For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, and people should be in tune.
What suits you best is the best.

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Little monk in one Zen


the long road of life, how muddy and bumpy, all pass under your feet.

some people say that what is really exhausting is not the mountains and rivers you are about to cross, but the sand in your shoes.

any emotion is like the relationship between shoes and feet.

the feet know whether the shoes are comfortable or not; whether the person is suitable or not, the heart knows.

therefore, walking with shoes is the most important thing.

when two people get along, being in tune is the most important.

Don't change others and wronge yourself

writer Bi Shumin once said:

"Don't just covet the splendor of your shoes and wronge your feet. What others see is shoes, but what they feel is feet. "

whether the shoes are beautiful or not, they are all for others. Only you know whether some relationships are comfortable or not.

people's life is not always plain sailing, it is hard to avoid stop-and-go.

who can't and who can't? outsiders see facial expressions, and only sincerity can tell the truth.

shoes that do not fit, no matter how exquisite or expensive, wear out the feet.

inappropriate people, no matter how like, no matter how excellent, the burden is the heart.

Wang Guozhen said: "there is no longer road than feet, no higher mountain than man."

as long as one foot does not stop, one shoe is always chasing the other. Only when the feet rest, the two shoes have a chance to meet and talk to each other.

the right person is not someone who needs you to chase desperately, but is willing to take you with you when you are tired.

this life is so long that if a relationship makes you feel uncomfortable, there must be something wrong.

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take off the shoes that don't fit, and those who don't fit, stay away.

shoes are designed to protect the feet, and no feet have ever adapted to the shoes.

therefore, do not wronge yourself in order to accommodate others.

not so good, as long as it fits

I have heard such a story:

A Zen master asked the young man:

do you think a grain of gold or a pile of mud is better?

the youth replied:

Gold is good, of course.

the Zen master smiled:

what if you are a seed?

there is a saying like this: "

Choice is more important than effort. If you make the wrong choice, your efforts will be in vain.


so, the best may not be the best for you. What suits you best is the best.

feelings are the same. It really doesn't matter how good he is. It belongs to him.

it really matters how good he is to you. This belongs to you.

Zhang Wuji, the protagonist in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, is lucky enough to be favored by four women in his life, but Zhao Min is the only one who can win his heart.

she has a clear distinction between love and hate and cleverness, which complements Zhang Wuji's indecision.

I dare if you hesitate. You are capricious, I tolerate.

it is only in front of Zhao Min that Zhang Wuji loses his temper and reveals his childlike innocence.

but in the eyes of others, Zhang Wuji will always be an unassailable hero.

because no matter how good Xiao Zhao is, he is only suitable to be silently around to be a close confidant.

A spider, no matter how good, is just a cousin who once lived in her heart.

No matter how good Zhou Zhi is, she let respect overwhelm love.

although Zhao Min is unruly, he can fight with him all his life and make his life interesting or boring.

We live for nothing but to be comfortable. Find a person who is not tired to get along with, understand your implication and feel sorry for your desire to stop.

the right person is not necessarily the best person, but must be the one who knows you best.

same frequency, not tired to get along

has always liked a paragraph:

people with similar frequencies will eventually get together even if they climb over mountains; people with different magnetic fields, even if they get along day and night, are not the same people.

I think so.

those who understand you are self-evident; those who do not understand you cannot argue.

some people say:

"people who are in tune with each other will not reason with you when you want to comfort, nor will they fight you when you are so angry that they smoke.

communicating with people who are not on the same frequency, even if you forgive him tens of thousands of times a minute, it won't solve the problem.

because he doesn't want to understand you, you can never beat him.

but when you get along with people who are in tune, everything goes without saying.

if you inadvertently frown, he will know that you have something on your mind. With the lightness in your tone, he can share your joy.

there is nothing to say, and there is no need to be suspicious, because we know each other too well. No matter what they say, they will not quarrel, because they are reluctant to give up.

be with such people, such as the spring breeze in April and the warm sun in winter. Even in the face of firewood, rice, oil and salt every day, you can make life sweet.

shoes don't have to be beautiful, but they must fit comfortably.

you don't have to be good at dealing with people, but you must be tacit and in tune.

know you, is the most true feelings; accompany you, is the warmest confession.

, for the rest of my life, letThe shoelaces that fit you go to see the scenery and go to bloom side by side with the people who are in tune.