Fool's thinking (good text in depth)
Fool's thinking (good text in depth)
Life is a little more "stupid" strength, often more able to live a different kind of wonderful.

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there is a Chinese saying that "cleverness is mistaken by intelligence".

Rockefeller, the oil magnate, also said: "those who think they are smart are fools, and those who know how to play dumb are really smart."

it is not difficult to find that people who seem to be "smart" in life tend to be paranoid, calculating, lacking perseverance and patience, and often fall short of success.

and those who can really get things done look a little "stupid".

they know the wisdom of dealing with others, and they also know how to persist foolishly and give willingly regardless of reward.

such people usually have the following personality traits, which make it easier for them to reach heights that others cannot reach.

focus on the target, not the obstacle

"there is a kind of cleverness called thinking too much."

rational people tend to think complicated when they do things.

after thinking about it, I am afraid of falling into a trap. Instead, I will be held back by anxiety and nothing can be done.

if a person knows there will be a puddle before he reaches the target before playing ball.

at this time, I always want to avoid the puddle. As a result, the ball often falls right into the puddle with a swing of the club.

in fact, it is not that the technology does not work, but that all the attention is on the obstacles and is affected.

the more we pay attention to the obstacles to doing things, the more we will be trapped by these things, which will eventually make it difficult for us.

people who seem a little "stupid" will not think too much about things that have nothing to do with their goals, but will focus more on solving the core of things and will not be held back by thinking too much.

like Liu Yonghao, chairman of New Hope Group Co., Ltd.

seeing that someone selling quails was very popular, he took out his family's meagre savings to buy quails and raised them without knowing anything about the prospects of breeding.

it was so whimsical that people in the same village laughed at him, and some even said to him, "if you can make money, other people will not have their families rich long ago, and they can wait for you."

but Liu Yong-ho doesn't believe it. He has to find a way out by his own ability.

so he began to delve into farming techniques and even thought of how to recycle quail droppings.

there are too many worries about everything. They only see problems in their eyes, but they are cautious, timid and afraid to take the first step.

those who focus on the goal, know how to ignore the obstacles in the process, can put their energy into solving the problem, and finally achieve the goal.

be willing to suffer losses and not care too much about interests

some people say that smart people look at long-term interests rather than short-term and short-term interests. Only those who know how to suffer losses can have more and more friends.

I think so.

in the book Seven habits of highly effective people, six modes of interpersonal communication are listed, namely:

benefit others and self (win-win); lose both sides (lose /lose); benefit yourself at the expense of others (win /lose); take care of yourself (win); sacrifice yourself (lose /win); get together and break up (no deal).

among these six modes of interpersonal communication, what people expect most is a win-win situation, that is, to benefit each other.

but in real life, the real win-win does not exist, the most conducive to communication is the mode of self-sacrifice.

that is to say, in the interaction between people, if you want one party to gain, it means that the other party must suffer.

the real win-win is to see life as a stage of cooperation, not as an arena.

they know that if they want to make a long-term profit, they must be willing to give up their immediate interests.

Li Ka-shing is like this.

everyone does business to make money, but Li Ka-shing is not.

when someone asked Li Ka-shing about his successful business experience, he also said:

"teach people when you learn, and give them what you have. It is better to blame yourself than everyone else. "

that's exactly what he did when he was in business.

he also warned his son that if he can get seven points of profit or even eight points when doing business with others, then I can only get six points in exchange for more and more partners.

as an old Chinese saying goes, "it is better to be happy alone than to be happy by all."

ordinary people only calculate their immediate interests and their temporary personal gains and losses, but they often win at the moment and lose their long-term interests.

and those businessmen who look "stupid" tend to pay more attention to win-win.

know how to sacrifice immediate interests and win word-of-mouth and popularity, so that the road of life can be wider and wider, especially in business, especially in interpersonal communication.

what others don't want to do, they are willing to do

Zeng Guofan said: "only if you can endure what ordinary people cannot bear, can you become what ordinary people cannot."

those who seem to be "stupid" are willing to put up with what others do not want to endure, so as to achieve what ordinary people cannot do.

even if it seems to others to be stubborn or even bent on going their own way, they themselves know the meaning of persistence.

they know exactly what they want, so they have the courage and action power to fly to the fire.

is like Li Yang in the TV series "if Life deceives you".

he ran for leadership with his old classmates, but lost the election.

knowing that it was because of his lack of grass-roots work experience, he wanted to make up for this deficiency and took the initiative to go to the grass-roots level.

originally, with his qualifications, he could have chosen a place with a good economic environment like Shenzhen, and it was easy to make achievements, or just pretend, as others said.

but he just wants to go to the "dilapidated factory in the backcountry" that others don't want to go to.

there is no neat place to live, the machines in the factory are rusty, and the factory is going to be out of operation.

his wife said he was stupid, and his colleagues said he was stupid. But he doesn't think so. He just wants to bring the factory back to life.

he took the workers to investigate and study the current situation of the factory, compared the instructions to study how to use the machine, personally went out to find cooperation, got up early in the morning and night, and devoted himself to his work.

in the end, through efforts to reopen the factory, it brought unexpected benefits and impressed everyone.

there is a line in Soldier assault:

"want and get, there are two words in the middle, that is, you have to do it, you can only get it."

those who look stupid will try their best to do what others have given up or are unwilling to do.

their hearts are stronger, their actions are stronger, and they are more capable of getting things done.

when you are uncertain about the return of benefits, you dare to pay

Ba Jin once said: "the meaning of life lies in giving, not in receiving."

people with "stupid thinking" are unwilling to accept the arrangement of life, dare to pay even when they are uncertain about the return of benefits, but are more likely to receive unexpected surprises.

Chinese dance artist and national first-class actor Huang Doudou, at the age of 21, Chen Wei, director of the China Song and Dance Troupe, created a dance drama, the Soul of the Terracotta Warriors, to select actors from the Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe.

in order to play the Terracotta Warriors, the school recommended some tall and more elegant male dancers.

short soybeans are certainly not recommended by the school.

according to his understanding of the Terracotta Warriors, he also created a dance and kept training every day, trying to win himself a chance to show the dance.

one day, he thought of that period of history and danced to the exciting music.

this scene happened to be seen by director Chen Wei, who had just returned from a walk. Huang Doudou danced with the heroic momentum of the Terracotta Warriors without losing his spirit, which could not be found in those tall actors.

the next day, Huang Doudou was hand-picked by Chen Wei as the star of "the Soul of the Terracotta Warriors."

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there is a saying:

"work hard even if you can't see hope. It's like walking in the fog. You don't know where the road is, but as long as you move on, your eyes will become brighter and brighter."

sometimes, a seemingly silly effort is better than a seemingly shrewd calculation.

those who insist on not caring and asking for anything in return get more than expected instead.

if you give with reservations, you will not get it; when you are uncertain about the return of benefits, you can pay regardless of the consequences, but you can get the gift of life.

Kazuo Inamori said, "changing your mind and changing your life is the first step."

the difference between people lies in the way of thinking.

cleverness or stupidity is determined by everyone's perception.

the so-called "stupid thinking" is not really stupid, but a sincere and positive attitude towards life.

being a man knows how to suffer losses, leave the benefits to others, and make friends better. In doing things, he is more likely to succeed by setting goals, being direct and decisive, and without too many worries.

Life is a little more "stupid", not afraid of losses, do not doubt, move forward bravely, often more able to live a different kind of wonderful.