Find someone who spoils you.
Find someone who spoils you.
In love, talk to the one who loves you, and marry the one who spoils you.

I saw a video of Tang Yan and Luo Jin two days ago.

they took part in the activity together, and the host said that some time ago she saw Luo Jin buying a glow stick for Tang Yan on the street, and then silently protected Tang Yan so that she could happily listen to the concert of her idol.


Tang Yan herself said that the two of them have different preferences, but Luo Jin will be very willing to accompany her to do what she likes.

because she is spoiled unconditionally, she can confidently say that "in his place, I will always be the most important".

I also saw a sentence in the comment: "it is easier for a real couple to knock, and there is sweetness in each other's eyebrows."

it is better to be favored by one person than to be loved by thousands of people.

in fact, it is easy to see whether a girl is happy or not in a relationship.

if she becomes more and more sensible, then she must have suffered a lot of grievances, bearing those trifles and joys and sorrows alone;

and if she is more and more like a child, crying and acting coquettish, it must be because someone has given her enough preference and confidence behind her back.

all strength is the cocoon of suffering, while all innocence is a flower that is taken good care of and gentle to bloom.

the most anticipated feeling is that someone will accompany you through the vicissitudes of life and still spoil you like a child.

I have seen a sentence saying

"look at the people coming and going in this street, everyone is in a hurry.

met, take an indifferent look, no one can see the story behind others, no one knows whether there is such a person living in other people's hearts.


then a person, just like in a world where you have to be strong and keep fighting, there is a Taoyuan that allows you to place your loneliness, sensitivity and fragility.

touch your head when you don't want to talk and tell you that he will always be there; pinch your face when you are giggling and praise you for being so cute.

so to tell you the truth, I never envy couples who hug and kiss in the street or suddenly show their love in a high profile in the circle of friends. I like long-flowing love.

I saw a very sweet little story two days ago.

Grandpa was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and after wandering around the restaurant for several times, he finally plucked up the courage to ask the shop assistant to help tell the old woman that he wanted to pursue her.

the young man went to convey it sheepishly, but the old woman smiled and said, "I promised him fifty years ago."

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she has him in her eyes, her eyes are clear and gentle, and she has always been cared for and spoiled.

despite the passage of time, I still love you and love you only for you, even though I no longer remember you as I grow old.

suddenly remembered a passage that Hu Xinger said when she got married:

"my ex and ex were great. They taught me to be a mature and elegant woman, and a woman who taught me to be independent and sensible. But I like the incumbent best. He taught me to be a child again. "

the world is complicated and messy. It's nice to have someone to embrace your childishness and take care of your clear eyes.

after all, life is so long and life is so difficult, who doesn't want to be spoiled and grow up.

We will meet a lot of people in our lives.

some people like you because you are sensible; some people like you because you are beautiful; others like you because you are suitable for love and marriage.

but the person who really likes you, he approaches you because he sees you cry, understands your grievances, wants to give you shoulders, and gives you all the candy and love.

you can always be who you really are in front of him.

he will answer your phone in the middle of the shower. When he eats watermelon in summer, he will leave you the sweetest bite in the middle. When you say you want to eat a cone, he will wait in line to buy it for you.

because in his eyes, you are a child who must be spoiled. He wants the whole world to love you, but he only loves you most.

, in love, talk to the one who loves you, and marry the one who spoils you.

whether you fall in love or get married, remember to find someone who is willing to spoil you as a child and grow up with you slowly.

all right?