Fight, you have to be cute.
Fight, you have to be cute.
Love well, enjoy seriously, and manage with your heart.

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there is a smiling but thought-provoking quarrel in the movie "Zero hair of the Secret Service inside".

as a secret agent, Afa was always assigned by the imperial court to do odd jobs, which made Afa gradually have self-doubt.

however, when he returned to his family, his wife's admiration for him did not comfort Ah Fat, but aggravated his contradictory heart.

Afa: "stop praising me. You are the only one in the world who praises me. It is of great use." Do you know what I'm doing out there? You don't know anything. "

wife: "I don't know what you're doing, but I believe you're doing good." If you scold anyone who has offended you, don't take it out on me. "

Afa: "because I know you well, I don't take you as a venting bucket, who do I take?" I'm not convinced. I don't want you to go. "

with a cold hum, the wife really turned around and left.

Afa meditated for a moment, then rushed out of the door and soon brought his wife back.

the wife said helplessly, "how come you always know I'm hiding under the table?"

Afa slightly broke down and said, "you hide there every time. Can I not know?" Please find a new place to make me feel fresh. "

the wife said aggrieved: "if you don't hide there, I'm afraid you won't find me." Will you be hungry? I'll give you a bowl of noodles. "

every time I watch this paragraph, I will be touched. I think a lot of people resonate.

two people have been together for a long time and become the other half who knows themselves most in the world, but there will inevitably be disputes and grumpiness, not because they don't love, but sometimes when they get emotional, and negative energy can only be vented to the one they love most.

regret it? If you hurt the one you love most, of course.

but often a hug can completely dispel all anger and grievances, because you know that he needs you, and he also knows that you are tolerant of him, emotional understanding, is always mutual.

so you see, there is no hatred between two people who love each other. They both want to be together for a long time and love each other sweetly until they grow old.

it's just that between two different individuals, it's impossible to have no friction at all. That's all.

in that case, why can't the quarrel be cute?

actually, you can.

A few days ago, I shared with you a famous psychologist's mode of getting along with him. They are good at using NG to adjust conflicts and change the atmosphere.

for example, when the husband dragged his tired body home from work, he found the house in a mess and was upset, so he couldn't help complaining:

"you've been at home all day. How come you don't know how to clean up in such a mess?"

my wife, who is busy at work, was harmed by such a bad tone, and could not help but reply:

"do I have nothing to do at home? Look at how many things here are yours. Why don't you organize them yourself? "

your voice grows louder and louder, and the conflict arises.

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suddenly, the husband stopped and said, "No, NG, let's do it again."

then he put on his clothes, picked up his bag, went out of the house and closed the door with a long sigh of relief. when he opened the door again, he smiled and asked his wife, "Hey honey, I'm back. How was your day?"

the wife immediately replied, "I'm fine. How are you today?"

the two smiled at each other and the room was full of tenderness.

it doesn't matter who takes the initiative to NG, because it's not shameful to be soft on people who love each other.

the real shame is to poke those hurtful words into the hearts of your loved ones until they are disappointed enough and choose to leave.

in love, right or wrong is not so important. When you find something wrong, try again.

there is a song I like very much, called "passing", which sings in the lyrics:

"if I love you in a different way, why don't we change places and see what it used to look like."

falling in love is not easy and rare. Don't let go of each other's hands casually. Don't lose the one you love most for the sake of winning or losing.

when you are with someone, it is not only a moment, but also a "I love you". It is a choice, a responsibility, and a journey.

Love well, enjoy carefully, and manage with your heart.

Please be cute even if you quarrel.

, I hope that in a few years' time, you will still be accompanied by so-and-so who will join hands today.

good night and sweet dreams.