Fall in love with someone you can talk to, marry someone who sleeps well.
Fall in love with someone you can talk to, marry someone who sleeps well.
You can both chat and sleep.

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Bo Shan Shan Lang

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I have always thought that a suitable relationship is the best appearance of love.

then what is the right love? In one sentence, it should be: fall in love with the people you can talk to, and marry the people who can sleep.

how important is it to be with someone you can talk to?

there is a saying like this:

"find someone you love to talk to. When you get older, you will find that chatting is a person's greatest advantage. "

the world is so big that there are too many good-looking skins, and it's hard to pick an interesting soul.

only with people who can talk to each other, this long road of life will be more fun and less worrying. Joy can be shared, and life can be spent together.

I saw an interview by Zhao Youting in the "Venus Show" a long time ago.

Zhao Youting has always felt aloof and aloof on the screen. But in the program, when it comes to Gao Yuanyuan, he is like a different person.

teacher Venus asked him, "do you talk much at home with Gao Yuanyuan?"

Zhao Youting said, "A lot, a lot."

teacher Venus asked, "it's mainly you, right?"

Zhao Youting replied, "No, we are both talking madly."

A good relationship really needs someone who can talk at any time. It doesn't matter what you say, what matters is that you have something to talk about.

Real feelings are not afraid of too much "nonsense", just that they have nothing to say.

it is obvious that his people are standing in front of you, and you can see his every move. But you seem to be separated by a Milky way, and you can't get close to each other.

it's scary to be alone, but it's even more frightening to end up with someone who makes you feel lonely.

colleague Xizi broke up with her boyfriend of five years because she only said: "I want someone to talk to, but we have nothing to say together."

Xizi said that although we live together, most of the time, we live separately.

he was playing games in his room, and I was chasing dramas in my room. I ate face-to-face three meals a day, but there was no communication all the way.

when I need to communicate, I won't talk to my face. I just say a few words on Wechat. I look like a couple, but actually like a tenant.

the furthest distance in the world is not between heaven and earth, but when I stand in front of you and you turn a blind eye to me.

so, if you want to fall in love, you still need to find someone to talk to, joys and sorrows can be shared, smiles and tears can be shared.

secondly, good love can not only talk about everything, but also get a good night's sleep together.

after all, a good relationship can only be seen in bed.

in the variety show "my wife's Romantic Journey", Cheng Lisa shared her married life with her husband Guo Xiaodong.

Guo Xiaodong also said: "if Cheng Lisa goes out, what worries me most is her sleep problem." We have slept very well together for so many years, but we can't sleep well when we are apart, both of us. "

Cheng Lisa also said that Guo Xiaodong often suffered from insomnia before he met her.

but he hasn't had insomnia since they fell in love, got married and lived together.

their marriage life well validates this sentence: sleep is the best test of love.

Cheng Lisa later also said on Weibo:

"We can eat with a lot of people, but we can only sleep with those we love. If he doesn't sleep with you, he will lose sleep. This is the creed and goal of my marriage. "

if you want to judge whether a married life is happy or not, just see if they can sleep together.

because how a couple behaves in bed, it shows how their lives are.

A truly happy marriage is not about listening to how many sweet words he has said to you and how many promises he has made for you.

it's not how to show your love in moments during the holidays, but when you lie in the same bed and sleep next to each other.

can you sleep well and have a good night's sleep? The person who can make you sleep soundly can make you feel at ease.

Life is so long that life is not too boring to fall in love with people you can talk to, marry people who sleep with them, and fall in love with people who talk to you.

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he can catch every topic you throw out. Every word you say, he can tell whether it is a joke or the truth.

he can understand what you want to say. He can understand your insincerity.

it is not rare for us to meet love and sex in our lives.

what is rare is to meet and understand. Similarly, marriage will have something to look forward to if you marry someone who can sleep well.

after all, love can only last long if it is carried out in daily chores such as dressing, eating and sleeping.

, the rest of my life is long. May you also have an ideal love. When you are together, you can both chat and sleep.