Everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella.
Everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella.
The right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life, and a clear conscience is kind.

once saw a sentence that I thought deeply:

when we open our arms, we can say there is nothing, or we can say that we have the whole world.

Life will be the way people think.

the world remains the same, the environment remains the same, and the road under our feet does not depend on the road, but always depends on how we go.

the same is true of interpersonal relationships. In fact, it is up to you to decide how others treat you.

set up the stage with each other, the road is easy to walk

Zeng Guofan once said:

for those who do great things, the first priority is the pattern.

people with a large pattern know how to appreciate the strengths of others, share weal and woe with others, and lend a helping hand when they need it most.

the former has a good reputation and wider and wider contacts, while the latter, without good popularity, the road is getting narrower and narrower.

A really strong person knows how to appreciate others and will constantly cultivate himself.

he knows what win-win is, he knows the importance of cooperation, he is considerate of others, and he is sincere and stable in dealing with others.

such people, in fact, continue to excel themselves when helping others.

the greatest stupidity of human nature is to make things difficult for each other

there is a good saying: superior people help others, middle people squeeze people, and inferior people step on people.

in fact, the most unwise thing to do is to "step on people".

ridicule each other, hate each other, and be mean to each other when they see that others are doing well.

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this kind of behavior, not only does not help me at all, but also makes me more and more depressed and distressed.

there is a saying in Mencius: those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them.

pay, it is doomed to return, cross people, it is doomed to cross oneself.

when you are considerate and kind to others, you are actually sowing blessings, and those who are kind to you will be equally kind to you.

the kindness to others is realized by yourself in the end

writer Leng Ying said:

"your kindness and kindness to others will be fulfilled by yourself in the end."

when you help others and treat others sincerely, you will attract like-minded people, appreciate you, make friends with you, and share weal and woe with you.

there is no road in vain in life. In fact, every step counts.

it is impossible that you always set others up, you always take advantage of others, and people are foolish enough to fulfill you.

people's hearts are mutual, feelings are equal, with a kind heart, on the surface is beneficial to others, in fact, the real benefit is themselves.

be kind to others, and people are kind to you. You are considerate when others are aggrieved, and people will show you the way when you are confused.

Life is a process of sowing, and the harvest is always closely related to your sweat.

always remember that the right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life, and a clear conscience is kind.