Every day, give yourself a reason to be happy.
Every day, give yourself a reason to be happy.
Happiness is the greatest thing in life.

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time is in a hurry, and floating life is short.

in this fleeting age, everyone falls into a deep sigh after a brief period of joy.

A pair of eyes, from clear to turbid, but for a moment;

it only takes a moment for a heart to go from expectation to loneliness.

however, this is the way life is. Only after we have tasted the ups and downs, seen the prosperity of the world, and endured loneliness can we realize the true meaning and beauty of "the wind blows the waves in the sky, you only need to smile and don't worry".

Gorky once said:

Happiness is the greatest thing in life.


people in this life, whether smooth or narrow, learn to precipitate pain, humiliation and disgrace, life will become gentle and smooth, warm and quiet.

therefore, give yourself a reason to be happy every day. Living in the sun and having light in your heart is the best way to achieve the fleeting years.

No matter how hard the days are, just get over it

some people say: "Life is a bitter practice, in which you and I are full of ups and downs."

especially as we get older, everyone carries more and more things, and we will gradually find that happiness is far away from us.

so people often complain that things are changeable and it is too difficult to be happy.

this reminds me of the tragic life of the protagonist Fugui in the novel alive.

"when I was young, I was caught in the middle of my family. I was reduced from wealth to the street. I finally got home for a few years, only to find that everything had changed, my mother died of illness, and my daughter became deaf-mute because of her high fever."

as his family left one by one, he had no choice but to be alone with an old scalper.

but for Fugui himself, no matter how difficult the days are, he is not depressed. On the contrary, any small thing can become a reason for him to be happy for a long time.

even in the life of suffering, it is still full of happiness and happiness.

Ms. Karen Salma Thorne said:

"there are so many uncertainties in our life that you may be disturbed by sudden changes at any time.

instead of drifting with the tide, consciously do something that makes you happy and help you adjust your mood. "

it is precisely because it is difficult to have fun in a floating life that people need to take care of their own mood and make themselves happy.

even if there are a thousand reasons to make you cry, find a reason to laugh happily.

even if it's just a breakfast in the morning, even if it's just a fallen leaf by the side of the road, even if it's just a joke from a colleague.

as long as you open your mind, the shimmer of these miserable days is a dazzling hope.

learn to adjust your mood and be a person with light in your heart, so that you can have no fear of the ups and downs of the years and the passage of time.

No matter how hard and tired you are, gritting your teeth and getting through it, it is Ming Lang Fengqing.

put in a bad mood, life will be good

Zhihu once had a question: "what is there to be happy about in life?"

one of the most liked responses was: "there is nothing to be unhappy about."

I think so.

in fact, a lot of unhappiness in life is often caused by one's own inability to see through.

use a very appropriate sentence to describe this phenomenon:

"if you think less about the same thing, you won't worry, but if you think too much, you will ask for trouble. If you see the bright side of the same problem, you will be happy and sad when you see the dark side."

in the final analysis, 99% of life's problems are emotional.

if you can't let go of some people and things, you will worry about nothing.

on the contrary, when suffering comes, learn to untie the mind, and the troubles disappear naturally.

just as the writer Bai Luomei said:

"peaceful people will be safe and sound even through the vicissitudes of life. Sensitive people will be riddled with holes at the slightest wind. This is the difference between people, the difference between vision and state of mind. "

in life, everyone is the master of his own destiny, happiness or pain, hell or heaven, all in one thought.

learn to make happiness a habit, happiness a choice, not to worry about trifles, not to disturb others, so that life can develop in a better and better direction.

the rest of life is short, the important thing is not a smooth journey and bright sunshine, but that even if there are many thorns, it can be cured in self-regulation and grow up in worry and triviality.

after all, the only one who can accomplish you all the time is yourself.

learn to please yourself for the rest of your life

"if you love, life is lovely everywhere. If you hate, life is hateful everywhere. "

this is what Feng Zikai said in "suddenly enlightened".

every time I read it, I will sigh, what on earth is to love life?

until one day, I saw someone say these three points in the article:

"first of all, you can not have too much money, or you can live in poverty, but you must have a rich heart, know how to explore beauty, and know how to create joy.

second, you can not have too many earth-shaking lifestyles, or you can live a simple and tedious life. But you must know how to find soothing Jiguang film feathers for yourself in addition to the trivialities of chicken feathers.

third, you can be single, you can be unaccompanied, but you need to know how to spend some time, thought and energy to please yourself and enjoy every inch of good time. "

suddenly became clear.

the so-called love of life is to be kind to yourself and do whatever you want.

try to love the person you want to love and do what you like to do.

if you are more casual, you will be happier; if you are relaxed, you will be happier.

there is an excellent passage:

"you only live once in the world. You don't have to choose the path you don't like. It doesn't matter if you live or die as you choose."

the rest of my life is still long. Instead of worrying about it, I should learn to please myself and live every day happily and richly, which is the best way to live.

No flattery, no entanglement, no grievance, no concession, and live your life as you like, you will come to this world for a visit.

, may you and I always be a person who can coax ourselves, not thinking about the past, not afraid of the future, and living an inch after inch of happiness in the short and impermanent time.

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