Empty yourself (this article is priceless)
Empty yourself (this article is priceless)
A good life needs to accumulate thickness and empty it in time.

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I have read a sentence that I particularly like:

"whether life is long or short, no matter what stage you are in, you should be less persistent. You need to learn to empty yourself from time to time."

on the way of growing up, people will inevitably get lost because there are too many burdensome things.

the best state of life is to have the wisdom to empty yourself all the time.

empirical emptying

writer Weina once said:

"Life is like a ship walking in the sea, all experience is blank in the face of tsunami.

if you think one old captain is enough, maybe the next sea breeze will sweep you to the other side of the sea. "

times are changing so fast that you never know what will happen tomorrow.

philosopher Russell told such a fable:

in a farm, after ten months of observation, a turkey found that, whether sunny or rainy, Wednesday or Thursday, the breeder would feed at nine o'clock in the morning.

so the turkey proudly claims to have discovered the first principle of the universe: food will come at nine o'clock in the morning.

but the day before Thanksgiving, not only did the turkeys get no food, they were caught and killed.

this is the famous "Turkey Theory":

"the human brain depends on its own experience, which is often not reliable, but solidifies your mind, making you numb and slow to respond when real danger comes."

you think you can be like a fish in water by clinging to the experience of the past, but you do not realize that the world is changing all the time, but the experience of the past will become the bondage of today.

A person will not be eliminated by the times only if he clears his past experience in time, maintains an empty cup mentality, and keeps learning.

desire to empty

Qian's Family motto advocates frugality very much. Qian Yonggang, the son of Qian Xuesen, talked about a few little things about his father.

first item: bag.

this package was issued by Qian Xuesen when he attended the meeting. He

it has been used for 40 years.

both sides of the bag have been badly worn, and there are many mending marks, but they have never been changed.

the second item: the house.

in 1955, Qian Xuesen was assigned an ordinary three-bedroom apartment where he had lived for 50 years.

period, the unit offered him a new house many times, but Qian Xuesen refused: "I can't be too far away from ordinary scientific and technological personnel."

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the third item: pu fan.

among the relics left by Qian Xuesen, there are 11 pu fans glued with adhesive tape.

after 2000, many homes in Beijing have been equipped with air conditioners, but Qian Xuesen still spends the summer with pu fans.

Why do moneymakers advocate thrift so much?

one is to control desire so as not to become arrogant and voluptuous because of the lust for pleasure.

the second is to hope that future generations can pursue internal things, such as dreams, careers, hobbies, rather than external things, such as money, house, power.

desire is the source of one's pain.

the Book of morality also says: "greed cannot be encouraged, and contentment can last long."

desire is endless, and the best life lies in the simplest contentment.

emotional emptying

when you hear of love, there are nine sorrows out of ten.

We have seen too many people trapped by love in our life.

some people are lovelorn, but also full of unreconciled, pestering and refusing to let go.

there are also people who suddenly fall into darkness because of the breakdown of their marriage and have been unable to recover ever since.

however, life is moving forward, and people are moving forward.

the south wall has been hit, so the story should be forgotten.

you should remember that the person you miss is not only the wrong person, but also the person of the past.

past feelings, entanglement is useless, thoughts are useless, remorse is useless.

it is impossible for a person who indulges in the past and looks back step by step to achieve true happiness.

really smart people know how to format their feelings, let go of what should be put and forget what should be forgotten.

only when you let go of the wrong person can you meet the right one.

only by letting go of the past can the future come.

empty achievement

Bing Xin once said: "the crown is a temporary glory and a permanent bondage."

A person can empty his achievements at any time, which is a great wisdom and a great skill.

World King Pele has played 1364 games and scored a total of 1282 goals in his more than 20 years of football career.

he also created a brilliant record of scoring eight goals in a single game.

when he scored 1000 goals, the reporter asked him, "which ball do you play best?"

Bailey smiled and said meaningfully, "next!"

the best thing to look forward to in life is always tomorrow.

the best thing an aspirant can do is always the next thing.

like a sentence very much: "do not live in the halo of the past, know the sun of yesterday, dry today's clothes."

all the achievements in the past are fleeting.

Life is like climbing a mountain. After climbing a peak, only when you go down the mountain can you climb another.A higher mountain.

only when one gets rid of the shackles of the past and keeps going, can one be better than himself every day.

Age empty

the experience of Felix, a foreign female dancer, has always been very inspiring.

when she was young, Felix was a professional ballet dancer, appeared on Broadway and performed in veterans of World War II.

44-year-old, middle-aged, there is no place for her on the stage, but instead of obsession and regret, she started her own fashion brand.

at the age of 50, Felix's fashion brand has made a lot of progress, but she is not content to start a business.

at the age of 75, she began to study music and fulfill her dream when she was young.

80, she began to learn tango. Because of her good dance foundation, she stood on the stage and danced again.

at the age of 82, she began to take risks because she liked swings in the air and wrote the song "Free Fall".

85, she ran to parachute jump and shouted to the people, "I'll come again."

94 years old, she focuses on yoga and tennis because she wants to keep fit.

Felix often encourages young people to say:

"look at me. If it's too late to do something, please think about it again."

years are never invincible beauties, and it is never age that defines a person.

people can be happy only when they forget their age.

people will not be limited by age only if they forget their age.

there is a sentence on "Fan Si Xun":

"all kinds of yesterday, such as death yesterday; things of today, such as life today."

A good life needs to accumulate thickness and empty it in time.

empty yourself in order to make a better start.

in the air again and again, continue to subtract for life, in order to find their own direction.

, may you and I both be the best of ourselves, and then meet the best life.