Eating appearance determines a person's appearance.
Eating appearance determines a person's appearance.
People who eat each other tend to be good-looking people.

Ma Weidu has shared such a story:

A father had dinner with his son and his friends. After eating, the father said to his son:


I don't think you can make a deep friend.


Father explained: you can tell what kind of person he is from his eating appearance.

"you see, he has a habit of picking up food. He likes to insert chopsticks into the dish and turn it over. He picks up his own food twice and does not care about others at all. This kind of person is very selfish."

later, sure enough, the friend abandoned him because of unrighteousness.

therefore, I always think that you can see the appearance when you eat.

A person's eating appearance

can expose his accomplishment

eating is not only the culture engraved in our bones, but also the self-cultivation of our behavior.

when I was a child, I always heard my parents' lessons on the dinner table, whether it was a banquet or a gathering of relatives and friends:

"Let your friends eat more and pick up more food, just like at home."

"Let the elder pick up food first."

"tell people when you finish eating, don't leave the table with a dull head."

... ...

I always disapprove of it at that time, and then I don't care about it when I work.

on one occasion, several departments built teams.

there are several dishes that I like to eat on the table. I just grabbed the food with my head and served it without talking. I ate a big bowl and the table was in a mess.

my colleague reminded me: "Don't act like you haven't eaten for hundreds of years, pay attention to the image of the department."

in the eyes of other departments, the meal was a bit awkward.

later, whenever there was a critical meal, I remember the lessons my parents used to learn at the dinner table. I knew that it was necessary to eat out with dignity.

I have seen someone order his favorite food with a menu without asking others what they do not taboo and what they like to eat. This shows that he is more selfish.

I have also seen some people haggle over pennies, yell at the waiter, and dictate without accomplishment, which can more or less see the harsh side of this person.

I have also seen people who see valuable dishes and try their best to clip them into their own bowls. Even if they pile up into a mountain, they do not want to leave a mouthful for others. They wish they could eat them back. This can more or less show a person's self-cultivation.

eating at home is optional, and eating with good friends is very comfortable, but who can say that you won't have a dinner out for the rest of your life?

one's self-cultivation can be seen when you hold the chopsticks, from the way you eat, and from the etiquette at your table.

anyone can eat, but if you eat decent, you need to practice.

people who eat each other are more considerate

what is more frightening than the disagreement between the three values is the disagreement among the three meals.

the eating appearance exposed when the three meals are not right is the most chilling.

when two people have a meal, if he doesn't care about your taste and only orders what he likes, then he may be selfish and careless and his appearance is not high.

because people who eat well with each other will be more tolerant and considerate and will know how to take care of you.

is such a pair of people with very different tastes, but they have lived together for many years.

at first, when I went out to dinner with them, my friend said to order four dishes, stir-fried cabbage heart and steamed fish.

I thought the other two were also light, just to my liking, but the last two were Mapo tofu, back to the pot.

"she likes spicy food."

I just know that the food in their family is always half light and half spicy.

this is true outside and at home, remembering each other's taste all the time.

now, my friends always say to me, "early to eat spicy food, early to be happy."

and that Chongqing girl once ordered a clear soup pan bottom.

the compatibility of the three meals does not mean that the tastes must be the same, but that they can be tolerant and do not force each other to accommodate their own tastes.

if you like spicy food, I can try it; if you like light food, it doesn't matter if I eat it.

I don't think being spicy or happy is not good for health, nor do you think clear soup is boring.

Wong Kar-wai said: a man and a woman are in a relationship. If one day you say I would like to have dinner with you, that would be a great progress.

everyone has his own food memory, and you are willing to eat with him because he can take care of your taste buds.

Love and delicious food are both such beautiful things that no one wants to leave bitterness.

there are many people who eat together, but few people remember your taste.

Please cherish the encounter.

people who eat each other know how to eat and understand life

A person's attitude towards food is also an attitude towards life.

some of the people I meet know not only the etiquette of the table, but also the cooking of ingredients, and sometimes even talk about it.

in my opinion, my father is not as good as a gourmet, but he knows the subtleties of diet and life best.

when he was young, every evening, he would linger in the vegetable market, fiddling with beating fish and shrimp, and his eyes seemed to shine as he weighed the fresh meat.

these ingredients are his hot pillow for life.

after cooking, he likes to play those old Cantonese songs, arrange the dishes carefully, pour a small glass of wine, and touch his work, taking his time, like a leisurely celebrity.

the fireworks between bowls and chopsticks are the highlight of the dreary days of middle-aged people.

Cooking mundane ingredients into delicacy is like living an ordinary day with delicacy.

some meals are just to fill the stomach, and you can eat and drink; some meals need to be carefully tasted, and eating is a reflection of life.

how to eat a meal is also how to spend a day.

most days are dull day after day, but there is always a meal, which is different from other meals. It is at that moment that life has a glimmer of light.

those who eat elegantly know how to make a meal full of rituals, and are often people who love life.

I remember someone asked Cai Lan, "you're a gourmet, why aren't you fat?"

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he always dabbled in eating, chewed slowly, and solemnly enjoyed it. If you have such an eating appearance and state of mind, you will not gain weight.

so he replied, "those who can really eat are not fat."

write this, think about it,

eating appearance can not only determine a person's appearance, but also what he looks like.

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