Eat well, sleep well, live well.
Eat well, sleep well, live well.
Always be the protagonist of your own world.

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small tea night reading


yesterday, I went to the fresh supermarket at the gate of the community to buy vegetables, and there were a lot of people waiting in line to check out, so I got stuck all the way to the door.

A girl urged behind: "Boss, can you hurry up and wait to go home and cook?"

then several people followed suit, hoping that he would quickly hire another shop assistant to add a cash register to increase efficiency.

the boss picked up the pace a little bit, smiled and calculated the bill and said, "Don't worry, take your time, it's the old rule, everyone has a share."

everyone laughed and asked him if it was the only thing he could do forever.

in fact, the location of this shop is not the best. There is also a group-buying restaurant closer to the front door of the community than him. Every day, the activity is very strong, but the neighbors who know each other are only willing to come to this one.

for no other reason, the boss seems to bring his own happiness attribute, and the people who leave the store are almost upwards.

thinking of the first time I dealt with each other, I came home from work one day, and I was not in a good mood.

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when there were not many people in the shop that day, the boss stood at the door eating oranges. Seeing that I had only picked out a virgin fruit, he casually asked me, "would you like to stir-fry a lettuce?"

I had no time to cook for two or three weeks and only ate takeout. I went home that day with a fresh lettuce, two sandy tomatoes, six eggs and two steamed buns, and boiled a pot of soft glutinous rice porridge.

later, he went more and more, and occasionally chatted a few words, and his topic always revolved around the three meals, the four seasons and the trivialities of life.

take a walk around the small shop and go out with a few fresh fruits and vegetables. Today's unhappiness ends here.

there are certainly a lot of bad times in life, so we all have to seriously look for the happiness hidden in the details.

A steaming meal, an easy-to-read and interesting book, a good night's sleep without dreaming of dawn, someone who can make you feel comfortable and quiet.

the pleasure of stealing leisure from human fireworks is really contagious.

A hot comment in Mao's song "an ordinary Day" goes like this:

"when I was a child, I thought about a golden and brilliant life, but when I grew up, it was so difficult to live an ordinary and simple life. The clouds are also light, the wind is also light, there is no hindrance, ordinary day, I am willing to exchange everything. "

after facing the stress of life alone, complete relaxation and happy laughter seem to have become an unnoticed luxury.

the hustle and bustle of the world urges you to forge ahead, to have desire, to be ambitious, to keep running, to stay away from the comfort zone to pursue more possibilities.

but in such an environment, I hear more and more people frustrated that their life is too boring.

the duration of happiness is getting shorter and shorter, ambitious ideals are always broken in late-night wine glasses, prone to anxiety, irritability, doubt and even self-denial.

lying in bed at night, happiness is not on land, and sudden funerals are always endless.

but I want to tell you that no one can define your life. Wearing a suit is an achievement and a rare happiness.

have the courage to move forward, and don't forget to look back at your own comfort.

you have to understand that your pace can actually be slower if you want to.

go to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring, buy two sunflowers in full bloom at the head of the bed, go to the crowded vegetable market early on Saturday morning, cook a steaming meal, cut a plate of fruit, and don't fast-forward to watch a gentle movie.

Sanmao said: "plain and simple, content with ordinary, really not simple."

this life is like a game of upgrading, going uphill in tough times, but no one says you can't eat a roast sausage to replenish your strength when you go uphill.

the most comfortable kind of happiness is actually the simplest, like the kind of company with the longest love, the most reassuring.

Mr. Yang Jiang said in his centenarian speech: "We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

every time you reread this sentence, you will have new thoughts.

it is true that there is pleasure in fame and fortune, but in addition to the pleasure, there must be helplessness. The more lively the noise is at the moment it happens, the quieter it will be at the end.

so give yourself some time and close your eyes.

Don't trap yourself in reinforced concrete, you listen, there is wind in the valley, the wind is carrying the seeds of dandelion, wandering around the world.

in this life, we will meet a lot of people, take strange paths, and make all kinds of different choices.

but there is one thing: we will always be the protagonists of our own world, and we will always be the protagonists of our own world.

Human adventures are always tiring, so remember to eat well, sleep well and live a good life.

, may you go through thousands of sails and come back as a teenager.

May we all be who we like in the ordinary and grand years of our lives.