Don't take everything too seriously! (epiphany)
Don't take everything too seriously! (epiphany)
Sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.


writer Oscar Wilde said:

"there are two tragedies in life: one is not getting what we want, the other is getting what we want."

when you don't get it, you are not satisfied, and after you get it, you get new dissatisfaction.

people are like this, clinging to what they think in their hearts, but falling into new desires after a successful struggle.

what people fear most in this life is to pay too much attention to things outside the body and indulge in fearless desires.

all things are not the hearts of the people, and many things depend not on whether they get it or not, but on whether they can be put down.

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

in the TV series "extended Jubilee Strategy", Queen Fucha asked Wei Liulu a question: "if you are good to a person, do you have to let him know?"

Wei Lulu replied:

"naturally, if I give three points, I have to let him see five points; if I give five points, I have to let him still have ten points.

only in this way can we be fair and just. If you keep giving behind your back, no one knows how to cherish it at all. "

some people say that as long as I really give, one day, the other person will know that I am good.

but reality is never ideal: not all thoughts can be echoed, and not all sincere efforts can be equally rewarded.

most of the time, all you give is indifference.

A year coincides with the rainy season.

after months of heavy rain, there is no harvest in the fields, and many farmers have lost their food as a result. The family that has no grain storage is one of them.

while there is plenty of food, the family has not been affected by the rainy season because it has hoarded good grain in advance.

see the embarrassment of the neighbors,

the family with sufficient grain

kindly send food to the neighbors to solve the problem of food and clothing.

the one that doesn't have grain in stock

after receiving it, I am very grateful.

the male host went to say thank you and chatted with

adequate grain

complain that next year's seeds have not yet been planted.


listen to this and say generously:

"I'll tell you what, I still have a lot of grain. I'll give you another fight.


No grain storage

the man of the house

I was very happy and came home with a bucket of grain with great gratitude.

unexpectedly, the family looked at the grain and began to complain:

"what can this bucket of grain do? Neither next year nor enough seeds from the local area.

since he is so rich, why not just give us more?

they have gone too far. They are really rich and unkind. "

later, these words spread to

adequate grain

in the ears of his neighbor, he thought angrily:

"I gave you so much grain for nothing.

you not only don't know how to be grateful, but also treat me like an enemy. If you had known it, you shouldn't have given it away. "

the two families, who were originally friendly, formed a grudge against each other and did not communicate with each other.

in this world, not all efforts are rewarded.

Life will not be treated as equals because of flattery, but will not get the same reward for giving.

most of the time, we are not doing well, not because we have done too little, but because we have paid too much.

Don't take others too seriously, don't flatter them too much, and don't let your heart give and become trampled on by others.

as the old saying goes, "when the moon is full, it loses; when the water is full, it overflows; when the flower is full, it declines, and when you love it, you are crazy."


in ancient times, there was an outsider who loved purple sand teapot very much.

once, when a friend came to the house as a guest, he took out a purple sand pot to entertain the guests.

as a result, he accidentally fell and the teapot was broken, leaving only the lid intact.

looking at the broken purple sand teapot, the staff is very sad, often depressed, looking at the rest of the lid secretly sad.

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when a friend heard this, he came to persuade him:

"it's just a purple sand teapot that breaks when it's broken. Why should you do that?"

is it possible that the purple sand pot will be intact like this every day?


the employee bowed his head and shook his head.

the friend continued: "in that case, why do you indulge in it?"

hearing this, the staff suddenly realized that the purple sand teapot was broken, which could not be changed, so why should I care?

those who care about and like things, like this purple sand teapot, we can't force it, nor can we force it.

A lot of things are like this. You don't have to fight, not your reluctance.

blindly demanding, it will only make you more painful when you lose it.

Helen Keller once said:

"maybe the sorrow of mankind lies in this. We don't cherish what we have, and we always yearn for what we can't get."

in life, there is a certain amount of gain and loss.

Don't always try to catch what you can't get, don't try to pursue what you've lost.

the more tightly you hold on to something, the easier it is to feel pain and miss.

it's like sand in your hand. The tighter you hold it, the faster it flows. If you want the sand to stay in your hand, you have to loosen your hand properly.

Life, keep an open mind and treat every gain and loss of life calmly.

do not insist, do not cling to, give yourself a chance to face loss and feel life.

have read a sentence:

"Man, what are you proud of if you don't bring death with you? What are you frustrated about?

the proper attitude is to let nature take its course, to be as free as a cloud, and as free and easy as water. "

in one's life, there is no need to compete for everything, talk about right or wrong, do not take everything too seriously, learn to deal with the world calmly, take it easy and let it go.

because in this world, no one's life will always be plain sailing, everyone will have a compromise to life, lack of things in the world.

what you give and what you regret are all gifts of life in the final analysis.

Life has to give up, there must be something, but why care too much about those who can not get, let nature take its course, willing to go with fate, is the best arrangement for life.

actress Ren Jialun told the story of herself and her friends when she took part in the variety show "yearning for Life".

because of the particularity of her profession, Ren Jialun will meet a lot of like-minded people every time she joins the group to shoot a movie.

he always thought that these people would become good friends with him in the future, but every time the crew disbanded, the connection between them gradually disappeared.

what is even more difficult for him to let go is that since his work began to be busy and he became famous, many of his friends who grew up together have chosen to alienate him.

he Jing quietly listened to his bewilderment and said:

"although I have many friends, I never expect anyone to stay with me for a lifetime.

because we can't ask others what to do in the first place, we can only do what we have to do. "

Yes, every part of life, you will meet different people.

when we are together, we are sincere; when we are parting, there is no regret.

because when we come to this world alone, we always have to leave alone.

A lot of things need not be taken too seriously, and many people do not need to be too persistent.

once read a sentence:

"since it is life, it cannot avoid ups and downs;

since it is life, love and hatred are inevitable, and we must always learn to accept everything calmly. "

do not complain, do not struggle, learn to let go, let nature take its course, to live a good life every day.

in life, if you want to have a smooth life, you must have a heart of "gain my luck, lose my life".

taking everything too seriously will only increase the weight of life and make life trapped in desire and unable to extricate itself.

only by learning to let go can life be easy, and only by learning to be indifferent can life be happy.

forget the past, let go of everything, be light and relieved, and live calmly.

as a saying in Buddhist Zen:

"in the world, gathering is fate, and dispersion is fate; high is walking, and low is walking.

find a leisure place, there is no need to worry.


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