Don't overestimate the relationship of sleep.
Don't overestimate the relationship of sleep.
People who like you want to take their time with you.

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Lin Xi

sometimes we have to admit that society is utilitarian, and so are feelings.

like the current popular "fast food love", usually can not wait to eat forbidden fruit within a few days, hug, kiss, short overdraft of passion, but also burning desire.

it seems that no one will be as serious as they used to be, saying that they will be nice to you for the rest of their lives.

everyone is tacitly ambiguous with each other, tempting, trying to express everything in the cheapest way.

this emotional "hidden rule" also makes many girls feel panicked.

A reader told me that he had met a boy a while ago, and the two had a good chat, so they had sex on a date.

she was not a casual girl, and she slept with him for the purpose of interacting with him.

after all, most of the current relationships are like this, and there is no serious confession of love. As long as two people sleep together, they will naturally be together.

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but she didn't expect that she was not treated as her girlfriend. Usually do not take the initiative to care about her life, but also often date other girls in private.

she asked me why he came to me in the first place if he didn't like me.

I said, girl, it's not that you are affectionate, but that you met a scumbag.

in the eyes of a scumbag, sleeping with you is the only purpose, and the person who really loves you, even if he doesn't sleep with you, will try his best to take care of you.

how to tell if a man really loves you or just wants to sleep with you?

in fact, it is not difficult. It mainly depends on his attitude and behavior towards you.

I remember that I have a friend who met a boy on a blind date not long ago.

not long after the date, the boy was anxious to have something with her. After being rejected, he never contacted her again.

my friend thought it was very funny. The boy usually took a baby on Wechat. He always said he liked her and wanted to marry her.

I laughed at whether she spent a lot of money on each other. She said that she usually treats each other for dinner, which does not necessarily mean that he has any substantial contribution.

in fact, a woman is a creature who is easily moved.

whenever there is a man who loves her well and respects her, maybe some trivial things can move her, or even like you.

I have always felt that in a relationship, whether two people have sex or not has never been the criterion to judge whether they love you or not.

because someone who doesn't love you, he just needs a woman, and when his lust is satisfied, you will soon be abandoned by him.

and girls who are usually easily carried away by love are not very clear-headed in their thinking. the demands put forward by the people they like are all responsive to their demands. as a result, it is themselves who have been wronged and hurt.

so, girls must understand one truth in their relationship, that is, when two people have sex, sometimes it doesn't mean anything, it's just a sign of a warm and stable relationship.

like a person, do not easily have sex with each other, and so you are sure that you really walked into that person's heart, everything is too late.

people who like you want to take their time with you, and those who want to sleep with you can't wait.