Don't leave your moments empty.
Don't leave your moments empty.
Don't let a line cut you off from everyone.

Why do we less and less want to post on moments

many people who don't want to post on moments used to like to post on moments, but they were so disappointed that they became silent.

A few days ago, I saw a very gripping point of view:

"We are the first generation of young people who grew up in the Internet world, but we may also be the most conservative generation of young people."

the Internet is a magnifying glass, and each of our moments will be speculated to magnify the goodwill and malice.

people who like you will like you, and people who don't like your point of view will pick up the keyboard and attack you in all directions.

in the gym hair circle, some people will envy your figure, while others say that P has gone too far.

send a song at 12:00, people who understand it will like it, and some people say that you can stop being hypocritical.

working overtime until late at night, I want to send a circle to commemorate, but I see an article saying that people who work overtime late at night are all striving to buy a house for their boss.

the malice of the Internet makes us more and more afraid to speak, and gradually, we are silent.

We no longer share fragments of life or any ideas, or even dare to like and hate them.

afraid of favorite articles, being said to be poisonous chicken soup; afraid of commenting on a thing, being said to have incorrect values; afraid of annoying things, not being able to empathize with others.

so we learned to group into groups in moments, to be visible only to ourselves, and to be visible for only 3 days.

some people simply close their moments and remain silent.

We began to be like the sentence in "Her": "in the past, it was just a story told to ourselves."

I also feel that it is mature to endure emotions quietly and get through those times by myself, who did not like to post on moments before.

but can you really only say it to yourself? Do people who care about you feel the same way? Is your sensibility really sensible to them?

not really.

my friend said to me, "I have known you for more than ten years, but I can only see you for three days."

my parents said to me, "I miss you very much, but I don't dare to disturb you at ordinary times, and now I can't even see your moments."

the original line, which I think is mature, has already become an insurmountable wall between me and the people I am close to.

the original horizontal line is cutting me off from a lot of people.

when there are only parallel lines that cannot intersect in moments, there are no more friends in moments.

our relationship will become blank because of the empty circle of friends.

Don't let a horizontal line

cut you off from everyone

in fact, our moments never exist only on Wechat.

everyone records their lives in different ways, such as useful space, Weibo, etc., but the most important thing is to remember the meaning of moments:

moments: English name "Moments", capturing beautiful moments in life.

instead of leaving a blank in the circle of friends and not even having a chance to aftertaste, it is better to show your real and wonderful life in an appropriate way.

because when you try to hide yourself by blocking your moments, you will only push away the one who loves you.

you will only hurt people who care about you, people who don't care about you, and don't care if you post on moments.

what you should do is to invite these irrelevant people out of their lives and leave them alone in the circle of friends.

not the other way around, because they seal off their own world.

so not long ago, I made my moments visible for three days and became visible for half a year.

since then, I have updated my moments regularly, two or three a month, which is a summary of my recent life.

also occasionally look at the moments of friends I haven't seen for a long time. It's wonderful that I can not disturb them, but when I look at their contents and pictures, I feel like I see each other.

this habit allows me to chat naturally even if I meet a friend I haven't seen for years, as if I had never left her:

the hair color you dyed last time looks good. I'll dye it, too!

the barbecue you served last time seemed delicious. Why don't you go this time?

I've seen Jay's concert before, and I've seen you send a video. Oh, I'm so excited!

because we share our moments regularly, I can still be a qualified friend and keep this relationship fresh.

this kind of feeling is really good, both live seriously in reality, and love life in moments, and will not be defeated by time and distance.

what each of us really wants to do is to manage our lives, both online and offline.

if you can

I hope you can post more moments

of course, it is definitely not the frequency of sending several messages a day. This will go to the other extreme and become a "nuisance to the people."

our ultimate goal is to run our lives well, not to care about showing our own platform.

take the time to post something meaningful and valuable that will bring you closer to others.

it can be the happiness brought by eating out today, the frustration of unfinished work and study, or personal views on various events to attract high-quality friends.

because these pieces, good or bad, are pieced together to make up our trivial and complete lives.

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because these small emotions of joy, anger, sorrow and sorrow are the truest and purest of us.

because there is always someone waiting for your circle of friends, someone will always understand your circle of friends, and there will always be people who secretly read your circle of friends dozens of times.

but for fear of disturbing you, I don't dare to like and leave a message, so I can only care silently. Every time I come quietly, I go quietly.

occasionally because you are visible for three days, depressed and sad for a while, looking forward to the reopening of your moments.

after opening, I turned over your previous moments several times.

TA may be a friend you haven't seen for a long time, a parent who has been nagging you, or a lovely person who likes you but is afraid of your rejection.

I guess you must want to know who that man is.

, that person, may show up soon.