Don't have sex with the person you like easily.
Don't have sex with the person you like easily.
Those who really love you will love you slowly.


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I went to a hot restaurant with my friends yesterday.

I said, yes, how fast it is to order takeout, you don't have to wait in line or the equal sign, and the delicious food comes with a flick of your finger.

my friend smiled and said that it is very much like the current relationship. If you move your finger, you can be together, and if you have a relationship, you will be determined for life.

I don't know why. It seems that when people fall in love now, they don't care much about "how suitable" they are with each other, but more about "how happy" they are together.

therefore, many people will confess in less than a week, date three or five times together, and find it boring to get out of looking for a spare tire. I don't know whether this kind of love is love or not.

but one thing is certain that relationships for the purpose of having a relationship often come to a bad end.

people often don't cherish things that are too easy to get.

it is difficult to guarantee that he will try every means to coax you into having sex and will turn around and brazenly abandon you.

however, girls should be aware that this relationship, which is too dreamy and too fast, is likely to affect you for a lifetime.

not every youth has to be delivered to an impulse that is not sincere. Instead of risking your life, it is better to take your time.

therefore, do not have sex easily with the person you like.

those who really love you will love you slowly.

I have heard such a saying that true love is very calm and not so vigorous.

those who meet you two or three times and shout loudly that you are the one of his destiny, often secretly wearing a mask.

I don't feel ashamed to express my feelings and desires, but I really don't have much confidence in the so-called relationship of love at first sight.

it's not that it's not good to embrace beautiful fantasies about love, but now many people pay too much attention to efficiency and regard slowly liking a person as a burden and pressure.

but a really good relationship is never directly related to the occurrence of the relationship itself.

I remember a reader who shared her heartbreak with me. 'why would someone be so bad? he blocked all my contact information the night he left the hotel,' she said.

We met offline. He said that he liked me very much the first time we met, and I liked him very much, so I agreed to try to date him.

however, under the attack of his sugar-coated shells, my initial defense slowly disappeared, and I became a pawn in his hand, slowly falling into his trap without knowing it.

I also know that I am stupid, but I just don't understand. Is it really so fragile to like someone?

in fact, it is not like those who are fragile, but those who are not sincere enough.

I have always felt that there are not so many people in this world unless they meet true love.

but many people like to create an atmosphere that must be you under the banner of love, but the purpose is to have sex.

I have no intention of morally criticizing the right or wrong of any behavior, but all impulses have to pay the price and bear the consequences.

the best sign of adult maturity is not how much money you earn and how qualified you are, but how you learn to be responsible for your feelings and life.

therefore, do not easily deliver your heart until you are sure that the other person is sincere.

good love must be felt with your heart, not by your ears.

it's easy to have a relationship, but it's not easy to stay together.

I hope you can meet a Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) partner rather than a fast-food relationship.