Don't have a relationship easily.
Don't have a relationship easily.
The beauty of love at first sight is not as good as the company of long-running water.

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some people say that the most important feature of modern people's feelings is that it is easier to fall in love than to fall in love, and it is easier to sleep than to fall in love.

the ubiquitous social software not only provides a channel for single people to fall in love, but also invisibly reduces the quality of love.

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the time we decide to be together is getting shorter and shorter, from a year to a month, to a week or even a day, even if it's just a voice message or a photo.

before, many people chose and decided to be together, it must be because of the real heart and solid emotional foundation, so they happily hold each other's hand and embark on a long love journey.

but it's different now.

in fact, I don't quite understand why some people can become boyfriend and girlfriend without emotional foundation and strong love.

it's just that this so-called love comes and goes quickly, and intimacy is always fragile and shaky.

there is a saying that if you start a relationship too early, it will not end well.

I admit that the tone of this paragraph is too cruel, but to some extent I have to agree.

I have always felt that falling in love is a beautiful thing in itself, and one of the beauties of it is that both parties enter an intimate relationship, get to know each other and give love.

it's just a matter of eye contact and affection, but it's actually quite boring.

there is a word in the relationship, called "love observation period", which means that two people need to observe carefully for a period of time from realizing that they are really together.

it's not that we don't trust each other, but that we are in a fast-food prison and don't bother to think about whether each other is right for us.

two days ago, I saw a girl share her love experience on Zhihu. She and her ex were together less than a week ago. Although they met offline, she didn't know each other's name until the night before they were together.

after being together, boys often put forward all kinds of needs, and girls feel that now that the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend has been established, the other person is trustworthy.

however, after being together, I realized that the boy had more than one "girlfriend", and they all established a relationship in a short period of time, and then broke up in a hurry.

I don't know, maybe one of people's weaknesses is that they don't cherish what is too easy to get and don't care about what is too easy to lose.

only feelings that really spend time and energy can make people want to run well and love them well.

the extreme routine of a scumbag man has become commonplace, which also shows the harm of starting a relationship too early.

in fact, any kind of confirmation should not be a reason to be hurt, but many people are trapped by this shackle, resulting in the illusion of emotional failure.

I think at the moment of fast-food love, the ritual of confession is becoming more and more scarce, and falling in love and breaking up seems to be a joke in everyone's eyes.

it's ironic to think about it, but the more this happens, the more precious it is for people who are willing to explore relationships with you.

I hope you still expect and believe that those who can really be blessed by love must be those who are willing to be responsible for it.

No one is born lucky, but someone can reap love by attracting people who are of the same frequency.

even if you don't meet such a person in a short time, I hope you can be a leisurely single, live a good life when you are alone, and cherish it when you are alone.

compared to the beauty of love at first sight, the long-flowing companionship is actually more moving, and the tacit understanding is more appreciated than the heartbeat of the deer.

I was fascinated when I met you, but the decision to be with you was the decision of my whole life after careful consideration.

in this age of hasty road, taking your time is my greatest sincerity to you.