"Don't go back, don't love the old people."
"Don't go back, don't love the old people."
​ always has expectations, there is always love, there is always the next mountain and sea.

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I lost a very important account last week because I forgot to rebind my phone with a new number.

that account contains most of the articles I have written in the past few years.

I tried a lot of ways, but I couldn't get it back.

in fact, the article is backed up in real time on both the computer and the cloud disk, and losing the account does not cause any actual loss.

but when I realized that I really lost this account, I still felt a little lost.

people are really habitual creatures.

it's like a puppy who has been with you all the time. One day, when you open the door, it won't run up to you like before and welcome you home with its tail wagging.

I told my friend about it, and she smiled and said:

"maybe it's a reminder that it's time to start over."

I think I am a nostalgic person. I always naively hope that there will not be any unexpected changes in the people around me and what happens safely.

but over the years, I have been accustomed to regret and regret, but quietly.

when I was in college, I liked to go to the seaside by bus for more than an hour. I stayed all afternoon and rushed back to the school radio station to record programs in the evening.

there is a long street full of trees in the school. When it snows heavily in winter, I like to walk along that road most.

heavy snow, fallen leaves, long streets, street lamps, radio stations, how nice.

but until graduation, this wish has not been realized, so far I will feel very sorry, but it is already acceptable, life is difficult not to regret.

No doubt burgundy evening dress are basic necessity in any affairs. Our collections come in a variety of sublime materials.

I still remember when I was in junior high school, I broke up with my friends who were the best playmates in kindergarten, just a little misunderstanding, but now we haven't sat down to talk face-to-face, and we don't have each other's contact information anymore.

I also remember the people who read serial books together in high school. Now they get married and have children, and we are just names that sound familiar to each other.

I also liked to play games for a while. When I finished my work every night, I made an appointment with several friends to sign up together, but I don't know which day the people slowly became uneven. Later, when the game was updated, I no longer had that APP on my new phone.

sometimes I feel that it is not a good thing to have too good memory, but sometimes I think that I can no longer have it, and the only thing I can do is to remember a little longer.

fortunately, now, slowly find a balance between the two, just remember, do not disturb yourself.

people have been experiencing, meeting and parting as long as they are alive, and the days have to go on as usual. the good and bad are the scenery.

you can look back, but it is not necessary and impossible to walk from the beginning, so there is no need to embarrass yourself. It is also a pleasure to dust off the past when it is sunny, to dust off on rainy days and to recall making tea.

I believe that all happenings make sense, and all departures are due to better arrangements.

M á rquez wrote in A hundred years of Solitude:

"the past is all fake, and memories are a road with no way back." All the past springs can not be recovered, even the most crazy and tenacious love, in the final analysis, is only a fleeting reality, only loneliness and eternity. "

loneliness is the normal state of life. The past is not only the death of yesterday, but also the road of today.

in the sea of life, the most indispensable thing is the new encounter and the old farewell.

We carry a heavy load in the world of mortals, walk along, meet whom, say goodbye to whom, everything has its own destiny.

what I want to say is that it will be easier to be happy if you look down on it.

with rubbish in hand, there is no way to pick up flowers. In such a big place, it is enough to illuminate the loneliness of life if you continue to stay moved and happy.

Don't regret missing the sunrise at five o'clock in the morning, because there are still sunsets and sunsets at six o'clock in the evening for us to go and meet.

even if there is no time for sunset and sunset, there are still stars all over the sky at night.

, don't go back, don't love the old people.

there is always expectation, there is always love, there is always the next mountain and sea.

along the way, life will give you the answers you want.