College entrance examination results come out: no matter what the result is, please stand by your child firmly.
College entrance examination results come out: no matter what the result is, please stand by your child firmly.
Good parents are the ferrymen of their children's life.


the results of the college entrance examination have come out, and some people are happy and others are worried.

for students, the college entrance examination is a big test of life and a test after a cold window of more than ten years.

if the child does well in the exam, please hug him.

after all, their tender shoulders have survived more than a decade of sunset and moon rise.

every point they get is soaked in sweat, witnessing them get up early in the morning and go all out in the dark.

if the child does not do well in the exam, hug him even more.

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because his pressure is no less than anyone else, where you can't see it, maybe he has cried alone.

I saw a post on the Internet in which a student who had just finished the college entrance examination said that he had failed the exam and dared not go home.

"I can imagine that when the grades come out, my father will give me a good beating."

when I first saw it, I thought it was incredible that the parents of the children who had completed the college entrance examination were still treated in such a rough way.

unexpectedly, in the comments section below, many people expressed empathy:

"I have been a problem machine since I was a child."

"my parents are shameless after failing the exam, and I dare not go back to face them."

the messages on the screen are all fragile requests for help from children.

think of the previous hit "Little willing", Yan Ziyou's mother, Tian Yulan, pinned her hopes on her children because her original family was not going well.

she worked so hard and was so busy that she got a good score for her child.

Yan Ziyou, who has always been clever and sensible, unexpectedly collapsed and roared at the parent-teacher meeting:

"it's not me you love at all, but me who got full marks!"

across the screen, you can feel the despair of the child.

it's not that Tian Yulan doesn't love her children, she just doesn't notice her inner desire to keep up with others.

she regards her child's achievements as her own face and ties her child's life to her own life.

but our children are not our face after all.

they are independent people with their own joys and sorrows.

there are many silent children in life, like Yan Ziyou, who study hard and work hard for the love and expectation of their parents.

in order to save the face of their parents, they put the shadow deep into their hearts.

in places where parents can't see them, children are already black and blue.

College entrance examination results come out, children who fail in the exam, years of hard work is not worth it, they will be aggrieved, remorse, unwilling …...

tell him that Mom and Dad are more concerned about your emotions than your grades.

A big deal is to start all over again. There are thousands of ways in the world, but you don't have to walk one way to the dark.

tell him that no matter what choice your parents make, they will always give you a solid arm to be a warm harbor behind you.

the college entrance examination is a watershed in life, and thousands of troops cross the single-log bridge.

if your child's exam results are not satisfactory, please don't lose heart and don't worry.

Life is a long marathon, and the success or failure of the college entrance examination is temporary, not lifelong.

the writer went to bed late and shared her experience of failing in the college entrance examination in an article.

on the day of the release of the list, after hearing her score, she lay on the bed and cried loudly.

"I cried so sweaty that my mother could not pull me up. I wish I had died all at once, so I didn't have to face the future."

however, life goes on if you fail in the exam.

later, her parents found a junior college for her in this city and majored in accounting. after graduation, she went to work in her mother's unit.

in the days of boredom and depression, staying up late fills up the spiritual emptiness by reading and writing.

years of accumulated strength in writing led her to the road of writing, and later she became an influential writer.

from then on, she began to understand that people can overcome failure and rewrite their lives.

she said that failing in the college entrance examination only changed the course of her life, but did not destroy her foundation.

A person with strong willpower will never be depressed by temporary failure.

if you lengthen your life, you will find that the college entrance examination is just a journey and a road sign in the process of growth.

people's life is too long.

our children will face more tests in the future: stepping into society, getting married, and dealing with social relations.

there are still countless obstacles waiting for them to overcome on the long road to crossing the border.

if your child fails in the exam, please tell him that the college entrance examination is only the middle station of life, not the final stop.

nothing can defeat you unless you choose to give up.

only by facing it calmly can we be invincible.

according to statistics, in more than 40 years, the total number of students admitted to colleges and universities adds up to about 130 million.

there are so many children that they can't get into college.

every parent expects their child to soar into the sky and get ahead, but unfortunately, 99% of the people in the world will eventually return to the ordinary.

I remember that the writer Wang er wrote about his friend Chang's children in his article.

after the exam results came out, Lao Chang's son locked himself in his room and didn't go out all afternoon.

out of worry, Lao often quietly put his ear to the door, only to find that his child had been calling other students all afternoon to congratulate those who did well in the exam and comfort those who did not.

Wang er said that he had seen Lao Chang's son at a party. He was the first to enter the door and kept holding on to the doorknob so as not to slap later people.

where will the future life of such an optimistic, kind-hearted and gentle child be?

if you take a long-term view, the quality of the child is actually far greater than the child's achievement.

it is good for our children to realize their expectations, but it is only reflected in the wisdom and cultivation of their parents that they can accept their children's mediocrity.

writer Liu Yu wrote in a letter to his daughter:

I pray for your success, but I understand that success is a person who is in awe and enthusiasm for what he is doing.

in my mother's opinion, a lawyer who wakes up every morning and feels that going to work is no more successful than a barber who proudly says to a client, "look, this haircut is beautiful."

there are thousands of ways to succeed in the world, and the definition of success is not the same.

the ultimate pursuit of a man's life is to know himself, find his love, and work hard for it all his life.

is the college entrance examination important?


it provides more opportunities and a bigger stage for many people to realize their dreams.

isn't the college entrance examination important?

doesn't matter.

because in the long road of life, it is only a station for a short journey.

the mission of parents is to teach their children to work hard, and to teach them to bear it when things go against their wishes.

We watched silently under the stage when he had flowers and applause.

when he hit rock bottom, we gave him the courage to bounce back.

good parents are always the ferrymen of their children's life.

with the end of the college entrance examination, more than 10 million children ushered in a fork in fate.

"complacent horseshoe disease" is the dream of many people, but not everyone will experience it.

the exam results are out. No matter what the result is, please stand firmly on the side of the child.

, there is still a long way to go in the future, we walk slowly with the children.