Chen Guo, a talented woman in Fudan: the best way to live the rest of her life, read these six sentences
Chen Guo, a talented woman in Fudan: the best way to live the rest of her life, read these six sentences
The world is bustling, and life is cold and warm.

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there is no way that the world of mortals is bitter, it is like all one's life.

No matter what stage of life you are in, tiredness is the norm.

when you feel tired, listen to the six words of Chen Guo, a talented woman from Fudan, to make your life more thorough.

No matter how you live, there are always people who don't like you.

I don't know if you have such a feeling in life: no matter what you do, there are always people who don't like you.

you are very enthusiastic, others say you are hypocritical, you are silent, others think you are dull; you are enterprising, laugh at your struggle, you lie flat, and say that you do not want to make progress.

someone once asked Chen Guo, which is more important when you say that others like you or you like yourself?

she replied, "it's all important."

after thinking about it, she added, "but when you can't do both, it's more important that you like yourself."

Li Xueqin, a talented woman from Peking University, was questioned when she complained about the emergence of the conference, but she is still active on the talk show stage. Indulge in what you love.

standing in the center of public opinion, in the face of slander, Li Xueqin said sincerely and calmly:

"for those who don't like me, I want to say to you that I don't like you either."

I have heard a saying that when a person lives out his true self, he will have the courage to resist the noise of the outside world.

it's up to you to decide whether you are good or not.

as Professor Chen Guo said:

"to live a little more authentic and real, this is the sincerity and kindness to yourself."

if you like a butterfly, don't chase it. You should plant flowers and recommend it.

Chen Guo once said, if you like a butterfly, don't chase it, because you can't catch it. You should plant flowers and recommend it.

most of the time, you have to bloom yourself before butterflies come.

Do not think anymore, do not look anymore, spaghetti strap wedding dress is all you need to bring out the best in your feminism. You'll be surprised by the confidence you'll have!

Zhao Liying, known as "earthly sobriety", was ignored when she first made her debut, and was said that her face was not suitable for acting.

but she immerses herself in every small role, practicing her acting skills and never misses any chance to appear on camera.

when she began to become famous for her dedication and some excellent works, screenplay invitations poured in.

when you become a better person, there will be a better world open for you.

read a passage saying:

"Don't chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend it. When the spring blossoms, there will be a number of fine horses for you to choose."

Don't try to curry favor with someone. Use your time when you have no friends for a while to improve your moral character. When the time is right, you will have a lot of friends to go with you. "

plant the plane tree and attract the Phoenix.

when you become a better person, better friends will come uninvited.

useful things can make you make a living, and useless things can make you happy.

A person's life is nothing more than making a living and making love.

good skills and knowledge can keep you safe, but then those useless things can also make you feel happy.

Chen Guo once said in a program that he likes reading poetry very much and does not do any utilitarian use, so that his soul can catch his breath for a while.

most of the time we feel annoyed because we are too obsessed with the results.

therefore, it is useless to read poems, to read idle books, to meditate, to look at flowers and listen to the rain.

if we fill our lives with too much usefulness, our lives will only become pale and barren.

writer Liang Wendao once said:

"to read some useless books, do some useless things, and spend some useless time is to reserve an opportunity to surpass yourself beyond everything we know.

most of the time, the useless party is of great use.

it is these seemingly useless things that maintain our innocence and imperceptibly change the course of life.

if you always have curiosity about the world, life will be more advanced because of its uselessness.

solitude is not bitter, but a high realm.

Chen Guo once lamented in a speech that in many cases, time does not belong to one's own.

"time with classmates and friends belongs to everyone, time to work belongs to work, and time to mobile phones and computers after coming home from work."

We often remember work, remember to please others, but forget how to be alone.

solitude is not bitter, but a very high state.

Thoreau, a writer, did not go well before the age of 28, until he began to live in isolation, began to learn to live in peace with loneliness, and then wrote the popular Walden.

the crowd is noisy, while the lonely are free.

when you no longer have to deal with the awkwardness of talking to a duck, you have more time to talk to yourself.

when you begin to learn to take care of your heart, you can learn to love yourself and improve yourself.

loneliness makes you precipitate, makes you introspect, and makes you accumulate energy in silence.

when one day, you are reborn from loneliness, you will go back and solemnly thank loneliness.

I am amorous and at peace with the rest of the world.

after Chen Guo became popular on the Internet, he soon had huge doubts.Coming face to face.

the reason is that in a program, she pronounced the word "octogenarian" as "Mao Zhi" and received a flood of bad reviews.

in fact, mispronunciation is very normal. Hu Shi once mispronounced "Fu" (t à) in Luohe, Shandong Province as "lu", and Master Yu Qiuyu mispronounced "Yue" in "benevolent Leshan" as "l è".

but there are always some people who, with a little flaw, try to negate the whole of a person.

in the face of overwhelming ridicule, Chen Guo did not come out to explain, but chose to be silent.

she said, "I am amorous and at peace with the rest of the world."

debate is meaningless, but it just gives people a few more spare time to talk about. Those who know me say I am worried, and those who do not know what to ask for me.

in silence, she turned and returned to the three-foot podium to continue her thought class, complacent in her own world.

Yang Jiang once quoted the poet Rand as saying, "I don't argue with anyone, and I disdain to argue with anyone."

she has experienced ups and downs in her life, but she has always placed her soul in books and words, and she is at peace with the twists and turns of the world.

those who are really strong never live in the mouths of others, but in their own hearts.

when we come to the edge of life, we will eventually realize that the world is our own and has nothing to do with others.

it is hard to find a bosom friend in life, but the best one is yourself.

Chen Guo once said: "from beginning to end, from birth to death, from cradle to grave, there is only one person walking with you, that is, yourself."

A man's life is the process of walking from a wide plain to a narrow path.

when we are young, we invite friends. When we are young, we indulge in love, and when we are middle-aged, we indulge in life to protect our families.

however, in this train of life, some people always get on board, and some people leave, and in the end, you are the only passengers left.

when your friends are drifting away, you feel lost; when your lover's fate is over, you feel sad; when your loved ones leave you, you are devastated.

things in the world are changeable, and only you can save yourself from the misery of the world.

when you are in high spirits, you remind yourself that your false reputation is just fleeting, and remember to be humble.

when you are at a low ebb, you toss and turn at night, telling yourself that you must pull yourself out of the quagmire.

even if you are lonely, you should reap peace and peace in loneliness.

"good things in the world are not strong, and colorful clouds are easy to break glass."

We were so eager for friendship to last forever, only to find out that the best confidant in our life has always been ourselves.

time is fleeting, in the twinkling of an eye.

the best way to live for the rest of your life may be, as the Canadian writer Onjeda said:

"you believe in loneliness and seclusion; you can afford to be romantic because you are self-sufficient."

the world is bustling, and life is cold and warm.

A person is the greatest fulfillment if he can understand himself, love himself, and get satisfaction from himself.

, may you take off your burden, be self-sufficient, be not tired of life, and not lose yourself for the rest of your life.