Changing oneself is a god, changing others is a psychopath.
Changing oneself is a god, changing others is a psychopath.
What we really need to do is to change ourselves.

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Life is divided into three stages:

when I was a child, I felt that when I grew up, I would be a hero and change the world.

when I grow up, I find that I can't change the world. I just want to change others all day long.

and now, I finally understand a truth: only you can change your life.

before he died, Jung said to his apprentice, "you don't even want to change others!"

We often have an obsession, that is, when we see that others have shortcomings, or when we take detours, we always try to correct others, in an attempt to make them change themselves, take fewer detours, and go straight to the goal.

We take great pains to teach them a lot of truth, and we even want to interfere in their lives and directly take them around all the detours.

this is indeed a kind of kindness, but a lot of "good intentions" may not be able to do "good things".

because doing so not only can not help others, but also often disrupt other people's rhythm and disrupt other people's positions.

in fact, any thought or thought that changes someone else is draining you and the other person's heart and torturing each other.

always want to change others, is a person's greatest obsession.

We need to be able to let go of this obsession, pay less attention to others, and let them discover their own problems.

then give them at most an inspiration or motivation, which makes it easier for the other person to let their guard down and change themselves.

put it down and feel at ease.

Life is a spiritual practice, and everyone has his own path, which is often not straight, but tortuous.

everyone has his own node, and each node has its own difficulties to overcome.

even if we can help them get past this node directly, a bigger problem will follow....

this is tantamount to pulling up seedlings to encourage you, not only can you not change others, but also create more problems, or even harm other people's lives.

find a reason for everything from yourself, and this kind of person will be stronger and stronger day by day.

find other people's problems first. This kind of person can never make progress and always complains about others.

when we learn to find problems in ourselves, it means that we want to change ourselves, not others.

if everyone in the world wants to change others, then the world will be caught up in all kinds of attacks, framing and abuse.

99% of the people in the world pursue not change, nor be changed, let alone truth or truth, but all kinds of emotional comfort and soul chicken soup.

they even make up their own lies and numb themselves, preferring to remain addicted to all kinds of short and quick stimuli rather than face all kinds of cruel realities.

people will always turn a deaf ear to the "truth" that makes people feel uncomfortable.

on the contrary, lies and routines that can create beautiful fantasies can make the public crazy.

so, you can never wake up someone who pretends to be asleep.

99% of these people are pretending to sleep. If these people are also trying to live, they are also trying to sleep more comfortably.

how much does it take for a person to be awakened to live a sober and happy life?

how much mission and energy do you have before you dare to awaken these sleeping people?

therefore, never wake up a sleeping person blindly, otherwise, he may hold a grudge against you for a lifetime.

the most powerful ability in the world is to see yourself through others.

everyone is a mirror of us. On the surface, we see others, but in fact, we see ourselves.

We find that there are areas where others need to change, in fact, it is our own deficiency in some aspects.

one of the signs of maturity is to understand one truth:

your evaluation of others has nothing to do with others, the same

Logic, what other people think of you has nothing to do with you.

because when one person evaluates another person, it appears to be judging, but in fact it reveals his own heart.

others are just projectors of our hearts, projecting our truest hearts.

every word we judge of others is the truest portrayal of our hearts.

the biggest prison in life is that the ego is too heavy.

there is no one who does not trust his own eyes, his own feelings and judgments.

We always have an insight into the shortcomings of others and turn a blind eye to our own shortcomings, resulting in constant delusions, quarrelling with others, creating right and wrong, and creating karma, which is also the root of pain.

everyone's development time zone is different, everyone's way of success is different, everyone's test is also different, please respect everyone's path.

in life, it's great to be able to do a good job of yourself, not to mention telling other people what to do in their lives.

changing oneself is God, changing others is psychopath.

the more developed a society is, the stronger the independence of people is.

in the future, each of us is an independent individual, and seeking common ground while reserving differences is the best state.

always know where the boundaries of others are, and draw a line for yourself, so that you can live more and more easily.

accept other people's shortcomings and understand othersPeople's limitations, let go of the idea of changing others, is the lesson we have to do all our lives.

looking for him thousands of degrees in the crowd, he suddenly looked back, but the man was in the dim light.

what life needs most is such a look back, an epiphany.

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