Break away from each other (good text in depth)
Break away from each other (good text in depth)
Only wish you do not love in the past, do not welcome the future, just live up to the present.

there are no more than three problems in life: things, people, and heart.

Buddhists say that people have eight sufferings: birth, old age, illness, death, love and parting, resentment for a long time, unable to ask, and five yin flourishing.

in recent years, "breakup" has become popular all over the world.

but people's understanding of it often only stays on the surface of external things such as dwellings and objects.

it is our hearts that really want to be separated.

if there is nothing you can do

writer Zhou Guoping said:

there are three times of growth in life, one is when you find that you are no longer the center of the world;

the second is to find that there is nothing you can do no matter how hard you try, and the third is to accept your ordinary and enjoy it.

the most powerless thing in the world is to leave or die.

in 1976, Jin Yong's favorite eldest son, Zha Chuanxia, hanged himself.

when the news came from the other side of the ocean, Jin Yong was still working in the newspaper office and had to write a review.

he was frustrated and sad, but he could only continue to write and shed tears.

long later, when revising Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, he wrote a paragraph in the postscript:

"Zhang Sanfeng saw the grief of Zhang Cuishan when he cut his own throat, and Xie Xun was sad when he heard the news of Zhang Wuji's death. It is too superficial in the book. This is not the case in real life, because I didn't understand at that time. "

because he has not experienced it yet, he has not yet understood the "pain of losing a child".

Don't talk to outsiders until you really understand it.

the loss of a child in middle age is a major blow in life for anyone.

in his old age, Jin Yong still mentioned pain when he mentioned it, but he didn't stay in grief and couldn't get out.

those sorrows turn into the light of creation.

there are always some things that we can't do.

when you can't change the ending no matter what you do, you might as well tell yourself, when it comes to judgment.

in the face of helplessness, make a decision.

only in this way can life go on.

those who are out of luck in life should give up

I have heard a sentence:

the hardest thing in the world is to pick stars with bare hands and love without being able to.

one day, a wandering monk passed by and took out a mirror to show him.

in the mirror image, there is a vast sea. After a woman was killed, she lay naked on the beach.

A man passed by, glanced at it, and left.

the second person passed by, took off his clothes and covered her.

A third man passed by and buried the body carefully.

the monk told him that the dead woman was your fiancee's previous life, and you were the second person to pass by.

she fell in love with you in this life in order to return a favor to you, but the third person is the one she wants to repay for the rest of her life, and she is now her husband.

when the scholar heard this, he suddenly realized.

pay attention to fate in everything. Acquaintance is fate, gathering is fate, looking comfortable, called eye fate.

in the world of mortals, men and women are on and off, there is always a deep and shallow relationship, and there will be a good couple.

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fate goes away and stays, mostly in one thought.

some people have no chance with you, no matter how much you say, you won't understand it, and you won't get anything in return for doing more.

give up those who have nothing to do with you in your life.

there is no chance here, but there may be a good relationship elsewhere.

mind boredom and obsession should be separated from

writer Feng Tang said:

when you really can't let go, go to the intensive care unit or the cemetery, you can easily understand that you have got too much, or greed, too little time, too many fun things, from the perspective of respect for life, do not entangle.

45-year-old Su Dongpo was demoted to Huangzhou.

empty is full of ambition and literary talent, but can only live here.

in the midst of failure and helplessness, others may indulge themselves and give up.

but he is Su Dongpo.

he earnestly went to farm, planting wheat, beans, green vegetables, melons, fruits and even tea for food and clothing.

he couldn't afford beef, so he invented Dongpo meat.

occasionally went boating for a trip to the river with friends and wrote the famous novel Chibi Fu.

he is frustrated, not frustrated. Friends lament that life is short, but he comforts us to cherish the 01:15 breeze and bright moon, which is what we get and get.

later, in a letter to a friend, he reminded him, "I only wish to love myself deeply."

isn't Su Dongpo upset? Doesn't he feel aggrieved, and many colleagues and friends are implicated by him?

most of the troubles in life are just unavailable, unloved, and impossible to do.

sometimes, there is always obsession, but it is because we think that grasping it will make up for that regret.

but I don't know, draw a knife and blow off the river and flow more violently.

clench your hands, just emptyNothingness; open your hands and you have the whole world.

Breakdown, abandonment and separation is a good cure for life.

things that can't be done, break;

those who are out of luck, give up;

mind annoyance and obsession, away.

I only wish you can live up to the present if you don't love in the past and meet in the future.