Bottom line (must be read in this life)
Bottom line (must be read in this life)
Do not abandon the great beauty with small evil, do not forget great kindness with small grievances.

Beijing Bo Sinology

what is the most important thing to be a human being?

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it's very simple, just two words: bottom line!

because the bottom line is the foundation, the foundation, and the last line of moral defense that cannot be retreated.

A person who has no bottom line will dare to do anything wrong.

in a society, if there is no bottom line, strange things will happen.

what is the bottom line? The bottom line is to adhere to these five principles.

No matter how poor you are, you can't cheat your friends

in the Analects of Confucius, it is said that a gentleman is firmly poor, while a villain is too poor.

means that a gentleman still adheres to his principles when he is in trouble, while a villain will give up his conduct and act recklessly when he is poor.

in life, some people see that their friends who have played with them since childhood have become richer than themselves in a few years.

then he began to feel uneasy.

"Why is it that the house he lives in is bigger than mine, why the good car he drives is more expensive than me, and why does he eat and dress better than me?"

some people even use their crooked brains to deceive and betray their friends for their own interests.

such people lose the bottom line of being a human being.

when the other person knows what you have done, they will no longer trust you and even go their separate ways with you.

so don't play games with the people around you and don't count friendship.

it's hard to warm up a broken heart, and it's hard to find a lost trust.

We must not change our integrity because of poverty, nor should we lose our conscience because of the present predicament.

A friend who is poor is the bottom line, and a rich man who never forgets his benefactor is his creed.

No matter how bitter it is, don't lose your backbone

people are easily blackmailed by the external environment, swayed by the opinions of the public, drift with the tide and follow others.

it is unreasonable for some people to excuse themselves with reality and survival, because you have not reached the point where you cannot live, and many sages have already exemplified us with the courage of being too poor to fall and to live or die.

Song Zhe Zong Shao Holy Room, Huang Tingjian accused Song Shenzong of slandering Song Shenzong because he participated in compiling the True Records of the Divine sect.

many means go together.

but no matter how much he intimidated and seduced, Huang Tingjian always refused to admit that he had slandered remarks. "whenever asked, he always resigned directly."

do not bend, do not fear, do not yield, its bony arrogance, so that the scholar-officials all admire.

Huang Tingjian did not bow his head and plead guilty, so he suffered an even greater blow. He demoted Fuzhou first, then Qianzhou, then Rongzhou, and later was removed from his name, detained Yizhou, and finally died in another place.

in the last years of Huang Tingjian's life, he used the brush bought by three yuan to write postscripts for his friends. He regarded being in the rain on the city wall as a happy thing in his life, and always stood smiling proudly without crying on his knees, even if he was wandering and suffering all his life.

Zeng Guofan said: "to feed one ball of spring and prop up two poor bones."

Bone is a person's bone. If you lose your bone, you will lose your shape.

No matter what the situation, the backbone must be able to stand up, not compromise, stand upright, find a way out in hardship, and seek dignity in hard struggle.

regardless of prosperity or adversity, people's beliefs should be as vigorous and vigorous as spring.

No matter how difficult it is, you can't speculate

in this fast-paced era, more and more people hope that they can achieve their goals and realize their dreams as soon as possible.

as a result, many people will choose to take shortcuts, or even gain benefits by speculating, cheating and cheating.

be lazy at work and coax your boss by flattery;

the plan is not easy to pass. Bring some "small gifts" every time you go over.


do not do things in a down-to-earth manner, devote all your time and energy to being clever, and expect to achieve the greatest success without any effort.

as everyone knows, such an idea is really wrong.

some people are opportunistic and occasionally gain temporary benefits by means of crooked ways and opportunistic tricks, but sooner or later they will lead to great disaster.

Mencius said, "I am good at nourishing my lofty spirit". "it is born of righteousness, and it is taken by unrighteousness."

Don't compare with others, take your own path one step at a time, and one day, you will achieve your goals and ideals.

No matter how strong it is, don't be too arrogant

there are often people who do not have great skills and have a good temper, and then get carried away and show off everywhere when they have made a small achievement.

the ancients said: if you attract losses, you will benefit from modesty.

High profile and publicity is not only a sign of immaturity, but also a serious illness in life. If it cannot be corrected in time, it will certainly lead to disaster.

whenever a person has a high profile, it will certainly arouse the envy of others, and in serious cases, it will also affect the safety of life.

Nian Zengyao's early official career was smooth, and Kangxi attached great importance to him. with the expansion of power and the improvement of his status, he became arrogant and arrogant, not only did not know how to restrain, but developed a domineering style.

Nien Tseng Yao treated domestic and foreign officials arrogantly and rudely, and sent a message to provincial governors by his first name. Not only the Mongol prince, but also the emperor's son-in-law, Ah Bao, had to kneel and worship.

finally, in the three years of Yongzheng, the situation took a sharp turn for the worse. Nian Gengyao was sacked by Emperor Yongzheng and snatched a lord, listed 92 great crimes, and ordered himself to commit suicide.

Wang Yangming said: "Today, when people are suffering from illness, they are probably just proud. A thousand sins and all evils come from pride, while pride is arrogant and unwilling to yield to others. Therefore, pride for a son cannot be filial piety, pride for a younger brother cannot be fraternal, and pride for a minister cannot be loyal. "

Don't take yourself too seriously. always respect everyone with a humble heart and respect everyone in an equal and friendly way. this is the foundation of dealing with people.

the humble hexagram of the Book of changes has an exquisite interpretation of this: "modesty, respect and light, humble but insuperable."

people are as noble as they are humble.

No matter how long it takes, don't forget the kindness

someone once said: "A person's greatest misfortune is not to get the favor of others, but to get it, but to ignore it."

the Book of songs says: "throw me a peach and repay it with Qiong Yao." Bandits will always think of it as good. "

the most touching thing in life is the helping hand when you fall.

the consolation when you are sad; the friend who borrows money to help you tide over the difficulties when you are down and out; the applause when you succeed.

even if others do not want to return, for those who have helped you, those who are helping you, but you should know how to be grateful, always have a grateful heart, and pass on this kindness with a kind heart.

Zeng Guofan said: "Don't abandon people's great beauty with small evil, and don't forget people's great kindness with small grievances."

the tree is ten thousand feet high, never forget its roots, and if a man is brilliant, do not forget his gratitude.

even if it is the grace of dripping water, it is necessary to repay each other in spring.

only by being grateful for doing things and cherishing blessings and treats others, can we be stable and far away.