Between the opposite sex, send "what are you doing"? if you receive such a reply, it means …...
Between the opposite sex, send "what are you doing"? if you receive such a reply, it means …...
May you meet someone who can spend a long time together.


have you ever missed someone very much?

wanting to know what he was doing at this moment, he couldn't help opening the Wechat dialog box and closing it carefully for fear of disturbing each other.

however, if you receive the following three responses, think carefully about whether the relationship should continue.


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the light words "nothing" are full of vigilance and alienation. No matter what he is doing, funny or boring, you are not the one he wants to share.

people who really care about you will try to continue every topic you open, instead of isolating people thousands of miles away with three words and hastily ending the conversation.

some time ago, my friend Xiaoyun broke up with her boyfriend of four years.

everyone thought it was natural for them to get married and start a family, but in the end they went their separate ways.

asked her why she suddenly broke up, Xiaoyun said with a wry smile:

I just feel that he is becoming more and more perfunctory to me. I have to persuade myself not to be angry before sending him a message.

every time he sends Wechat to ask him "what are you doing" and wants to share the details of life with him, he is always casually dismissed by a "nothing".

once I saw him send a message to his moments saying that he was in a good mood, so he was asked by Wechat excitedly, "what are you doing? you seem to be having a good time?"

he only replied "nothing" coldly, and then disappeared.

sometimes I don't want to talk to me even when I send messages and play video games with my female colleagues.

even if I break up, he has no intention of redeeming it. If it goes on, I am the only one who suffers, so I might as well end it as soon as possible.

it is true that everyone may express love differently, but there must be some love hidden in the desire to share.

he Jing said in the late Night Canteen:

"in a relationship, the most important thing is not appearance or bread, but sharing.

if two people live under the same roof like strangers, there will be a strong sense of emptiness. "

can not integrate into each other's life, the emotional world does not resonate, such a relationship is not destined to last.

in fact, the "what are you doing" in each sentence is the first step to start sharing, and "nothing" is a high wall between two people who refuse to share.

indifferent response will only cool all the enthusiasm and expectations gradually, and finally relatively speechless, parting ways has become the only fate of this relationship.

I hope everyone will understand that the one who is willing to take your every piece of news seriously and share the details with you is the one who really cares about you.

when you meet such a person, your pay and wait will be worth it, and your love will not be disappointed.


the words "busy" seem to be a great weapon for refusing to chat.

if you have a little opinion, you will be blamed for being ignorant and can only endure it in silence, waiting for his response after he is busy.

what a vague word "busy" is. It is in running such a great business that you are "busy" all the time.

and the person who really cares about you, even if he is busy, will put you first in everything.

some time ago, I relived my wife's Romantic Journey and was once again moved by Dujiang Huo Siyan's way of getting along.

in my opinion, the secret to their happiness after nine years of marriage is that no matter how busy I am, I will make you feel at ease.

two people always answer each other's questions and respond to every request, which leads to a deep understanding and trust between husband and wife.

du Jiang confessed in the interview that he would definitely report that he was safe when he was on a business trip. No matter how busy he was at work, he would answer his wife's phone first and let Huo Siyan wait for one more minute. He would feel guilty.

even if the itinerary is so full, he will race against time to go home to see him because Huo Siyan said, "I miss you."

Guo Xiaodong once mentioned in the program that Cheng Lisa was in a bad mood for a while, and she couldn't see her for a long time, so his wife often called more than a dozen times a day.

everyone's temper is almost annoying, but Guo Xiaodong is different.

he said without hesitation: "my wife called, and even if the director scolded me, it was no problem. I answered the phone first and scolded."

he is clear and considerate of his wife's efforts and pressure for the family, so he can always show up when needed.

in fact, women are very sensitive and vulnerable, when they ask "what are you doing", they often do not really want to interfere with your actions, they prefer to see a timely response attitude.

if the other person really cares about you, how can he or she let you down while waiting?

as Zhang ailing said:

"if a person is not free, it is because he does not want to be free. If a person can't leave, it's because he doesn't want to go away. A person, excuses to you too much, that is because do not want to care. "

those who give you hope to wait but no longer respond are likely to treat you as a backup.

those who love you will never let you be passive.Waiting is like a rose withering silently in the passage of time.


there is a heart-wrenching social rule among adults: initiative is love, silence is resistance.

if a person always turns a blind eye to your information, it only means that you are not important in his heart.

when silence becomes the norm, then feelings will disappear in this cold violence.

Jing Ya, played by Zuo Xiaoqing, and Bai Zhiyong, played by Jin Dong, once loved each other very much.

Jingya has been tortured because she was kidnapped and assaulted three years ago, and she was unable to understand and finally got depressed.

when she plucked up the courage to tell Bai Zhiyong about the experience, Bai Zhiyong, who had a hangover, hung up again and again.

she anxiously sent "what are you doing", "are you busy", "do you have a minute"...

the dialog box is still blank.

experienced countless times did not answer the phone, the message did not return, Jingya finally could not stand it, completely collapsed, and Bai Zhiyong filed for divorce.

A decent and generous woman gradually becomes hysterical because of the endless silence in her relationship, and the relationship of more than a decade ends in day after day of silence and cold violence.

in fact, the relationship between people is like a belt, the pressure of silence pulls each other in two opposite directions.

pull to the limit, the leather band will break, and a relationship will come to an end.

the real relationship is not that you ask and answer your own questions, but that every word you say can be answered.

he will close the world, but he will do business with you alone.

when you are with people who respond to everything, life will be ordinary but interesting.

if you meet someone who doesn't answer your news, forget it ruthlessly, and don't continue to consume your remaining love.

I have heard such a sentence:

"before you appeared, my life was calm and swaggering; now I am confused and cowardly, like ice-melting spring water."

the more we care, the more cautious and frightened we will be in a passive position.

however, life is very short, it is better to be brave, to take the initiative to express your thoughts and admiration, and to observe his affection for you from the attitude and way in which the other person responds.

if he rewards you with the same enthusiasm and admiration, hold on to it and cherish it.

if not, turn around and embrace a new life.