Between men and women, when they fall in love but can't be together, then remember "two words".
Between men and women, when they fall in love but can't be together, then remember "two words".
Some feelings can be reborn only when they are put down.

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writer Zhang ailing once said:

"I think love can fill life's regrets, but it is love that creates more regrets."

Yes, feelings are like this. They are always deep, but their fate is shallow.

not all palpitations will lead to a sweet life, and not all lovers can finally get married. Love but not love is actually the normal state of life, and seeking without fruit is the only way for us to grow up.

between men and women, when they fall in love and fall in love, but they can't be together, then remember these two words.

be bearish

everything in the world can be achieved by hard work, but not by affection.

once we thought that as long as lovers love each other, they can withstand all the wind and rain, stay together for the rest of their lives.

however, the reality is often that after two people without fate have fallen in love with each other, no matter how much they are reluctant and reluctant to give up, they have to turn around and leave the field and disperse respectively.

if you can't keep each other in love, you can only look far away and face it calmly, so as not to let yourself throw away your helmet and lose your armor and love in a mess.

just like Minglan and the little father-in-law, who were originally in love with each other in "do you know or not", the two failed to form a good marriage because Qi's mother blocked them in every way.

having recognized the bright orchid of his own situation, he chose to look ahead, avoid seeing it, and no longer insist on it.

later, Minglan gloriously married Gu Tingye, who protected her well, and devoted herself to her husband and godson. Qi Heng also married the head of Jiacheng County, who helped him succeed in his official career, but always clung to the past.

for this reason, Minglan advised many times: "No matter how beautiful it was, we can't go back, so let's move on."

only then did Qi Heng realize that things have changed and that they are not what they used to be.

in life, love has a beginning but no end, leaving regrets, which may be common, do not entangle, do not need to get caught up in it, learn to be bearish, let go of yourself, those right and wrong, love and hate entanglements, must have become a thing of the past.

just as Yi Shu said:

"what is lost has never really belonged to you, and there is no need to regret it."

if you are bearish on everything, you will be better off.

look down on feelings, let nature take its course, each is well; look down on gains and losses, free up the mood, travel light; look down on the past, the wind is clear and the moon is bright, safe and sound.

in the days to come, may you and I learn to be comfortable with the circumstances, follow the fate, and live a happier and more successful life.

put it down

there are many kinds of romantic love in the world, including falling in love at first sight, falling in love for a long time, and being accompanied silently.

there is another kind: I love you, but I have to let you go.

put down, is a kind of fulfillment, but also a kind of relief, decisively put down a fruitless relationship, in order to get another happiness.

I still remember that in the movie Roman Holiday, the noble princess Annie, yearning for freedom and comfort, snuck out of the mansion and fell asleep by the side of the road. She met Joe, a poor reporter who came home late. Joe was a gentleman and took her home.

the next day, Joe rode his bike to show Annie around Rome. During just a few days of playing and sharing adversity, they fell in love with each other, showing their true feelings and hugging each other.

but Anne has the mission of a princess. She knows that the responsibility of her country is greater than love. She can only endure her feelings and choose to leave. Joe also knows who Anne is and let go of her hand with tears.

they have seriously loved each other, but also seriously put it down, there is no love and hate wasted, there is no entanglement, so that this relationship has become an eternal beauty.

there are many things in life that are doomed to blossom but not bear fruit.

some things, loss is another kind of possession, some feelings, let go can be reborn.

as Lin Yutang said:

"if you want to be open-minded, you have to let go. In particular, feelings, there is no need to struggle with the right and wrong, because there is no right or wrong. "

there is always a pity that love cannot be found in life. The farther you go, the more you see, and the more mature you are, the more bravely you will accept the reluctance of some things in life.

instead of feeling sad and struggling, it is better to learn to let go, bury the affection you once had in the depths of time, return to the present life, and pursue your true love.

in our life, people come and go, fate is scattered, people who move true feelings but can not be together, love is full; missed, love has come to an end.

all we can do is learn to be bearish and let go.

when you love deeply, you don't keep it; when you part, you don't retain it. To put down is to be relieved, and to be bearish is to be at ease.

from now on, look at happiness, not sadness, not melancholy.

for the rest of my life, flowers bloom into scenery, flowers complete poems; there is no dust in my heart, years produce fragrance.

, good night.