Being alone is also pleasant.
Being alone is also pleasant.
If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come.

when he was young, he was always afraid of being "unsociable" and thought that "if there were many friends, it would be easy to walk", so he went non-stop to go to one lively and bustling scene after another.

as I get older, I realize that the world is my own and has nothing to do with others.

instead of spending time and energy on the wine table and making some innocuous "friends", it's better to learn to get along with yourself.

solitude is a precipitation of wisdom. The person who can get along well with himself is the one who is strong and rich in heart.

being alone is to be yourself

Schopenhauer said: "only when a person is alone can he be himself completely."

solitude is a wonderful moment and experience in life. Although there is some loneliness, there is a kind of fulfillment in loneliness.

when we are alone, we get away from others and things and return to ourselves.

Chen Daoming likes to stay at home alone, play the piano, copy ancient books such as the moral Classic with a brush, draw landscapes with ink, or read books and essays on carved Chinese seats.

the sky outside the window is as pure as water, the time in the house is quiet and good, and there is a kind of beautiful feeling that makes people moved.

Feng Xiaogang laughed at him for staying at home alone, which was far less useful than a dinner.

Chen Daoming smiled calmly:

"if it is not useless, how can you send the voice of the end?" Isn't it a kind of spiritual practice to settle down and do something useless but quiet and beautiful instead of focusing on fame and wealth? "

Yes, to get rid of the temptation of fame and gain in the outside world, a person can quietly do what he likes, so that his heart can calm down and return to his true self.

Life needs a moment to be alone, to meet the truest self in solitude, to return to spiritual peace, to return to the truth of the soul.

solitude is a kind of quiet beauty and the best practice

the ancients said that "a gentleman is careful to be alone", and a gentleman has a better ability to be alone. If you can be at ease when you are alone, you will be able to be calm in the hustle and bustle.

there is a unique way of practicing Chinese kung fu, which is called "seclusion", living alone for a period of time, practicing attentively and not interacting with anyone.

and most of the martial arts of Chinese kung fu are created when they are alone.

only when you are alone, can you transcend the constraints of the world and put aside all mundane trivialities

, return to a quiet state of mind.

only those who are happy to be alone can reflect, think, and be enlightened in silence, see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and sort out the clues in the mess.

solitude is the best value-added period for a person.

instead of wearing an empty smile and socializing for the sake of socializing, it is better to face your true self, enhance your connotation, enrich your spiritual world, and make yourself stronger.

instead of wearing an empty smile and socializing for the sake of socializing, it is better to face your true self, enhance your connotation, enrich your spiritual world, and make yourself stronger.

if you are in full bloom, the breeze will come.

solitude is a lofty realm of life

Zhuangzi said: "only when one is alone with the spirit of heaven and earth" can one get rid of the fog, swim out of things, communicate with the spirit of heaven and earth, and see clearly the truth of life.

Su Dongpo wrote a word:

after drinking at night, Dongpo woke up and got drunk and came back as if it were three shifts.

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the child's breath is already thunderous, so he shouldn't even knock at the door, leaning on his staff and listening to the sound of the river.

I always hate that I don't have it. When do I forget the camp?

the wind was calm and the hub was flat at night, and the boat died and Jiang Hai spent the rest of his life.

it says that Su Dongpo is feasting late at night, and it seems to be three o'clock when he comes back. The servant at home was fast asleep and snored like thunder, so no one answered the door, so Su Dongpo had to lean on his wooden stick and listen to the sound of the river flowing alone.

in such a quiet night, between heaven and earth, listening to the river rolling east, Su Dongpo suddenly woke up and realized that he was as small as a drop in the ocean and that life was as short as a river.

Life is so beautiful and short, but you fight for me and waste time because of the false reputation of some snail corners and the slight profit of flies. Su Dongpo can't help feeling:

"long hate this body is not my own, when to forget the camp", but would like to roam between heaven and earth in a boat, "the boat dies, Jiang Hai sends the rest of his life."

solitude awakens people, makes people realize their own smallness, and makes people see the truth of life.

see yourself, see heaven and earth, see sentient beings, jump out of the temptation of fame and fortune, not trapped in success or failure, and reach a lofty realm of life.

Lin Yutang said:

under the canopy of melon and willow, the fine dog is in the deep lane of butterfly. There are many jokes in the prosperous world, but I have two temples in my spare time.

Children, fruits, cats, dogs and flies are lively, of course, but they have nothing to do with you. This is called loneliness. "

Life is a lonely trek, no matter how busy there are on the road of life, we will eventually get out and count the years alone.

Zhou Guoping said: "the best state of life is rich and quiet. I think this state can only be reached when you are alone."

being alone is also pleasant.