Being able to speak is self-cultivation, and keeping your mouth shut is self-cultivation.
Being able to speak is self-cultivation, and keeping your mouth shut is self-cultivation.
Keep your mouth shut and fix your heart!


language is the most ruthless weapon in the world. it hurts people without blood and harms people without a knife.

how many intimate relationships hurt each other because of bad words, and how many feelings go further and further because of language injuries.

as the saying goes, the wind leaves a sound, the wild goose leaves a mark, and the word that hurts people the most is always the word language.

language is always the most hurtful.

Historical Records says: "an argument is better than a nine-inch treasure; a three-inch tongue is better than a million teachers."

the power of language should never be underestimated. Don't let your mouth become a sharp weapon to hurt people, and don't let it become a piercing blade.

Lu Xun once told such a story in his argument:

A family member gave birth to a boy and was very happy, so he held a full moon banquet and invited relatives and friends to come and visit.

someone looked at the white and tender child and said happily, "this child is blessed and will certainly become a big shot in the future."

some people say that he will get rich in the future, which is the fate of great wealth, but a man looks after the child and says that he will die in the future.

there is a saying in the combination of sayings: "an Mo is content with contentment, and danger is better than words."

nothing in life is more reassuring than contentment, and nothing is more dangerous than talking nonsense without going through the brain.

psychologist Marshall once said:

"very often, we do not think that our way of speaking is violent, but facts have proved that very often, what we say will cause pain to ourselves and others."

mouth is a hurtful axe, words are tongue cutters, a warm word can make people feel good, an inappropriate word is like a sharp knife, hurt people invisible, and will leave scars that are difficult to heal.


the story of thumbtacks is well known. Young people often don't know it because their words hurt others. The master asked him to embed a thumbtack into the wall every time he said something hurtful.

although I finally corrected this defect and pulled out all the pushpins, no matter how clean it is, it will still leave a deep scar.

language. Every word that hurts others is like a pushpin. Although the thumbtack can be taken back, the scars left behind will always be engraved on other people's hearts and are difficult to recover.

it is a compulsory course for everyone to know that the soft tongue is boneless, but it can break the heart and talk well.

in dealing with the world, we should learn to be cautious in words and deeds, be able to speak and know how to speak, so as to make people happy for the first time and never get tired of being around for a long time.

say, it is a kind of ability, not to say, it is a kind of wisdom

Mencius said, 'when you speak, you know; when you are silent, you also know. "

speaking properly is an expression of one's ability, while a timely silence is an expression of one's wisdom.

the famous host Yang Lan interviewed the famous economist Professor Lin Yifu in an interview.

regarding the series of achievements made by the professor, Yang Lan asked, "is your father proud of your current achievements?" Did he live up to his old man's expectations? "

Lin Yifu, who had been talking eloquently here, was instantly silent. He was so busy with his career and came to the mainland for development that he was unable to see his father for the last time.

Professor Lin Yifu thought of this, it was difficult to control his emotions, and finally burst into tears.

Yang Lan could have continued to ask Professor Lin Yifu how she felt about the situation, but she chose silence and gave the professor enough respect and time to adjust her emotions.

the famous writer Ernest Hemingway once said, "it took us two years to learn to speak, but it took us sixty years to learn to shut up."

it is human instinct to be able to speak, but keeping silent is not only the philosophy of life, but also the practice of life.

A true wise man never speaks freely and freely, but can know without saying anything.

as the saying goes, the depth of the water slows down, but if the language is late, it is expensive. On the road of life, being able to be silent properly is the greatest wisdom.

to keep your mouth shut is a lifetime of spiritual practice

A Dream of Red Mansions says: "the world is enlightened and learned, and human experience is an article."

in dealing with people, how to speak is the lesson of our whole life, and to keep our mouth shut is a lifetime of practice.

other people's difficulties may not be able to help, but please do not be sarcastic; other people's pain may not be able to appease, but please do not make it worse.

there is such a story:

once upon a time, there was a Chollima and a donkey. Chollima often carried his master around, while the donkey stayed at home to grind.

Chollima looked down on the donkey and mocked him from time to time.

once again, while the donkey was pulling the mill, Chollima said to one side, "it's really futile. I know how to turn around the grinding plate every day. Unlike when I go out to see the world every day, what's the point of living like this?"

after hearing this, the donkey could no longer stand the humiliation of Chollima and fled angrily.

when the owner found that the donkey was missing, he put the rope around the Chollima and let the Chollima continue to grind.

Chollima begged: "Master, I am a Chollima. I aim at a distance. How can I grind it for you?"

the owner said, "you can't play around without enough to eat."

Chollima has to be pulled up and ground like a donkey.

War and Peace once said, "disaster comes out of my mouth, and my mouth is my enemy."

most of the time, it will really bring disaster to yourself.The disaster is not necessarily caused by others, but by one's own mouth.

Zengguang Xianwen also says: "those who say right and wrong must be right and wrong."

those who say that people are right and wrong will harm themselves in the end. therefore, when people live a lifetime, they must keep their mouths under control.

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hurtful words, do not say, know how to show mercy, can make people warm, learn to think of others, heart to heart, in order to win the hearts of the people.

as the saying goes, those who love to come back, those who are blessed are all mutually related to each other. As you treat others, others will treat you as they do.

for the rest of my life, I hope you and I will be able to control our own mouth, learn to "look at others' strengths, help others' difficulties, and remember their good points", not to judge others at will, not to denigrate others behind their backs, to control our own mouth, and to fix our own hearts!