Be a human being (deep and good text)
Be a human being (deep and good text)
Do things first to be a man, and put kindness first before you can have a lifetime of happiness.

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in life, the most important thing is character.

it is not only the foundation of a person to deal with the world, but also the foundation of a person in society, but also the most precious wealth of life.

the ancients once said: virtue is the foundation, talent and art is the end.

when you do things for people, you should put character first.

if you are upright, you will be respected; if you have a good character, God will love you.

do things openly and behave innocently

the ancients said: "the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is sad."

magnanimity is not only a kind of bearing, but also a kind of mind.

people who are honest and honest always win the favor and respect of others.

as the saying goes, "how big your heart is, how great your attainments in life are."

A man should be generous, magnanimously sweep away evil thoughts from his chest, and do not argue about things that should not be argued over.

as the ancients said, "with copper as the mirror, you can straighten your clothes; with people as the mirror, you can see the gains and losses."

with a magnanimous mind, give yourself a mirror and correct yourself.

Don't do anything that is immoral.

cherish what you should cherish and give up what you want to give up.

people's life, both ups and downs, live, we must have an open mind, worthy of heaven and earth.

speak the truth, do practical things, keep promises, and live a simple, natural, diligent and innocent life.

put your heart at ease, look down on things, do things magnanimously, and be innocent, so that you can live an easy and comfortable life.

compare your heart to heart and repay your gratitude

think of the source of drinking water, knot grass title ring.

when people live all their lives, they should repay their gratitude.

in fact, all one's life, conduct is more important than wealth, and love is more precious than benefit.

when you are down and out, remember what you reach out to help you.

the warmth of sending charcoal in the snow, no matter how long it takes, should not be forgotten.

as the ancients said, those who repay their gratitude are also sages.

if you receive favors from others, you should bear it in mind, compare your heart to heart, and be sincere.

there is a saying in the Book of songs: persevere in peaches and plums in return.

when others are in trouble, they should try their best to help. Kindness should not be forgotten and sincerity should not be lost.

Don't lose your conscience when you are rich, and if you are poor, you don't ask for too much, which is the most basic bottom line of a modest gentleman.

in fact, a person, no matter how high his wealth or how prosperous his career, is not good in character, ungrateful for profit and ungrateful, then he is only a respectable person.

this kind of people should stay away from running slowly and break their muscles and bones.

and a person, no matter how ordinary, as long as the end of the line, sit upright; know gratitude, know right and wrong, is a moral and noble person; such a person, life is blessed.

as the ancients said, "Fish knows the grace of water and is the source of happiness."

know well-being and seek to repay, and blessings come uninvited.

A man of kindness must be blessed.

as the ancients said, "light wealth is enough to gather people, and wide enough to get people."

the most important thing to be a man is to be kind.

kindness is to exchange heart for heart and emotion for emotion. It seems to be sincere, but it is actually a kind of wisdom.

being foolish and foolish has always been an indispensable quality on the road of life.

people who are unkind will eventually be despised by others and suffer the consequences if they benefit themselves at the expense of others, calculate against others, and treat them as fools.

people and people are mutual, reap what you sow, reap what you sow.

if you are kind to others, others will be kind to you.

shrewdness is not as good as kindness, which has been respected since ancient times.

the ancients said: the wild goose leaves the sound, and the man leaves his name.

when people come to the world, they should leave something behind.

and kindness has always been the best evaluation of a person.

in this way, when we encounter difficulties, we can attract help from all sides, have something to rely on, and prosper forever.

do things first to be a man, and put kindness first before you can have a good life.

be virtuous and carry things. May you be magnanimous and focus on doing things all your life in exchange for a lifetime of blessings.

to be a person, you must be a good man and handle things with magnanimity and steadfastness.

No intrigue, open and aboveboard, worthy of heaven and heart.

A person should have principles, a bottom line, a down-to-earth basis and a share in his life.

if you act upright and stand firm, God will treat you kindly, and you will have your own blessing in life.

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