At the age of 66, Chow Yun-fat "lost all his money" and has been married for 34 years without children. This is the truth.
At the age of 66, Chow Yun-fat "lost all his money" and has been married for 34 years without children. This is the truth.
No matter how long time goes by, he will always be an irreplaceable idol in our hearts!

on May 18, Zhou Yun-fat was 66 years old.

there are no flowers or lively celebrations for his birthday.

however, there are still many fans who leave messages of blessing and confession on Fage's Weibo.

Yes, even though time flies and youth is gone, Fage is still the same.

in him, time seems to have passed and never seemed to flow.

looking back on the long years, Fage has worked hard in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years and has performed 171 works, which has long left an irreplaceable impression in the hearts of countless fans.

if you suffer from hardship, you will be a superior man.

it takes a teenager ten years to sharpen a sword.

the handsome Chow Yun-fat's road to fame in the entertainment industry has not been plain sailing either.

in 1955, Chow Yun-fat was born into a poor family on Lamma Island in Hong Kong. My father was a sailor who went fishing at sea. He was drifting all the year round, and the burden of the family fell on his mother.

Chow Yun-fat, who is not highly educated, young and has no work experience, has suffered a lot.

worked as a waiter in a hotel, sold film in a camera store, and worked as a porter. Early in the social crawl, taste the warmth of human feelings.

by chance, 18-year-old Zhou Yun-fat saw TVB holding a training course for artists when he was reading a newspaper.

originally he was only looking for a job to earn a living and support his family, but he did not expect that joining a training class as an actor was actually the beginning of another kind of miserable life.

without any acting foundation, it is common for him to be scolded and angry in the performance class because of his uncoordinated hands and feet in the physique class.

but no matter how big the ups and downs in front of him are, Chow Yun-fat never thought of giving up, or he had no way to retreat at all, so he had to go forward desperately.

in this way, Chow Yun-fat endured for eight years, from the small dragon set that no one was interested in, to the hero who was in the limelight.

in 1980, with the recommendation of his predecessor Zheng Shaoqiu, he finally became popular with the TV series "Shanghai Bund".

as soon as the play was broadcast, everyone remembered Xu Wenqiang, a personable and chivalrous man in a bowler hat and black coat.

26-year-old Chow Yun-fat became popular all over the country overnight.

with the rise of fame, more and more filmmakers have been found, and he has successfully created one classic character after another.

in Hero Nature, he is a valiant and righteous little horse.

in the God of gamblers, he incarnates into Gao Jin who sweeps the casino with his big back and majestic manner.

he is also A Hai in "across the Seas", flicking his fingers and flying around for a lifetime.

No one is born lucky,

only strength and attitude can reverse the market against the wind

A good actor is lucky to have a good work. But if you want to go long-term, strength and attitude are often more important than luck.

Chow Yun-fat, who has been dormant on the fringes of show business for eight years, is also well versed in this skill.

I still remember that the last time I saw Chow Yun-fat on the big screen was the release of the movie "unparalleled" three years ago.

in a hail of bullets, 63-year-old Chow Yun-fat appeared with two guns in his hand. Trench coat hunting, cutting decision, the aesthetics of violence to the extreme.

in the words of director John Woo, "he holds a gun as naturally as a cigarette. "

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Yes, most actors in action plays, their bodies are either straight or lax.

but Chow Yun-fat is different. He is relaxed in any shot, and his expression is just right.

perhaps it is due to the fact that during the walk-on period, no matter how small the part is, he performs attentively, which gives him enough experience and ability to take on every subsequent role.

but even if he later became a hot movie star, he still kept a low profile and was the most dedicated actor on the set.

in the movie Greater Shanghai, Fage and Huang Xiaoming play the same role in middle age and youth.

in order to play the role of a fruit vendor, Chou Yun-fat specially found a "peeling teacher" to peel at least 20 pears a day for practice.

"I hope the gestures of the two of us can be consistent."

when filming "the Tiger comes out more", he needs to swallow 12 raw eggs. Without saying a word, he looks up and drinks it.

later, when Chow Yun-fat was asked about this in an interview, he only said that he didn't think so much at that time, because he was an actor, and if he was asked to do the part, he would do it even if he swallowed it again.

when filming "Sunny years", because of the fighting plot, Brother Fa accidentally hurt his head when he was chased by others, and immediately bled all over his face.

when the director stopped, he found that he always covered his head with his right hand and smiled so that everyone didn't have to worry.

but in fact, the wound is full of wounds.It was an inch long and had five stitches.

Chow Yun-fat was 64 years old at that time.

take the role seriously, be responsible for the work, and be almost strict with yourself.

whether he is Chou Yun-fat, who is at the peak of his youth, or Chou Yun-fat, who has already entered the first armour, he has never changed his conscientious, conscientious and responsible spirit of professionalism when acting.

I have heard someone say:

"those who can be popular for a year or two are lucky; those who can be popular for 10 or 20 years are virtuous; and those who can be popular all their lives are Chow Yun-fat."

in the entertainment industry, where new actors emerge in endlessly, Fage is indeed the only one that has been popular and liked by generations.

Love is not the end, companionship is the destination

of course, compared with the works that are remembered, the love that can move others is also very precious.

as the hottest show star in Hong Kong in the 1980s, how could Fage's love life go unnoticed?

but no one thought that such a star-studded superstar at that time married the less stunning-looking Chen Huilian.

what is more unexpected is that the two have been holding hands for more than 30 years.

recalled that the first time they met was at a dinner organized by friends.

at that time, Chen Huilian wore T-shirts and shorts and did not dress up. Chow Yun-fat only felt special when he saw it. After all, such a casual girl is really rare.

after that, she was unconsciously attracted by Chen Huilian and began her pursuit for more than a year-writing postcards to her every day.

after the two get married, he is more willing to be an ordinary husband, immersing his love for each other in every detail.

wearing simple clothes, let's go to the vegetable market in Kowloon City.

when we are interviewed together, it is reassuring to have you around;

Let's travel far away and see the whole world.

Brother Fage has always been very careful in dealing with his feelings. For 30 years, he has prepared presents for his wife's birthday every year.

his wife likes flowers, so he often buys flowers and goes home to surprise her. His wife likes to eat crabs. As soon as the crabs are on the market, he goes to the market to buy them and steam them.

he also never hesitated to praise his wife and express his love.

he once said:

"my wife is like a mirror to me. When I look at her, I look at myself."

having been married to her for so many years, we spent almost most of our time together, or even a few hours apart at most. "

isn't that what happens in the best marriages, loving and cherishing each other?

"Why have you been married for so long without having children? "

as a matter of fact, my sister-in-law was pregnant soon after marriage. Unfortunately, the fetus died a week before the due date.

the sister-in-law who lost her child was devastated and lived in deep remorse.

after that, it took seven years and more than 2500 days for Chow Yun-fat to accompany his wife to slowly come out of the pain.

having seen his wife struggling in the abyss, in order to make her no longer suffer from childbearing pain and accident, Fage made a decision: no more children.

in 2018, the couple chose to donate 5.6 billion of their wealth to set up a charitable foundation.

Brother Fage said: all the money is not mine, but I earned it, it doesn't mean I want to have it.

and my sister-in-law at that time had long been relieved of the fact that she had no children: giving love to other children was the same.

the roads taken by each other hand in hand have already filled all the shortcomings in their lives.

nowadays, for Fage, the top priority is no longer his career, but his family.

people live to the extreme, it must be plain and simple

once stood at the top of the Vanity Fair, but he was willing to go back to the fireworks market and live the simplest life.

like ordinary people, he goes to the market by bus, by ferry and by bike to buy food and cook.

buying clothes never pursues famous brands and luxury goods, wearing a 98 yuan T-shirt and 15 yuan slippers;

when he is not filming, he likes to climb mountains with his friends and often takes pictures everywhere with a camera:

"I have been in front of the camera, hoping to be behind and see the outside world through the camera."

he always gives charity to the public and has donated all the proceeds from his personal photo exhibition in order to help more children with cleft lip and palate get back to health.

what is meant by "a modest gentleman, gentle and moist as jade"? I think Chow Yun-fat is the best portrayal.

in this era when stars often turn over and the threshold for entry into the circle is getting lower and lower, Fage's "gentlemanly temperament" is becoming more and more valuable.

enter can be content with prosperity, retreat can enjoy prosperity.

responsible for work, dedicated to feelings, and always full of care and love for the world.

how can such a fat brother not be followed by fans?

Let's wish Brother Fage a happy 66th birthday!

also tell him loudly that no matter how long time goes by, he will always be an irreplaceable idol in our hearts!