At the age of 64, Feng Gong's private photos came out of the dinner party, and I instantly realized the most hidden social hidden rules.
At the age of 64, Feng Gong's private photos came out of the dinner party, and I instantly realized the most hidden social hidden rules.
May you and I be as sophisticated as Feng Gong, but not sophisticated.

A few days ago, Feng Gong released a Douyin video, which quickly became a hot topic on the Internet.

the video shows Feng Gong having dinner with friends, and he is still very popular.

after being recognized by fans who were eating in the restaurant, people kept coming to toast Feng Gong.

at first, a middle-aged man came over and said that the child wanted to take a picture with you.

without the slightest hesitation, Feng Gong immediately stood up and took a group photo.

Feng Gong had just sat down, and before he could move his chopsticks, another man and woman came to make a toast.

Feng Gong immediately got up and clinked glasses with them with a smile.

Feng Gong sat down for less than a minute, and people kept coming, and some people even filled Feng Gong's cup with juice directly.

but no matter what demands they put forward, Feng Gong tried his best to meet them one by one.

Feng Gong, 64 years old, had a short meal and was interrupted several times. His face turned white, and the friends who had dinner together could not watch it any longer.

he asked Feng Gong, Sir, are you tired of taking pictures?

Feng Gong replied: when someone ignores you, it is really bothering you. Don't bother. That is our God.

before Feng Gong finished his words, the toast came again. Although a little helpless, Feng Gong stood up and clinked glasses very politely.

video was released, there was an exclamation in the comment area.

some people say that they should learn from Mr. Feng;

some people say, let Mr. Feng have something to eat;

some people say that Mr. Feng is the real artist.

Feng Gong has been a regular on this stage since he first appeared on the Spring Festival Gala in 1986, and the phrase "I miss you so much" is a household name.

it was not until 2019 that he dropped out of the Spring Festival Gala and had a complete New Year's Eve with his family because of his age and health.

Why is Feng Gong so popular today?

because of his superb crosstalk skills, but also because of Feng Gong's modest and low-key quality.

he knows how to respect the audience, he knows how to position himself, and he lets people know what the real moral and artistic Shuangxin should be like.

is a small dinner out, he also made people like it.

people live to the extreme, not how much wealth and fame they have, but always understand:

regard a man as a man above a man and a man below him.

if you want to be a big tree, don't compete with the grass.

the general has a sword and does not cut the ants.

this is the most hidden hidden rule in social life, and it determines how far you can go.

regard people as people above others

in other words, when you are doing well, don't despise those who live worse than yourself.

treat others equally and give them the respect they deserve.

it is as if Feng Gong has long been famous, but he is still extremely modest to the ordinary people who come to make a toast.

after all, you don't look up to the rich and powerful, don't look down on ordinary people, and respect yourself.

A few months ago, a car scuffle made the whole network angry.

A mother riding a battery bike with her son rushed home, unexpectedly, rubbing against a white Mercedes-Benz SUV.

although witnesses at the scene claimed that the cause of the accident was that the passengers on the Mercedes-Benz got out of the car to open the door and did not pay attention to the battery car behind.

but two big five and three thick men got out of the Mercedes-Benz, slapping, punching and kicking at the mother.

after that, the two men on the Mercedes-Benz were taken away by the police.

there will be no conflict if you negotiate calmly about a small car scraping accident.

but the two men on the Mercedes-Benz felt "superior" and beat up the female owner of the battery car and sent themselves to the police station.

in this world, there are always people who think that if you have money and fame, you can do whatever you want.

however, if you don't regard others as people, you will only dwarf yourself if you don't regard others as people.

Leonardo da Vinci said: humble people become noble.

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A polite and humble man in fresh clothes is more likely to win the recognition and respect of others.

regard yourself as a person under others

Don't be supercilious when you are complacent.

when you are down, or when you are at the bottom of your life, don't belittle yourself or belittle yourself.

on the contrary, you should still be neither humble nor arrogant in your daily social life.

if life is really hard, you might as well work steaming hot.

when I was a graduate student, I went with my tutor to see his childhood.

A few ups and downs, and by the time we visited, he had lost his regular job and had an income of only a few hundred yuan a month.

but in the village in the city, his rental house was cleaned up clean.

he raised several pots of flowers, got up early in the morning to sprinkle water, and raised some goldfish.

he fell into the dust and did not feel sorry for himself, but he still lived hard and strong.

the Old Man and the Sea says: man can be destroyed, but he cannot be defeated.

for the rest of our lives, we can't have a smooth life.

if you fall, you will be hit hard by life, but in any case,Don't give up your dignity and efforts in the first place.

you can see what's on the other side of the hill only if you try your best to cross the hill.

if you want to become a big tree, don't compete with grass

what kind of person can be freer and freer?

the most important thing in social interaction is not entanglement.

to be a big tree, not to contend with grass, to be a goshawk, not to sing with birds.

Don't be easily kidnapped by bad people, not easily swayed by other people's opinions, and don't get caught up in a fruitless thing at will.

the writer, Master Liang, talked about his own experience.

he once went out to do research with his boss.

on my way out of the hotel in the morning, I randomly found a roadside stall for breakfast.

they had just collected the messy bowls and chopsticks on the table, but they were stared at by a man with a cigarette in his ear.

the man said they had taken away the cutlery before he had finished his breakfast.

Master Liang said to buy another breakfast for each other, but he was refused, and he asked Master Liang to compensate him for 100 yuan.

when the two quarreled, the boss directly opened the briefcase and gave the man 100 yuan, and he immediately stopped.

Master Liang felt that his boss was too easy to bully, saying that he was clearly a bad person and intended to blackmail us.

unexpectedly, the boss immediately interrupted him and asked him, do you know what is more important?

Yes, if the entanglement continues, the matter will be endless, which not only wastes time, but also lowers one's own pattern.

spending 100 yuan doesn't seem like a bargain, but it keeps the quarrel from affecting more things.

Bai Yansong said: sometimes we live very tired, not because our life is too mean, but because we are too easily infected by the atmosphere of the outside world and influenced by the emotions of others.

spend your time on people and things that are really worth it. No obsession, do your best.

learn to stop your losses in time, don't let emotions dominate you, and don't waste too much energy on things that will only consume you.

the general has a sword but does not cut the ants

this is the most easily overlooked point in social, or interpersonal communication.

how can you become a truly respected person in the social field?

this requires you not to waste too much time on trifles and trifles, but to work hard to cultivate your strength and have the sword of generals.

many people envy Li Ziqi.

A low-educated, average-looking girl has become a top Internet celebrity, why?

they don't know.

the girl born in 1990 quietly filmed short videos for several years before she became famous.

period, she turned down almost all advertisements and business offers.

she polishes patiently in order to shoot video scenes that have a personal style and are liked by ordinary people.

it takes her several days to shoot and edit a video.

in the first four years, bamboo grew only 3 centimeters. From the fifth year, it grew at a rate of 30 centimeters a day, and grew to 15 meters in six weeks.

in the first 29 days of a month, the lotus can only reach half of the pond, but on the 30th day, it will be full overnight.

nothing in the world has ever been born out of nowhere, nor has it been suddenly envied.

before that, you can only say less and do more, endure hard, and then you can be amazing overnight.

only when you have the strength can you really socialize and have the interpersonal relationships you want.

Schopenhauer said: "people are like hedgehogs in cold winter. if they get too close to each other, they will feel stinging at each other, and if they are too far away, they will feel cold."

in the adult world, maintaining a comfortable relationship with others is not only an EQ, but also an ability.

some people say that social or interpersonal communication is nothing more than three relationships:

look down, look up, and head up.

those who look down are too arrogant and easy to burn others;

those who look up tend to belittle themselves and easily hurt their inner dignity.

only those who look down upon can not be despised by each other, but also win enough truth and support for themselves.

people with a really big pattern are not proud of themselves in high places, do not feel inferior in low places, focus on the most important things, and live a free and unrestrained life.

May you and I both be as sophisticated as Feng Gong, but not sophisticated.

mature people don't ask about the past; wise people don't ask about the present; open-minded people don't ask about the future.

living the present moment with equality, modesty and hard work is something that all of us should act quickly.

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