As I walked, I suddenly understood.
As I walked, I suddenly understood.
True happiness never comes from the outside world, but from your heart.

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from geometry, the books I have read have different feelings; for those who once cared, goodbye has been quiet; all that I have failed to let go, looking back, has been wiped by the years, blurred.

as Zhuang Xinyan sings in the song: "some people break up as they walk, and some things fade away when they look at it."

things in the world, with the passage of time, many reasons suddenly understand as we walk.

all feelings pay attention to each other's fate

when people reach a certain age, they will understand that not every relationship can go to the end, and not every effort will get a result.

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youdao is, predestined to meet for thousands of miles, but not to meet each other.

if there is no fate, even if you are full of TA, you can only watch each other drifting away, and everything about TA has nothing to do with you.

Mr. Jin Yong, who once wrote countless "love but not" mournful love, has also experienced a period of regret.

that year, the popular actor Xia Meng, with an elegant temperament and a bright smile, fell into Jin Yong's eyes like stars.

in 1957, in order to get close to Xia Meng, Jin Yong went to great lengths to join Xia Meng's film and television company.

in order to win the favor of Xia Meng, he worked extremely hard. In just two or three years, he tailored several plays for Xia Meng, such as "the Beauty of the Great Generation" and "the King Tiger robbed relatives", and laughed that he did not do as much for Qiu Xiang as Tang Bohu.

gifted scholars and beauties are supposed to be "golden wind and jade dew meet, but there are countless worlds", but because of the word "fate", the two can not love each other after all.

at that time, Xia Meng had been married for several years. Facing Jin Yong's confession, Xia Meng could only apologize:

"this wish cannot be fulfilled in this life, but may it be the next life."

one is unmarried, the other is married, even if they admire each other, they can't start.

in this way, this relationship without fate has turned into a melancholy that "it is better not to talk about it".

I have been in love, cried, made trouble, and laughed before I understand that there is a feeling that two feelings are pleasing to each other, but there is no fate; it is over before it begins.

in a relationship, the greatest regret is not being loved.

experience will understand that love without fate, even if you try your best to go, you can only get a sigh.

all flukes are secretly marked with prices

have read such a story.

there are two monks living in a temple in a high mountain.

one day, the old monk asked the young monk to go down the mountain to buy rice. it wasn't long before the little monk went out and bought it back. The old monk was surprised and asked, "it usually takes a whole day to go back and forth. Why is it so fast this time?"

the young monk said proudly:

"Master, I found a path that is more dangerous than a normal mountain road, but it can save a lot of time."

the old monk listened and discouraged the young monk from taking this shortcut next time. Although the original road was a little farther, it was still safe.

the little monk promised, but every time he went down the mountain, he still chose the dangerous but relatively short way.

whenever the old monk reminds him, he thinks to himself:

"how can I be in danger all of a sudden? I've been gone so many times, isn't that all right?"

until once, when the little monk was walking on a shortcut, there was a sudden mountain torrent upstream, and he was swept away by the mountain torrent before he could escape.

Life is like this. If you take a chance and take a shortcut, even if you achieve temporary success, you will eventually pay the price.

because all luck is like a big bet on yourself, the difference is that this bet often ends in failure.

Austrian writer Zweig once said:

"all the gifts given by fate have already been secretly priced."

No one is the darling of fate on the road of life.

on a rainy night without an umbrella, there is little chance of bumping into a warm-hearted person, and the chance of luck is far less than 1/10000.

those lucky things will eventually make us pay a corresponding price in the future.

the greatest wisdom in life is to let go of the fluke and keep your feet on the ground.

all roads can only go alone

Mr. Lu Xun wrote in "small mixed feelings":

"Human joys and sorrows are not the same. I just think they are noisy."

in life, everyone is an independent individual and has an independent soul. No one will ever be able to experience the feelings of others, and no one will be able to move forward on behalf of others.

even relatives and friends are only out of comfort or sympathy for each other.

all the roads have no choice but to clench their teeth and go on.

Hideko Yamashita, the founder of the concept of "break-up", who subverted the concept of life for millions of people, also hit rock bottom because of dissatisfaction in work and life.

at first, she tried to ask her friends and relatives for help, hoping that someone could understand her and help her.

however, the facts do not go as one wishes.

she had no choice but to go to the temple alone to find a way out of the predicament.

when the monk handed her the monk's clothes, she suddenly realized that she could need so few things.

since then, the concept of "severing" has been in her mind.The sea is beginning to take shape.

however, this road is still lonely. She told this concept to her relatives and friends, hoping to get their support.

however, once again, the end backfired, few of her friends understood, and even her mother did not support her.

once, in the process of insisting on "breaking up", Hideko Yamashita mistakenly lost her newly bought books and some unnecessary books.

No matter how Yoshiko Yamashita felt, her mother scolded her and told her that her divorce was doomed to failure.

in this way, Yoshiko Yamashita carried all the incomprehension by herself, and it was not until the book "break up" was sold that the concept was gradually accepted by everyone.

the writer's canoe once said in Stars in the Deep Sea:

"in fact, there is no such thing as empathy in the world. If you don't stick a needle on someone else, they don't know how painful it is."

this is always the case in the world. the empathy you think is just a mirage, and there are very few people who patiently listen to you say "pain".

after experiencing the loneliness that is not understood, I know that all the difficult moments can only go on on my own step by step.

all happiness comes from inner contentment

Mr. Yang Jiang once said this:

"God will not let all happiness focus on someone, get love may not have money; have money may not get happiness; get happiness may not have health; have health may not always get what you want."

indeed, fate will not bless all the "good" on one person, and everyone's life is more or less regrettable.

the difference is that contented people will focus on what they have and thank God from the bottom of their heart, while discontented people will focus on what they don't have, secretly compare and lose alone.

Hu Jiushao, a famous ideologist of the Ming Dynasty, is an example of contentment.

when he was young, in order to make a living for his family, he had to teach in private schools and work in the fields. Compared with most people, his life was very difficult.

but he still does not complain, even every day will be grateful for the blessings given to him by God.

for this reason, his wife often complained about him: "three meals a day are vegetable porridge, what is Qingfu?"

Hu Jiushao said like this:

"We are fortunate to live in peace and prosperity. We do not have to worry about the scourge of war, we do not have to endure hunger and cold, and there are no patients lying in bed or prisoners in prison at home. Isn't that a blessing in the world?"

in the same situation, some people feel happy, others feel poor.

know that true happiness never comes from the outside, but from your heart.

as the English poet John Dryden said:

"contentment is wealth, the wealth of thought. Whoever can get this wealth will get happiness."

this is the so-called contentment.

like Bo Ji, the mother of the Han Emperor in history, she is not jealous of the power of Lu Phea and the love she has received. She is content to be with her son Liu Heng.

so she lived in seclusion, kept a low profile, did not fight for power and profit, and became the one who came to the end.

in life, no matter what situation you are in, comparison will give rise to a lot of trouble.

discontented people have endless worries, even if they have plenty of food and clothing.

and people who know how to be contented, poor or rich, have a rich heart and become a universe of their own.

King David of Judah engraved an inscription on the ring: "everything will pass."

I think so. In life, all experiences, good or bad, are temporary.

those tangled things, love but can not cross the hurdle, will eventually be washed by the waves of time, become the pebbles of our life land and sea, such as beads such as jade.

We will understand when we walk on this section of the road:

people live a lifetime, worry about nothing, all the gifts of the years, with the passage of time, will become experience, into our wisdom.

good news, I believe there is always a voice that warms you.