Angry, you can see a person most clearly.
Angry, you can see a person most clearly.
Learn to control your emotions in order to control your life!

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Bacon once said:

"the evaluation of a person should not be based on his wealth and identity, let alone his knowledge, but on his true moral character."

the simplest measure of a person's moral character is his attitude when he is angry.

because these small words and deeds often hide a person's most authentic upbringing and character.

see upbringing in anger

what is upbringing?

Liang Xiaosheng once replied:

cultivation is not how many books you have read, but self-cultivation and details rooted in your heart, self-consciousness without reminding, freedom based on constraints, and kindness for the sake of others.

upbringing is not just clean and decent clothes on the surface, and seemingly polite manners.

there is also the tendency to be a gentleman regardless of poverty, wealth, beauty and ugliness, and to the weak, regardless of men and women, old and young.

if you want to know a person's upbringing, you can see when he is angry and angry.

do you still remember the sensational incident of "returnee professors beating sanitation workers"?

the cause of the incident was only that the sanitation workers were cleaning up the garbage in the community and accidentally stopped the car that the professor was about to travel.

for a moment, the professor was so angry that he punched and kicked the sanitation worker and shouted:

"how much do I earn?

how much do you earn?

how dare you stop me from making money?


it is said that this is a returnee professor who has worked in the United States for many years and is the leader of tens of millions of discipline programs.

but such a knowledgeable professor, in the face of the female sanitation workers who get up early in the morning and late at night every day, went so far as to fight to quell his anger.

some people say that a person's attitude towards the weak is often his truest reaction to the world.

in the face of an unarmed female sanitation worker, a person chooses a gentleman to give way, or to shake his fist in anger.

this can best see the true face of a person's heart, whether it is an angel or a demon.

Yes, when angry, it is easiest to expose a person's nature, and his upbringing can be best seen.

the highest charm of a person is not how rich he is or how highly educated he is, but the upbringing that emanates from his every move.

upbringing is something rooted in the heart, a character that is formed bit by bit over time, and cannot be faked out.

truly educated people, whether angry or not, can maintain basic literacy and control their temper and emotions.

truly educated people know how to be kind to others and always maintain humility and respect for the world.

anger shows character

Chinese studies masters Ji Xianlin and Zang Kezeng encountered such a thing:

one day, they went to a small restaurant and sat at the next table with a mother with her children.

After eating for a while, the woman put the child on the stool and went to the bathroom by herself.

As a result, the child accidentally fell off the stool and burst into tears.

Ji Xianlin, who was kind-hearted, saw this and hurried to help the child.

and the mother of the child just came out of the toilet, saw the scene of the child crying and thought the child was being bullied, so she scolded loudly:

"Why does an adult bully a child? if my son gets hurt, I'll make it hard for you!"


instead of talking back, Ji Xianlin returned to his seat and continued to eat.

"it was your child who fell on his own. this gentleman was kind enough to help you pick him up. Do you swear without asking?"


the woman felt wronged and left with the child by herself.

afterwards, Zang Kejia asked Ji Xianlin, "you were clearly misunderstood, but she scolded you like that, why didn't you talk back?"

Ji Xianlin said with a smile: "argue with her, things will only get more and more serious." She is just eager to love her son, so she doesn't have to care too much. "

some people say that when a person is angry and his interests are damaged, he is most likely to see his character.

although we can't see or touch this thing, we can really feel it in our daily life.

A person's mood hides the most authentic character and bearing.

anger is the touchstone of a character.

those who can still think of others, give dignity to others and maintain good self-cultivation when they are angry will certainly not be too bad.

as the old saying goes, "focus on yourself when you are unknown and care about the people when you have status."

people with a really good character know how to respect and think of others.

in the face of other people's mistakes, they will put themselves in other people's shoes and communicate in the most appropriate way, rather than rough confrontation.

character, is a person's hardest card, is a person's strongest backer.

in this life, if you have good character, you will have good luck, and the road will naturally become wider and wider.

angry, you can see a person most clearly

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: "Why do you know a person depends on his attitude towards strangers?"

the most liked answer below is particularly impressive:

"because strangers are not related to your interests, your attitude towards stakeholders depends on IQ and EQ, and your attitude towards unrelated people depends on quality and self-cultivation."

I am deeply convinced of this.

Alexander, a famous European military strategist, accidentally got lost on a private visit.

then he saw a soldier standing at the door of the hotel.

so he politely asked the soldier the way: "my friend, can you tell me the way back to the city?"

the soldier cocked his head and looked at Alexander proudly, smoking a big cigarette.

then replied arrogantly, "go to the right!"

Alexander then smiled and asked, "can you tell me how far it is?"

the soldier glanced at Alexander and replied with disdain, "one kilometer!"

Alexander pulled away to say goodbye, took a few steps and then stopped, came back with a smile and said:

"excuse me, may I ask you one more question?

What is your rank, please?


"Major!" The soldier answered proudly.

then the soldier assumed an air of nobility in speaking to his subordinates and asked, "then what kind of official are you?"

Alexander asked the soldiers to guess.

guessed that the soldier's attitude changed from contempt to flattery, and then to fear.

when he finally found out that Alexander was his Majesty, he knelt down to beg for forgiveness.

then Alexander smiled and said, "you didn't hurt me. I asked you for directions. I should thank you for telling me."

soldiers have been impatient with Alexander's polite and smiling questions because they feel that the other person is inferior to them.

On the contrary, Alexander, who was high above, remained polite to the soldiers from beginning to end.

as the saying goes: anger sees the character, but time sees the heart.

if you are angry, you can see a person clearly!

those who usually look at a gentleman and are polite, but change their faces when they are angry, and treat each other arrogantly in the face of people of lower status than themselves, we must stay away from them!

anger is the best way to test a person!

some people know how to dispel their emotions and face problems calmly, even if they are very angry.

they have basic morality and literacy, and they will not be arrogant and domineering, let alone hurt others by force.

knowing how to control emotions is not only the best upbringing for a person, but also the embodiment of a character.

in this life, learn to control your emotions in order to control your life!

I hope everyone can do as the ancients said:

laugh when you open your mouth, laugh at the past and the present, and laugh at everything; a big belly can tolerate heaven and earth, which is unacceptable to people.

in the days to come, if you encounter any problems, you will be able to calm down, take your time, open the mountain, build a bridge in the water, and turn the corner, but there is another village.