Amazing five laws, learn you will not be tired
Amazing five laws, learn you will not be tired
The real success is to live better than you used to be.

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Life is like a reverse journey, I am also a pedestrian.

in the journey of life, we always encounter all kinds of people and things.

learn the following five laws and adjust your mindset:

Apple's Law

if a pile of apples is good and bad, you should eat the good ones first and throw away the bad ones.

if you eat bad first, the good will go bad, and you will never get the good one.

people should be good at making choices and know what they want, what they should want, and what they should give up.

and make the right choice that suits you, otherwise, you will only care about one thing and lose the other.

having a friend is just like that.

I majored in accounting in college, and after doing accounting work for a few months, I found it boring, so I turned to Internet operation.

after operating for a long time, I feel that I don't have any core competitiveness, and I don't want to do it anymore, so I sign up for a writing class to learn to write.

within a few years, I changed four or five companies. After changing jobs frequently, I seem to know everything, but I'm not good at anything.

told me a year ago that he was going to resign and take the full-time civil service examination at home.

in fact, our energy, ability and time are all limited, and it is difficult to find anything that is perfect.

if you are too distracted and want everything, you often end up doing nothing well and getting nothing.

in your limited life, choose the "best apple" you can choose right now, enjoy it, and do it well.

in this way, your life is more than mediocrity and nothing.

Law of value

when you have something, you will find that it is not as valuable as you thought.

but when you lose something like this, you will find that it is more valuable than you thought.

this reminds me of what Oscar Wilde said:

"there are two tragedies in life: first, you can't get what you want, and second, you get what you want."

this kind of animal, human, is really contradictory.

many people like to pursue what they can't find, but they can't learn to cherish what they have around them.

always think that what you can't get is the best, but you don't realize that what you already have is the most precious.

do not fail every encounter, live up to every opportunity.

be content with yourself and make progress. Only in this way can you be better and happier.

cherish others.

Law of Happiness

you will be happy as long as you think on the bright side, just like if you fall into a ditch,

you can imagine that there might be a fish in your pocket.

an optimist sees an opportunity in every crisis, a pessimist sees a crisis in every opportunity.

therefore, pessimists tend to be right, but optimists tend to succeed.

I have heard such a story.

A scholar came to Beijing for the third time to take the exam and lived in a shop where he often stayed.

the first dream was that he was growing cabbages on the wall; the second dream was on a rainy day, when he wore a bamboo hat and held an umbrella.

these two dreams seemed to have some profound meaning, and the scholar hurriedly went to find a fortune-teller to interpret the dream the next day.

upon hearing this, the fortune-teller patted his thigh and said, "Oh, you'd better go back."

if you think about it, isn't it a waste of effort to grow vegetables on high walls? Isn't it superfluous to wear a hat and an umbrella?

when the scholar heard this, he was discouraged and went back to the store to pack his bags and prepare to go home.

the shopkeeper was very strange and asked, "Don't you take the exam until tomorrow? why did you go back to your hometown today?"

the scholar explained the general reason.

the shopkeeper was delighted: Yo, I can interpret dreams, too. I think you must stay this time.

if you think about it, isn't it high to grow vegetables on the wall? Doesn't Dai Dou Li's umbrella show that you are prepared this time?

when the scholar heard this, he thought it was more reasonable, so he exhilarated himself to take the exam, and finally won a flower exploration.

Life is the mood, life is the state of mind.

most of the time, people's failure is not to fate, nor to others, but to the pessimistic self.

accusation law

when blaming others with one finger, don't forget that there are always three fingers pointing at yourself.

what is your first reaction when you encounter a problem?

passing the buck to others? Or first think about what you have done wrong?

as the old saying goes, "blame others, blame yourself first."

it is important to blame yourself.

when you want to blame others, first see if you have done a good job, otherwise don't blame others.

blaming oneself is not only a kind of introspection, but also a kind of self-discipline.

if you look at things from the point of view of others and look at yourself from the point of view of others, you can get a better understanding of yourself.

from now on, we should view the world with introspection and practice daily trifles with the nature of self-discipline. Only in this way can we be free and perfect.

status law

some people are standing at the foot of the mountain, while others are standing on the top of the mountain.

although they are in different positions, they see each other of the same size in their eyes.

the world is so big that there are always people who are better than you, but there must be advantages in you that others don't have.

for those who seem to be better off than you, the road is not much easier than you.

there is such a story:

the parrot in the cage is comfortable, and the crow in the wild is free.

the parrot envies the freedom of the crow, the crow envies the ease of the parrot, and the two birds discuss the exchange.

the crow is at ease, but rarely the owner is pleased, and finally dies of depression;

the parrot is free, but it is comfortable for a long time, cannot live on its own, and eventually dies of hunger.

never blindly envy other people's lives.

whatever it is, what suits you is the best.

Don't lose your rational thinking in the comparison and lose your normal happy life.

Mo Yan once said in a program:

people, when they come into this world, there will always be a lot of unhappiness and a lot of unfairness.

there will be a lot of loss and a lot of envy. You envy my freedom and I envy your restraint;

you envy my car, I envy your house; you envy my work, I envy that you always have a break every day.

each has its own way of living, there is nothing to envy and nothing to compare.

after all, the best comparison is to compare yourself with who you were in the past. The real success is to live better than you used to be.

in life, there are often eight or nine unpleasant things, but they have nothing to do with the words.

Don't be depressed, don't be afraid, be open-minded and let nature take its course.

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when you go through all this, you will find that you are much stronger than you thought.


May you go the way you should go, do what you should do, see what you should see, and love the person you should love.

May you live up to the spring and summer breeze,

live up to autumn leaves and winter snow, the four seasons are comfortable.

May you live up to the south water and the north mountain,

live up to the East foot and the West Ridge, and go well in all directions.