All the ways for women to retreat are given by money.
All the ways for women to retreat are given by money.
Nothing less hypocritical, free to make more money.

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there is a saying in "Women want to be rich":

"Women want to be young, beautiful, to meet a good marriage, but also to have money to be happy."

adolescence will die, beauty will fade, men will leave, only the money in the pocket will not betray you.

in the end, all a woman's retreat is given by the balance in her card.

"if you can't earn money, you're going home to get married."

Weibo netizen Xiaodan once told a story.

at the age of 30, Xiaodan was still unmarried and had no boyfriend, and his family called one after another.

Mom called to urge: "you don't even look at how old you are, you can't get married if you don't get married."

Dad also came to urge: "other grandchildren have been hugged, you must hurry, too."

my brother also came to urge: "if I don't get married, I will be embarrassed to tell others that I have an old sister who is over 30 who is not married yet."

Seven aunts and eight aunts also rushed to join the party and introduce her to her.

it is not that she refuses willfully, but that the object introduced by her relatives is really indescribable, either there is no real job, or the gap between the three values is too big.

Xiaodan is very embarrassed. For one thing, she really doesn't want to go home and get married. Second, she really doesn't have the capital to stay.

in order not to be urged by her family to go home and get married, she began to work crazily and, nothing else, wanted to fight for her fate again.

in order to reward her performance, the company directly promoted her and got a raise.

looking at the jump in the amount in her salary card, she was finally able to confidently refuse the demands of her family.

the world is always stricter with women.

at a certain age, countless people come to tell you that they are going to find someone to marry and support their family and become someone's wife and mother of their children.

if you have no money, you can't get rid of such a fateful fate;

but if a woman has the ability to settle down and has the economic foundation to support herself, regardless of whether she is married or not, they are two kinds of free choices.

Marriage, to raise children, to become a mother, to enrich life experiences;

it's okay to be single, live your own life and broaden your possibilities.

money not only gives women the courage to choose, but also gives us the strength to say "NO" to the life we don't like.

to put it simply, women are as free as they are rich.

money is the strength of a woman's marriage

A story was told in the TV series Dear self.

the protagonist Zhang Zhizhi is a mother who takes care of both family and work.

in order to take care of the family, I found a logistics job with a low salary.

although my husband's salary is OK, except for daily expenses, education expenses and monthly money for the elderly, there is almost nothing left.

the money Zhang Zhizhi can spend on herself has greatly shrunk:

carrying dozens of stall bags;

use cosmetics less than 100 yuan;

I can't buy many clothes all the year round.

the reason is: this is my son's house, and you have to go if you want to go.

when quarreling, the husband is even more justified: you can earn thousands of yuan alone.

but when the wife wants to find a job that reflects her value, the husband says: family is your career.

but the wife's sacrifice and contribution turned out to be the husband's blatant infidelity and accusation:

"I asked you to come and wait on my mother early in the morning, but you put it off until noon?"

Let's assume a situation.

if the housewife has a good salary or enough savings without having to rely on her husband, will her husband still act so recklessly?

although the answer is not so absolute, it is still worth considering and hesitating.

his arrogance and domineering is just a bet that you have no way out.

for women, money is the strength of marriage.

A rich woman can be better off without her husband;

A woman without money, without her husband, will be unable to move an inch.

No matter whether you are married or single, women must have the ability to make money and keep their money in their own hands. Only in this way can you have enough say so that you will not be looked down upon.

A good marriage doesn't necessarily depend on money, but it can't do without money.

Financial independence is a woman's greatest strength in marriage.

money is a weapon for women to resist fate

someone once asked: what is a woman most afraid of?

someone replied: there is no sense of security.

so the question is: how to own sense of security?

answer in one word, money.

when it comes to women's sense of security in the Variety "the Great Sister", Liu Tao gives his own solution.

she said, "the time when I had sense of security was the time when I started saving money slowly."

when I first started to make money, I saved 150000 of my regular account for five years. "

150000 is not much, but it is life-saving money in times of crisis, in normal times.Peace of mind.

with money, you can not only control your own destiny, but also improve the fate of the people around you to a certain extent.

everything is fine, Su Mingyu's mother preferred sons over daughters from an early age, and as a result, she suffered a lot of grievances because she had no money.

Su Mingyu, who grew up, tried so hard to make money that she didn't want to go through the trouble of running out of money.

with money, she can not only control her fate in her own hands, but also take care of everything she can solve with money.

when her mother died, she had to spend 400000 yuan on a graveyard. Both brothers had difficulties, and she paid out of her own pocket without saying a word.

her father was cheated out of 60,000 yuan and tried to commit suicide. She took out 60,000 yuan to mend the hole before Su Daqiang pulled back on the brink of the precipice.

the Su family wants to sell their old house for 1.5 million yuan, and she secretly asks someone to buy it, not only as an investment, but also as an investment.

it is because I have money that I can easily solve all this and iron out the wrinkles of life.

if she has no money, it is another sad human reality story.

making money can change a woman's own destiny.

when life is full of mud and sand and we need money to solve it, we can do it generously.

Don't squeeze ink, don't run away from rejection;

Don't sell yourself, don't sell your soul.

Li Ka-shing said:

"the process of working and making money is a process of enriching one's heart and building oneself."

people's sense of wealth will be nourished if their material wealth has been nourished for a long time.

people will stretch more and more, and life will be better and better.

We can use it to control our own destiny, or we can live a fuller life.

make money without hypocrisy, spend money without ink

writer Suhei once said that a truly happy woman must have the following conditions:

emotionally stable; have the ability to think independently; enrich the spiritual world; be economically independent and independent of others.

the first three points are all superstructures, and the last one is the economic base.

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without material security, minor tribulations in life can cause emotional explosions.

and those who have the ability to think independently and the rich spiritual world are works nurtured by money.

decide whether a woman is happy or rich.

as a woman, she must have the ability to make money. Parents are not the way out, and marriage is not the way out. Only the balance in the card and the ability in hand are the most advanced way out.

nothing is less hypocritical, make more money when you are free, spare no effort to make money, and spend money without ink.

, may you be less hypocritical and work harder.

in the end, only you can give what you want.