All of a sudden, I got it.
All of a sudden, I got it.
Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the wind and rain.

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Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the wind and rain.

experienced something, saw some people clearly, and suddenly understood some truth.

suddenly I understand:

the human heart twists and turns, the world is overlapping, the human heart is complex and capricious, and the world is unpredictable.

I will double cherish those who are good to me; those who betray me will walk slowly and will not send them away; those who plan me will not do it again.

A grievance that can be expressed is not a grievance, and a lover who can be taken away is not a lover.

as long as I don't admit defeat, all the previous setbacks will become the driving force for progress, and those who can't defeat me will eventually make me stronger.

Life is easy to go for decades, and he who laughs last is the winner.

suddenly I understand:

you can't get your heart with your heart, and you can't be rewarded with what you give.

the so-called "raising rice to feed benefactors, fighting rice to feed enemies".

being too generous to others, regardless of return, will hurt yourself in the end.

instead of being thankless, spend your time and energy on yourself and live a good life.

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Feng Xiaogang once said: "over 50 years old, I finally understand it. It is true to make myself happy. Everything else is nonsense."

the rest of your life is very short. Leave time to the important people around you and to the things you love.

do not please, do not deliberately please, simple and happy to live their own wanton life.

suddenly I understand:

everything should be open-minded and let nature take its course. It is yours or yours, and there is no result if it is not your compulsion.

Life, everything will not be satisfactory, not everyone is what you think, too much attention will only ask for trouble, too persistent will only be more disappointed.

Don't let unwillingness, pain and helplessness fill your heart all your life.

people in the past should learn to let go; let bygones be bygones.

living a life is after, not before.

all the lost, in fact, does not really belong to you, regret and regret, meaningless, people have to learn to move forward, look forward, the future can be expected.

as Fang Datong said: there is no need to spend time on unhappy things, let nature take its course, don't worry.

suddenly I understand:

things change, and time will not press the pause button because of your neglect.

you think it's just a farewell, an easy farewell, saying goodbye with a smile, but you never get a chance to meet again.

A lot of people, as soon as they turn around, it will be a lifetime!

Life is an one-way train. You never know who will get up and say goodbye to you at the next stop.

so, cherish the present, cherish the people around you, say what you want to say, and finish what you want to do as soon as possible.

cherish the time you spend with your family. Don't leave negative emotions and bad temper to them just because they are tolerant, but leave the agreeable face to strangers.

your negative emotions and mindset will not help solve the problem, but will do harm to your loved ones.

suddenly I understand:

the real pain is no one to share for you, how to get out of the shadow can only rely on yourself.

there is no real empathy in the world. It hurts who is pinned with a needle. Only you can understand the bitterness and difficulty.

the comfort of others is like scratching through the boots, but the key depends on yourself. As the saying goes, life is really hard, and you have to cross it by yourself.

Life will never bring you down just because you encounter difficulties. Bad mood and negative attitude will only make you fall back from work to life.

May everyone say to themselves after the storm: I met with the abyss, and I survived.