All get along comfortably, behind is a kind of kindness
All get along comfortably, behind is a kind of kindness
May we all be warm and pure people.

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Wen Qianlang

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Chi Li wrote a paragraph in the novel Green Water:

"everyone has a word for people or things at every stage.

at this stage of being a middle-aged person, one of the words I particularly appreciate for a person's affection is: comfort. "

when you get to a certain age, you will find that the highest charm of a person is not a beautiful face or amazing talent, but a spring breeze to get along with.

A few days ago, the variety show "Fifty miles Peach Blossom Wok" began to broadcast.

after watching an issue, I can't help feeling that Reality Show is like a mirror for adults to socialize.

the program invited 15 stars to join us. In order to get everyone to get acquainted quickly, Song Dandan suggested that everyone introduce themselves.

she lists three points that need to be talked about in the introduction:

the second one is what the works are.

the third is why you came to this program.

but when Zhang Han was introduced, he only said his name and occupation.

after hearing such a simple introduction, Song Dandan was obviously dissatisfied and began to ask Zhang Han:

"what have you played?"

"it's impossible to come here without a name."

but Zhang Han did not want to talk about his work, only replied: "I do not have a name."

is actually a disguised refusal of Song Dandan to let him talk about the work.

but Song Dandan is a very persistent person who keeps asking Zhang Han, which makes him very embarrassed.

others dare not answer the phone either.

just when the atmosphere dropped to the freezing point, Wang Su-Taki came out to the rescue.

when he saw that Zhang Han was unwilling to talk about his works, he said to Song Dandan:

"We're all the same, Sister Dandan. We're just handsome, and we all come in by face."

Wang Su-Taki's words not only helped Zhang Han out of the siege, but also alleviated the awkward atmosphere at that time.

other guests present, including Song Dandan, were amused by him.

Wang Su-Taki gained excellent popularity in the program with his warmth.

in life, everyone has awkward moments.

you will feel relaxed and happy with people who are comfortable with each other.

because they are gentle and delicate inside, once there is an awkward situation, they know how to rescue others in time.

people's hearts are mutual, leaving leeway for others is also saving their own character.

it is a kind of top wisdom to behave and make others comfortable.

with regard to interpersonal communication, Zeng Guofan once put forward a principle:

"eight and nine do not pay".

among them, there is a kind of people who can be associated with: physical people.

Li Hongzhang once went to Nanjing to deal with his work and passed through his hometown Hefei to visit his mentor Xu Ziling.

as soon as he arrived at the door of Xufu, the doorman saw that Li Hongzhang was dressed in official clothes and immediately rushed to report.

Li Hongzhang stopped the doorman and told him not to rush to report whether he could borrow a suit of ordinary clothes.

people around me were puzzled. Li Hongzhang said:

"if I wear this official uniform to see the teacher and highlight my identity, it will certainly put pressure on the teacher, and even if I miss the old love, he will feel uncomfortable.

change into ordinary clothes, so that the teacher will feel relaxed and there will be no estrangement. "

Laozi said, "there is no trace of good deeds."

anyone who makes people comfortable knows how to release his goodwill in silence.

doesn't want to make it public, and it happens to be warm.

when Qi Baishi came to Beijing from Hunan, it was difficult for him to gain popularity for a while.

the paintings can't be sold, and life is very poor.

once, a "high-ranking official" held a family dinner, and Qi Baishi was invited to paint a portrait of his host's family.

on the day he went to dinner, he sat alone in a corner, ignored, and began to regret that he should not have come in haste.

then Mei Lanfang came in.

when he saw Qi Baishi in the corner, he specially came forward to greet him, introduced Qi Baishi to everyone and praised his talent.

when the guests heard this, they came forward to say hello one after another, and Qi Baishi got rid of the dilemma.

if you pay close attention to the people and things around you, you will find that

all get along well with each other, behind is a kind of kindness.

Plato said, "be merciful. Everyone you meet is fighting an uphill battle."

the sea of life, there is no one in the world without injury.

those kind-hearted people are often the most aware of the difficulties of others, and give gentleness and kindness to make you comfortable.

there is a passage on the Internet that is still fresh in my memory:

"you can make people comfortable because you have enough strength, a gully in your chest, a universe in your belly, and love in your heart, you will have tenderness in your eyes."

people who are comfortable are never easy.

in the hit "fascinating offer2" some time ago, there was an intern, Wang Jie, who was very unlikable when he appeared on the stage.

Do you want to buy the flattering country prom dresses and help bring out the charm in your figure? You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

he is high achiever at Stanford. He is excellent, but he likes to show off and often shows off his identity as a famous school in front of his colleagues.

The cup for work is printed with the words "Stanford Law School", even the lanyard around his neck.

the audience is a little disgusted to see such a superior person who shows off all the time.

the show is also a little awkward.

seeing this, sa Bing shouted, "bring me my cup from Peking University."

his trouble not only helped the interns out in front of the audience, but also amused the people at the scene.

in Challenge impossible, sa Bei has a small detail that impresses me more.

A guest at the scene can distinguish the weight of fish by fish scales.

is over, he wants to shake hands with sa Bei.

but before shaking hands, he humbly put his hands into the water tank and washed them.

saw this, sa Bing immediately put his hand in the fish tank and washed it.

an inadvertent little gesture, but it really made the other party and the audience feel sa Bei's thoughtfulness to people.

you can always see a charm that is compatible with others in him.

Ma Yifu once said, "I know the world, but I still feel sorry for the grass and trees."

the more people who have seen the world, the more compassionate they are and the more they know how to be kind to everything around them.

American psychologist Gorman once said:

"the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach."

the nobler a person's soul is, the kinder he is and the more comfortable he is.

as the saying goes, a gentleman is like jade, and his tentacles are warm.

, may we all be warm and pure people.