All fate is predestined.
All fate is predestined.
As long as we warm and comfort each other, it is the best ending.

many people have been moved by Faye Wong's "fleeting years", in which a lyric sings like this:

"We will meet each other in our lifetime, but we will not be spared in the end."

just a few words show how much emotional normality. In our life, all the fate is arranged by God.

if you are predestined, two people who do not know each other will meet each other on a narrow path and will be lucky to come to the end.

if there is no chance, no matter how deep the relationship between two people is, this life is doomed to be sad in the world of mortals, get together briefly and go their separate ways.

by the encounter of parting, fate has long been doomed.

has come unstoppable, scattered also can not be pursued, each other's opening and ending, have long been arranged by fate, no one can change.

think of a message from a book friend:

if you can not meet, maybe not so much discrete, if the story can be rehearsed, maybe the ending can really be rewritten.

it is a pity that the fate is scattered, the edge is deep and the edge is shallow, in fact, it has long been doomed.

however, I will not regret, let alone resentment, after all, we have loved and been together.

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had such a good time, let me ordinary life, become wonderful, this is a gift of fate.

Yes, all fate

is doomed, the decision made by God, difficult to change, no one can change the sadness and joy of the ending.

that being the case: why think about it, why hate it, why pester it? Why read it, why be ignorant, why persist? It is not easy to meet, never mind the result, since you are in love, don't ask whether it is a robbery or a fate.

whether it is shoulder-to-shoulder guests, or missed feelings, even if there is only one journey of laughter and moved, but also let each other feel the taste of happiness.

No one can decide the change of fate, and there is too much helplessness in life.

however, the road we walk together and the moments we spend together add color to our life and make our life no longer dull. As long as we treasure it well, it is the best proof of love.

even if there is a farewell after the break-up, we have met each other.

the fate of two people has long been doomed, but their stories are all decided by people, don't ask whether the ending is together or scattered.

it is a kind of luck to cherish it when you encounter it, and to be well with each other when you leave. Life is very short, the rest of life is not long, be grateful to meet, be kind to fate.

as long as we have lived each other's lives, everything has meaning, as long as we have warmed and comforted each other, it is the best outcome.