After my mother eloped, the story of me and this old man caused a sensation in the whole street.
After my mother eloped, the story of me and this old man caused a sensation in the whole street.
Your father is a rare good man.

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I was 8 years old when my parents divorced.

my mother did not want my custody, she eloped to Shenzhen with a developed countryman.

the mother refused to accept it in tears: "I am sorry to you, but also to my daughter. This is the only savings in the family. Keep it. I will send money to Xinxin in the future."

when she said this, she was already crying.

and my father was very calm: "Don't worry, I'll take good care of Xin. Don't send the money, so you won't be able to look up in front of that person."


in this way, I began to depend on my father.

Grandma and grandpa died early, and the only property they left their father was the house with two bedrooms and one living room.

Dad worked everywhere to support himself after graduating from junior high school, worked as a waitress and worked as a security guard.

when he divorced his mother, he delivered newspapers in the morning and express delivery during the day, and got up at five o'clock every day.

it was summer vacation, and I had no place to trust, so I went to work with him every day.

sit on the crossbar of his bike and run through the streets of the city with him.


it's always fun to be with your father.

on the slope of the car, he would stand up and kick hard, shouting a song in his mouth.

and when he went downhill, he did not inform me, but suddenly accelerated and rushed down steadily from the high top of the slope. I screamed and cheered.


after my father and I delivered the newspaper every day, the express company was not open yet.

so Dad sat on the doorstep and read the newspaper to me.

our favorite is the Saturday newspaper.

there is a page with highlights of jokes.

Dad read and I laughed.

and he tickled me when he couldn't help laughing.

We laughed while making a scene, and the whole street reverberated with the laughter of our father and daughter.


I went upstairs and he pinched the meter downstairs.

this is how I was trained to break the school record in the 100 meters of my primary school.

as for him, every time he comes out of the corridor, he always carries a few bags of garbage in his hand.

he helped bring down the rubbish left by others at the door.

I asked him, "Dad, this is not what you should do?" If you have the time, you can send one more piece. "

but he said, "if it is easy to raise your hand, it is convenient for others to be convenient with yourself."


for a long time, almost all the residents in the nearby area knew him.

as soon as I saw him, I shouted "greater than", and then affectionately called me "smaller than son".

everyone knows that our days are tense, so they give me some food and play from time to time.

but my father refused to accept it.

he said, "if you accept other people's things casually, the child will be spoiled."

as a result, people no longer insist.

it's just that I gradually found that every family left more and more "garbage" to my father.

moreover, classification has been made. The cartons and newspapers were tied together, and the mineral water bottles and cans were flattened and put in the bag.

there are many people who need express delivery at work, but they specially take it home and ask their father to pick it up.

after we understand the self-esteem of "greater than", we help our father and daughter in this way.


after I was in the third grade, my father made me breakfast every day, but he asked me to make dinner.

at first I was super afraid of splashing oil.

he made a mask for me with a big mineral water bucket.

from then on, rest assured and boldly let me play freely.

he was easygoing and picky about the dinner I cooked.

when it is salty and light, there is more soup and less soup. When it is cooked, bones can always be picked out from eggs.

I said impatiently, "Dad, go to the school and ask about how many children there are who can cook like me."

as a result, he said, "Dad doesn't have the money to send you to a special class. This is your specialty. If the master leads you through the door, you have to work hard."

in this way, I was trained by my father to be a pupil with excellent cooking skills.


No matter how late the express delivery is, my father will come home on time at 05:30 in the evening and have dinner with me.

every time he enters the door, he goes to the kitchen.

one moment he said that the rice was delicious, and then he said, watching tofu suck up the soup in the pot, I felt tired all day and immediately came back to life full of blood.

at the dinner table, he would tell me all kinds of people and things he met during express delivery, and listen to what happened to me at school by the way.

although he only attended a few parent-teacher meetings, he remembered the names of everyone in the class.

he never forgets everything I told him.

A meal lasted only half an hour, and our father and daughter talked while eating.

IDad's wisdom is: "Xinxin, today is a little unhappy, make some delicious food, comfort yourself; Xinxin, if happy, make some delicious food, reward yourself."

grow up day by day, gradually understand, this sentence, translated into, only love and food can not be disappointed.


it was probably when I was in the fifth grade. Once, my father invited some friends home for dinner and let me cook.

looking at me standing on the small bench to cook a table of dishes for everyone, his friends were extremely envious.

guess what my dad said?

he said that no matter what difficulties the daughter may encounter in the future, as long as she can have a good meal, she will be able to survive.

he also said that as soon as I get home every day and watch my daughter set up all the dishes, I feel that we are no different from immortals this day.

it turns out that my father is not forcing me to learn to cook, but is teaching me to face life.

that day, facing the envious eyes of those uncles and the proud expression on my father's face, I felt full of achievement.

I feel like I have nothing difficult in my future life, and I can easily break myself.


my father is very demanding of my cooking skills, but he is extremely relaxed about my study.

especially when I occasionally didn't do well in the exam, he said, "Don't blame you, Dad, a junior high school student, can't help you. If you pass, you will be honored."

somehow, the more he said that, the more I wanted to study hard.

not for myself, but to let my father know that his genes are not bad at all.

from primary school to high school, my grades are always in the top ten.

when someone praised me, my father said modestly, "Xinxin follows her mother."


as a matter of fact, my mother seldom comes back to see me since the divorce.

but during the summer vacation in my second year of junior high school, my mother suddenly came back to me and asked my father to take back my custody.

all these years, she has no more children.

she said that if I went to Shenzhen with her, then the future fortune of her current husband would be mine.

my mother wants to take me to Shenzhen in the name of thinking about my future.

waiting for my father to declare his position, I was the first to refuse.

he said, "you go for a month before you make a decision."

I expressed strongly that I didn't want to go.

but my father, who is usually obedient to me, was extremely tough at that moment: "you have to go, you have to go, it's about your future and destiny, and it's non-negotiable."


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so I had to pack my bags, but all I thought was, I'm gone, what's he going to have for dinner?

when I asked him, he said nonchalantly, "Don't worry, I should eat and drink without you."

the day we left, Dad left early for work.

the moment the plane rose into the air, my heart seemed to have been ransacked, empty and numb.


Mom's home in Shenzhen is very large and well decorated.

she and her uncle took me to an upscale restaurant, bought me a lot of clothes, and took me to visit their factory.

my mother said nice things about my uncle all the way, winking me to say thank you.

and boasted to his uncle out of nothing: "the teacher has said that with Xinxin's current achievements, it is difficult to say that Fudan Nankai is sure."

in the evening, my uncle went out to socialize, and my mother gave me "lessons" all the way.

"if you call him uncle now, you will find a chance to call him his father in a few days. He is infertile and will surely be moved to death by picking up such a big daughter for nothing."

"his family business allows you to eat and drink without struggle for the rest of your life."

"if you don't have a deep relationship with your father, then coax the stepfather. In the future, all the property will be yours. At that time, you can be filial to your father as much as you want."


I am very glad that I am 14 years old. When the three values have been shaped by my father, I have seen that kind of world.

I think that if my mother had lived with me as soon as she got divorced, I might have become a person who, like her, took the helm in the face of the wind, played games, hated the poor and loved the rich.

I have been in Shenzhen for less than half a month, and I cook delicious food for them every three or five times.

every meal is not the same, and they are full of praise.

Mom feels even more that I have been successfully accepted by her.

in fact, I just want to prove to them that I was well raised by my father.


the night before I left, I announced at the dinner table my decision to go home the next day.

Mom and the uncle were stunned.

I said, "I have been to Shenzhen, but I prefer to live with my father. I can't live without my father. I can't wait a day. I have to go back tomorrow."

after hearing this, my uncle looked so ugly that my mother cried directly.

say that I will not enjoy my blessings, that I am like my father in my life.Is fit to be a poor man.


because my father has told me more than once that she conceived in October and gave birth to me.

but when she said Dad, she offended the part of my heart that I wanted to defend most.

Mom looked at me in the rearview mirror and didn't say a word the whole time.

she looked at me helplessly and sadly at the airport.


as soon as I got off the plane, I couldn't wait to take a taxi to my father's company.

after knowing that he was going to deliver the express, I went to the area where he delivered the goods to find him.

when he saw me, he hugged me in his arms and said, "I knew you'd be back, but I didn't expect it so soon."

that night, Dad bought a few bottles of beer for the first time to celebrate my return.

I asked him, "aren't you afraid that I will never come back?"

he said with red eyes, "only if you dare to gamble will you win. I won't let you see the splendor and wealth. In case you blame me one day, but I believe from the bottom of my heart that you will come back."

then, Dad's eyes became more red: "Girl, when you are away from home, Dad's heart is even more panicked than losing the express delivery. When he comes home every day, his heart is empty."

I helped him fill up the beer and said, "Dad, when I said no to my mother, I was so light in my heart. I was still the most like you, and I most wanted to be like you all my life."


as I grow up day by day, I feel more and more that it is not enough for me to be alone in my father's life.

once, I said to him, "you can't be alone all the time for me. If you have something suitable, you should consider it."

but he said, "you don't know your father. You are the most important person around him, but if dad really meets someone he likes, he won't miss it."

he has been introduced to other women in those years, but nothing has happened.

everyone thinks Dad is for me, but only I know that he really didn't meet the right one.


when I was a junior, my father fell in love.

the other party, surnamed Liu, is an accountant in a private company, divorced, with a 9-year-old girl.

Dad lost Aunt Liu's package not long after he delivered the express delivery on the newly opened street.

when discussing compensation on the phone, Aunt Liu refused.

she said: "just one box of children's snacks, everyone eats the same."

Dad, who has been single for many years, was first impressed by this character, and then was knocked down by the gentle voice on the phone.

he insisted on buying a new box of snacks and sending them to Aunt Liu.

and after that, every time my father made delicious food, he would send one to their mother and mother.

slowly, Aunt Liu accepted her father's pursuit.

the second spring of his life came like this.

he asked me, "daughter, what's your opinion?"

I said, "Master, congratulations. I've been looking forward to this day for a long time."


my father got married the summer I graduated from college.

he and Aunt Liu are very in tune and happy, and the little sister of the aunt also likes the stepfather very much.

Today, my 47-year-old father is still delivering couriers and has almost become a veteran of the industry.

my unit is in the area under his jurisdiction.

when he delivers something to our unit, he always brings me some dumplings made by Aunt Liu, a bag of fruit or a cup of coffee.

and every time he shouted funnily, "Yu Xinxin, there is express delivery for you, please sign for it."

each time, I took things very cooperatively, signed my name on his hand, and drew a smiley face.

the teasing of our father and daughter often makes our colleagues laugh.