Adult Love: transferring money and marrying you
Adult Love: transferring money and marrying you
May all those who work hard to make progress can live such a double happy life.


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A friend asked me not long ago that there is a person who can talk to you very well, but his job is unstable and he is in debt. Would you choose to associate with him?

I don't hesitate to say, no. You can be a friend, but not a lover.

she asked me why?

I said, it's very simple.

for example, after being with him, you are bound to share his financial pressure. You often have to work late and may be too tired to talk when you get home.

when he suggested going to the rooftop to look at the stars, you lost interest, waved your hand and said, you'd better wash up and go to bed. You have to get up early tomorrow.

when you are tired of creating material conditions, it is difficult to free your body and mind to enjoy your spiritual life.

when we are seventeen or eighteen years old, we can only talk about feelings and not about material things, because we still have a lot of time and opportunities to overcome various problems about poverty.

by the age of 27 or 28, he is long past the age of "affectionately drinking and having enough to drink".

talking about feelings also depends on material things, and you don't have to be rich and expensive, but at least no one should hold each other back, each has the ability to support himself, and work together on this basis.

I quite agree with what the writer Su Gengsheng said:

"some people say that it is normal to encounter love and money in one's life. Only understanding is valuable. I think this is ridiculous. Understanding is ineffective, while love and money are real."

Love and money are never conflicting relationships. What causes the conflict between the two is the differences between the two sides in dealing with the relationship between the two.

if the two can agree on this matter and have the same expectations for the future, it will be the icing on the cake in love.

when Xiao Wei fell in love with Lao Huang, Lao Huang gave her salary card and bank card to Xiao Wei.

at that time, Xiao Wei asked Lao Huang why she was so relieved. Aren't you afraid she's a liar?

Lao Huang said, "what is there to worry about?" I already recognized you! You give up your job in a first-tier city and willingly come to this third-tier town just to be with me.

I give you my salary card and bank card just to reassure you. From now on, you will be in charge of the money and me. "

Xiao Wei felt a little moved, moved Lao Huang to see her efforts, but also moved Lao Huang to give her this sense of security.

it is Lao Huang's conviction and trust that makes Xiao Wei begin to look forward to the future that belongs to them.

later, Lao Huang proposed to Xiaowei in a simple and direct way. He transferred money to Xiaowei 20 times. The amount just added up to 9999, with a love message:

"Love you for a long time, marry me."

Xiao Wei replied to him, "isn't that a vulgar proposal?" But I like it. "

their life is still sweet after marriage.

in front of the most energy-consuming diesel, rice, oil and salt, the two people always have a discussion, sometimes I give in, sometimes you compromise, and you solve the problem easily.

the present life is secure, and the future is looking forward to.

if you say that every transfer when you are in love is an expression of love for you with practical actions.

then, a solemn "marry me" is the determination to commit to a lifetime of companionship;

every transfer after marriage is not only to share the financial pressure of the family, but also the practice of "the sea can still fall, but the promise will not change in the end."

Liao Yimei said in "living clumsily like me":

"when most people talk about love, they talk about needs, self-needs." You think your love is simple and aimless, but in fact, most of the time you think about interests.

this benefit may be comfort, sense of security or some kind of self-expectation.... And this kind of love is mostly your choice after weighing the pros and cons. "

We have to admit that much of adult love is based on sense of security.

this sense of security cannot do without the support of money. Only with money can we have the strength to talk about the future.

remember that in the movie if the Cloud knew, Sui Dongfeng liked Luo Yun, and Mrs. Lin advised him:

"what women want is actually very simple, is a peace of mind, may be a bank card, a house or a home."

Sui Dongfeng worked hard to make money, gave all the money to Luo Yun, and planned to open a small restaurant together and have a home in Clyde town, so that Luo Yun could see the hope of love and the beauty of the future.

later, Sui Dongfeng really gave Luo Yun a home, and Luo Yun also gave Sui Dongfeng an everlasting love.

I always feel that I was born to be a human being, have material requirements, and like to live a good life, which is understandable.

maybe we are ordinary and small.

but it takes courage and respect that we bravely pursue the love we want, do not give up the pursuit of material life, and try our best to live a rich and loving life.

We may be happy when we have love, but having love and money can bring us double happiness.

, I wish all those who work hard to make progress can live this double happy life.