A woman's attitude towards money determines the way she wants to go.
A woman's attitude towards money determines the way she wants to go.
For the rest of your life, live as a tree, not as a vine!

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A while ago, a

# full-time wife gets 50,000 housework compensation for divorce #

has been a hot search.

incident was announced, it aroused widespread discussion among netizens.

some people feel that the compensation of 50,000 yuan is a new breakthrough, and women's rights and interests are gradually being better protected.

some people think it's not worth it. Is it possible that the wife's five-year contribution is only worth 50,000 yuan? It's more than that to hire a babysitter.

compared to discussing the amount of compensation, what the uncle wants to say is:

A woman must have the ability to make money all her life!

whenever you have to learn to add value to yourself, you can really have the right to choose and have the right to speak.

work hard to make money,

can you live your life the way you like

Maugham wrote in the shackles of humanity:

"of course, what people pursue is not wealth, but they must have a dignified life so that they can work without hindrance, be generous, cheerful, and independent."

this is especially true for women.

online, because of the sentence "Why get married?" Don't be too happy by yourself. "my aunt in Shanghai is very popular!

the 64-year-old runs a milk tea shop in Shanghai, which she has been selling for more than 20 years.

many people in the neighborhood grew up drinking her family's milk tea, but all those children got married and had children. Aunt Bian was still single and never had a family.

some people feel that it is a pity that they have wasted their good years, but she does not feel sorry. She is quite ambitious and says, "Don't be too happy alone. Now I can be 90 years old."

Aunt Bian in front of the camera, with a bright smile and a cheerful voice, put on a denim coat, gloves and goggles when she went to deliver milk tea to regular customers nearby.

caused netizens to shout: "Auntie has become what I dreamed of!"

Aunt Bian has the skills to make a living, economic freedom and independent personality, and she has really managed to live her life in the way she likes.

the strength of a woman's free choice lies in her ability to make money.

they will not be with anyone because of money, nor will they leave anyone because of money.

for her, marriage has never been a life-saving straw, but a complementary icing on the cake.

they live young at 20, live with charm at 30, live with wisdom at 40, live calmly at 50, live easily at 60, and become priceless at 70.

Yes, life is long, so why rush to hand in the answer paper?

the real sense of security of life,

is always given by yourself

in the hit drama "Sweet",

the hostess Tian Mi became a full-time wife after she got married. her daily routine is to do public welfare, go shopping everywhere, and lead a very leisurely life.

who would have thought that her husband died of a sudden heart attack because of a broken capital chain, and the once rich lady suddenly fell from the top of the cloud to the bottom of the valley.

but since she hasn't worked for five years, it's not easy for her to start again.

once, she thought her husband could be a safe haven for her life, but after the family accident, the sense of security immediately lost its ownership.

Marriage, like life, is run on its own. A woman's biggest sense of security is that she can make money.

only with enough reassuring money can you live a strong life and help you keep the people you love and those who love you.

Liu Tao and Wang Ke are such a couple who depend on each other and achieve each other.

when Liu Tao married Wang Ke, Wang Ke was still known as the "four young people in the capital". He was young and promising.

later, Wang Ke went bankrupt, lost his will and was riddled with illness.

but in order to keep the family, Liu Tao took care of her husband and children while making a comeback to make money day and night.

she relied on her own ability to help her husband pay off his debts and gave herself a perfect home.

the reason why Liu Tao's love of "marrying into a rich family" has not become a joke in the mouth of others is that she created a "rich family" after her "dream of a rich family was broken".

Women must have the ability to make money, whether they are married or not.

having money is not for comparison, nor for indulgence, but to be strong enough not to be afraid of losing anyone when your marriage is unhappy.

Marriage has never been the redemption of chaotic life, it is a battle of wits and courage to defend, rather than want to keep marriage fresh, it is better to achieve self-appreciation first.

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A really good woman,

it's not the face that counts.

there is a post on Zhihu that has been viewed millions of times: what is the most attractive thing about a woman?

some people say "good-looking", others say "rich experience".

but the highly praised answer is as follows:

"the attraction brought by the visual level is always the most superficial and the most unreliable. Women who are thoughtful, temperamental and economically independent are really sexy."

this is true.

Women, only if they have money, can they support a decent life.

whenAt the beginning, when Yang Chao settled in Shanghai with special talents, he was complained by netizens in turn.

this girl who became famous by "crying" is indeed not skilled enough in her business, but her attitude towards feelings and life is worth thinking about by many people.

on variety shows and watching others put on sweet love shows, only she looked disdainful: "I don't want to fall in love at all, I just want to make money."

the host asked her, "Why don't you find a rich man as your boyfriend? how good it is to have money and support?"

but she replied solemnly:

"not a rich man. I have to ask him for money. What a loss of face. I have nothing to rely on just having a boyfriend and no salary.

sense of security is given by yourself. Only when you have a career can you be guaranteed. You don't have to ask for help. If you have your own money, more boys will like you in the future. "

you see, girls who have been really poor know that they have the most reliable money in their pockets.

A woman is not married, find a rich man, can be once and for all, reach out to her husband, more times, a long time, he also began to dislike.

to strive for everything by yourself is the most respectable way of living in the world.

there is a line in the TV series divorce lawyer:

"I am serious and work hard so that when I stand beside the person I love, whether he is rich or has nothing, I can embrace him with open hands.

I don't need to think I'm superior when he's rich, and we won't be down if he's poor. This is the meaning of women's efforts to make progress. "

as a woman, you should make money as early as possible and save money hard. "if a flower blossoms, it must be folded. Don't wait for no flower to break the branch."

, may all girls have light in their eyes and money in their pockets, and live as a tree and not as a vine for the rest of their lives.