A photo reveals the truth of society: reading is the nobility of the lowest threshold!
A photo reveals the truth of society: reading is the nobility of the lowest threshold!
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ask a question first:

how are you going to change your fate against heaven?

Uncle recently watched a documentary called Dream and the Road. I have to say, it's shocking.

there is a folk female writer named Fan Yusu.

A few years ago, because of a monologue article "I am Fan Yusu", the whole network was scanned overnight.

many netizens are inconceivable: such a clever style of writing is actually written by an ugly nanny?

however, when you finish reading Fan Yusu's story, you may be able to find out the answer.

as a child of a poor family, she has been bullied by fate since childhood.

the family condition is very poor, there are four brothers and sisters, the father does not care, only the mother earns money to support the family.

it seems that her life has been marked with a sad footnote from the beginning:

the husband who dropped out of school at the age of 12, married at the age of 22, had two children and married casually, was also an out-and-out alcoholic who easily beat and scolded her when he drank too much.

just as she said in the article:

"my life is a book I can't bear to read, and fate binds me badly."

is that bad enough?

if it were someone else, I might have wasted my whole life. However, Fan Yusu refused to bow to fate.

A vertical traditional book Journey to the West, which I read when I was a child, planted a flame of thirst for knowledge in the bottom of her heart, making her eager to reach out and pick the clouds even if she lived a long life.

out of her love of books, Fan Yusu never gave up her thirst for knowledge, even if she could only live in a rented house of eight square meters.

usually go to other people's house as a babysitter to subsidize the family, and as soon as he has free time, he goes to the secondhand market to look for books.

for one yuan and two yuan a copy, she almost moved home in piles, even for shabby old books, she thought she had earned it.

what is more valuable is that she can always seize all the time to write. Not only write a self-report, but also learn to write science fiction.

people often question: at such an old age and without much culture, what is the use of reading and writing?

but Fan Yusu made an ingenious analogy,

Reading is like drawing water from a bamboo basket. although it is empty, after being baptized with water again and again, the bamboo basket will only get cleaner every time.

you see, it is precisely because she does not hit the south wall and does not look back, she wants to fight fate to the end, so that she has achieved the fullness and fullness of herself now.

I believe everyone has had a similar experience:

run between three o'clock and one line every day, struggling for a few taels of broken silver.

when we are numb by the trivialities of life, we gradually forget the meaning of poetry and distance


but as Fan Yusu said:

"if one reads books every day, one may not remember anything, but subconsciously he will understand what is right and what is wrong."

I think that's what reading is all about.

although reading does not necessarily bring fame and fortune, it can always change people's life in the subconscious, so that we can learn to be transparent and precipitate in this impetuous and anxious world.

if you have read more books and have seen a bigger world, you should not be afraid of all the difficulties and dangers in front of you.

A group of moving book photos have been circulated on Weibo:

the old man picking up trash with large bags of waste is a little blind, but he is still struggling to recognize the small print on the book.

Wanderers who sleep in underground tunnels do not even have a clean and warm quilt, and are still full of thoughts about reading.

in the streets and alleys, in order to save the electricity bill, someone poked their head out and swam in the sea of knowledge by the dim light of the street lamp.


you see, even though life is so hard, they never shake the habit of reading.

remember that market poet Xiaohai?

he struggled on the factory assembly line for 14 years, and his daily job was to mechanically step on the sewing machine and press a thread into the seam of his clothes.

but he is almost obsessed with reading.

Haizi's poems and notebooks are standard in the suitcase. Sometimes on a whim, he would read poems to the workers in the workshop.

after work in the evening, he will go to the Internet cafe and write down the poems one by one.

he said that it was only in the dead of night that he felt that it really belonged to him.

Xiao Hai printed a collection of poems called the howl of the Factory, and even the rock poet Zhang Chu rarely went online to cheer him on.

Xiaohai said that their pop songs are about their joys and sorrows. How many billions to make a TV series or movie is the life of another group of people. On the other hand, he will face the life on the assembly line with the spiritual strength he draws from the book.

I have heard a saying: reading is a sanctuary to take with you.

I think so.

they took the book as a boat and sailed from the narrow corner to the vast world.

I don't know if you have found out:

these days, more and more people like reading.

regardless of whether they are rich or poor, old or young, they all like to hold a book and draw knowledge and happiness from it.

Yes, life is not only sweet, but also bitter, sour and spicy.

but we can still learn from the bookFind firmness, find strength, find beauty, even if born in the earth, you can grow wings of freedom.

in this spring, you might as well read more good books to enrich and stretch with the world.

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